5 Strategies Day One Handout Teen Leadership May 22


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5 Strategies Day One Handout Teen Leadership May 22

  1. 1. “equipping the next generation … . ”www.abcoflife.net “life’s frequently asked questions” Anybody that plants a seed is thinking about future generations
  2. 2. The5 Strategies of Exceptional Leaders
  3. 3. Objectives At completion of this session YOU will be able to: Day 1 Define “Leadership” ––( “Great Leaders Of Our Time” – Video Clip 4min) Leadership in your world Recognize Leadership Behavior Understand the difference between acceptable leadership and exceptional leadership Day 2 –The Leader Within You - (Video Clip “Inspirational Video”) – Career Community and Workplace Know the power of connecting Beliefs to Leadership Principles Know the progressive stages of Leadership Development –Career and Workplace Know the Five Strategies of Exceptional Leaders Apply leadership basics to your everyday life- Develop a personal action plan to become an exceptional leader
  4. 4. Leadership Development Day 1 Group Activity – Define “leadership” using your experience and the video clip Introduction – What is leadership to you – “you define it” Video Clip on Great Leaders Of Our Time – 4 min (Group activity)  List some “characteristics” of a leader you heard  List some “behaviors” of leaders you saw (hint visual)
  5. 5. Leadership in your world  Who are the leaders you “recognize” in your circles…  Who are your community leaders …in your “world”…  What do you “see” in them (list 3 and discuss one…)
  6. 6. Leadership Defined Group Activity – Have you ever thought about what it takes to “be a great leader”? Establishes direction or a Manages responsibility Consistently sets the course of action and And “executes authority” expectation …trustworthy “influences others to under control follow” www.lifefaqs.com 2008 GSLLC
  7. 7. Characteristics of Exceptional Leaders RANK Characteristic Percent 1. Honest 83 2. Competent 67 3. Look To Future 62 4. Inspiring 58 5. Intelligent 43 6. Fair Minded 40 7. Broad Minded 37 8. Straightforward 34 9. Imaginative 34 10. Dependable 33 The Leadership Challenge -- Posner & Kouzes www.roili.com 2006 ROI Inc.
  8. 8. Acceptable vs. Exceptional Acceptable Exceptional 1. Have Convictions Live Convictions 2. Career focused (it’s all Calling focused (it’s all about about me) the cause) 3. Understand Vision & Mission Understand the Purpose behind Vision & Mission 4. Is motivated by Is motivated by shared vision activity/results 5. Motivates others minds Motivates others hearts 6. Operates within the rules Operates with passion and regulations towards Vision and Mission 7. Core Values are situational Core Values are integrated in life and work www.roili.com 2006 ROI Inc.
  9. 9. Defining Exceptional Leadership - Summary “Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible.” Colin Powell “There go my people and I must catch them for I am their leader.” Gandhi; former Prime Minister of India “Leadership is letting go in the doing, but not letting go in the guiding.” Dave Thomas; Chairman and Founder of Wendy’s “Leadership is the ability to inspire confidence, determine direction and to serve with character and integrity.” Roi Leadership focus group www.lifefaqs.com 2008 GSLLC
  10. 10. Defining Leadership – (Your Homework ) Leadership is ….. Define it based on what you learned I would like to someday…. Write down a dream, hope, or idea that you think would benefit the world for the better!