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ASP.NET Loves HTML5, Javascript and CSS3, or what's new in VS2013 for Web Developers


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Why ASP.NET Loves HTML5, Javascript and CSS3, or what's new in VS2013 for Web Developers? Browser Link, Visual Studio 2013, Windows Azure...

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ASP.NET Loves HTML5, Javascript and CSS3, or what's new in VS2013 for Web Developers

  1. 1. ASP.NET Loves HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, or what’s new in VS2013 for Web Developers Alexander Belotserkovskiy Nurturer
  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. Agenda One ASP.NET Why ASP.NET loves HTML5 and CSS3? Visual Studio 2013: What’s new for Web Devs? Browser Link, Editor improvements for JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Web Essentials Windows Azure Intro to the platform Visual Studio Online What if… We could edit our code online?
  4. 4. Agenda
  5. 5. DEMO One ASP.NET Effective development through the unification
  6. 6. Web Tools
  7. 7. General Web API MVC One ASP.NET Entity Framework Visual Studio Azure SDK Oct 2013 VS2013
  8. 8. One ASP.NET Web API MVC Azure SDK SignalR Entity Framework Feb ASP.NET 2014 Web Tools 2013.1 Visual Studio
  9. 9. DEMO Visual Studio 2013 Browser Link, Editor Improvements, Web Essentials, Extensions
  10. 10. Integration Layer Client Mobile Services PC Tablet CDN Data Sync Data layer App layer Office Traffic Manager Virtual Networks Media Services Compute Disks Storage Blobs Hyper-V Recovery Manager Backup Tables Web Sites Queues Cellphone Browser BizTalk Services Cloud Services Caching Console Local service Local DB Service Bus Active Directory Data Sync VM SQL HDInsight Stream Insight Reporting Database
  11. 11. Introduction to Windows Azure
  12. 12. DEMO Azure & Visual Studio Online What if we could have our dev environment online?
  13. 13. Contacts Alexander Belotserkovskiy N3, LLC
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