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Facebook: An Infographic


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This humorous infographic highlights some of the more colorful types of people that use Facebook.

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Facebook: An Infographic

  1. 1. A survey of the kinds of people online There are over 500 million people on Facebook each day. That means your News Feed is constantly inundated with the status updates, friend request, pokes, check-ins and pictures of all kinds of folk. Despite this variety, there really are just a few types of people of Facebook. This infographic identifies the most recognizable types of people on the social networking site filling your pages with a mind-numbing stream of inane drivel. The Preacher (aka Holier Than Thou) The Inspirer The Inspirer regularly posts inspiring quotes by famous people. Feeling down? Check out the Inspirer’s page for a quick pick-me-up. The Preacher quotes Biblical scripture, chapter and verse. They’re trying to save everyone (or remind them that they need saving). The Gamer The Ratchet The Gamer has nothing better to do with their time than play games on Facebook. They’re always inviting you to play some inane game with them. I’ve got a game for you, go f*ck yourself! The Ratchet loves posting random fight videos with insightful comments, like “That bitch got knocked the fuck out!” Worldstar Hip Hop features prominently in their feed. The Proud Parent The Over Sharer You’ll know a Proud Parent when you see one. Their feed has nothing but photos, albums and videos of their kids. The Over Sharer never knows when enough is enough. Every break up, migraine, discharge and disappointment, is on public display. Reading the Over Sharer’s feed makes you feel dirty and uncomfortable. The Narcissist (aka Kanye) Easily identified by their countless selfies, the Narcissist truly believes that people pay attention to their feed and responds to any question you ask with “I posted it on Facebook.” The Fitness Buff Posts about their workout, Cross Fit or Insanity training, marathons or 10K race times, and pictures of various flat or muscular body parts lets you know you’re friend is a Fitness Buff. The Expert (aka Mr. Know-It-All) The Expert thinks they know it all. Whenever there’s a debate about anything, they blather on endlessly. The Know-It-All think their two cents is worth more than anyone else. The DJ The DJ is always sharing their sounds with you. Whether it’s a Pandora, SoundCloud or MixCloud feed, or a music video from YouTube, this friend’s feed is media driven. The Crybaby The world is against the Crybaby, who posts every trial and travail so folks feel sorry for them. All they really succeed in doing is being unfriended. No one likes a sour puss. The Activist The Activist is all about causes: Trayvon Martin, PETA, Haiti, the homeless. They’re always inviting you to like or join some cause you could care less about. The Politician Democrat or Republican, the Politician lives party affiliation. They’re easy to spot. Just look for the cat that praises or condemns Obama excessively. That’s your politician. The Animal Lover The Animal Lover shares anything and everything about their pet(s). Typically childless and unmarried, their pets are essentially their spouses and children. The Fan The Fan is a die-hard sports addict. Their feed is all team logos, stats and sports-related trash talking. Never an athlete or stand-out themselves, they live vicariously online through their sports teams. To Facebook Where Facebook used to be an interesting place of interesting people, talking and sharing interesting things, nowadays it’s pretty boring. You know that it’s a wrap when you can boil down it’s audience to a handful of trite stereotypes. Maybe Facebook will reinvent itself. Maybe not. But one thing’s for sure…the honeymoon’s over.