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Personal Branding: Jonathan Anthony BrandBoard


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Personal Branding is about showing the world how you show up - at your best. This is my BrandBoard - my personal brand of how I See myself, and how others see me. Enjoy!

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Personal Branding: Jonathan Anthony BrandBoard

  1. 1. My BrandBoard MY BRAND BRAND STATEMENT MY WORK PHILOSOPHY JONATHAN ANTHONY 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. A driven, motivated futurist. Not afraid to run with new ideas. A strong forward thinker. Know thyself and how to add value. Then push for MORE. Always have fun. Work is learning and learning is the work. If 1-4 are not present, get out asap. Jonathan constantly challenges conventional thinking! He's willing to help others change (for better) and make those changes happen. I go to Jonathan when I want a different take on anything. Independent, passionate for communication and networks. INTRAPRENEUR, CORPORATE DISORGANIZER MY BRAND DESCRIPTORS YOUR BRAND DESCRIPTIONS Creative-Tension Connect-Everything-Connects MY BRAIN Balanced Automatic SOCIAL INTIMACY: Ideal EE Creative Looks to the future for possibilities, innovative, enjoys strategizing Empathetic RIGHT BRAINED: Visual, spatial, intuitive Looks to the future for possibilities, innovative, enjoys strategizing MY CORE VALUE SEARCH TESTS 1173 likes received 1211 comments added 1293 conversations started [A] Dominance HIGH Independent, competitive, venturesome 4 page 1 results 170 monthly searches [C] Patience LOW Driving, urgency, intense 452 connections average rating [B] Extroversion HIGH Outgoing, selling, delegates, enthusiastic [D] Formality LOW Informal, uninhibited, risk tolerant Management Strategies: Independence and flexibility in his activities PURPLE Brave, competitive, unpredictable Creative, independent PREDICTIVE INDEX Creative, independent OUTCOME MYERS BRIGGS E F 56% 38% N J BRAND ATTRIBUTES MY STRENGTHS 75% Strategy 1% Maximizer TEACHER Friendly, energetic, imaginative YOUR CORE VALUE YOUR COLOR TIGER PURPLE Curious, creative, adaptable, intelligent thinking / intellect We embrace change YOUR ANIMAL MY COLOR MONKEY HEAD INNOVATION We embrace change MY ANIMAL Direct YOUR BRAND ATTRIBUTE INNOVATION POWERS OF OBSERVATION: Above Average Influencer VISIONARY thinking / intellect Curious Communicator Passionate YOUR ARCHETYPE HEAD VISIONARY Visionary Innovative MY BRAND ATTRIBUTE MY ARCHETYPE Dominant Rational DECISION MAKING: Fixer Velocity Big-Picture-Thinker IDEA GENERATION: AN M YOUR BRAND 3. Connectedness 4. Communication 5. Ideation HEAD HEART HAND