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Personal BrandBoard Jonathan


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Everyone has a personal brand, whether you want one or not.
And everyone could do with a little external / objective help to make it stand out in a crowd.

So, how do we undertake this investigation at This Much We Know?
Well, we take your data, feelings, beliefs;
Add in some other data, feelings and beliefs of your colleagues;
Then stir in some more exotic metaphors
And we interrogate your decision-making process – just for fun!
And to keep you on your toes.

We use multiple data and deliver it visually for a couple of reasons:
• 80% of people are visual thinkers.
• Our sense of sight has the same bandwidth as a computer network (1250Mb/s).
• We can marry the hemispheres of the brain by connecting the language of the eye with the language of the mind (words, concepts)
• And, as famed infographic guru Hans Rosling says: “Let the data set change your mind set.”

From this BrandBoard, we can help you identify your key drivers, the attributes that make you tick, the stand-out characteristics that set you apart from everyone else. Your personal brand.

What are you waiting for?

For more on the programs, get in touch.

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Personal BrandBoard Jonathan

  1. 1. MY BRAND YOUR BRAND My BrandBoard JONATHAN ANTHONY FOUNDER, THIS MUCH WE KNOW YOUR BRAND DESCRIPTORS : MY WORK PHILOSOPHY : MY CORE VALUE : YOUR CORE VALUE : 1. Know thyself and how to add value. 2. Then push for MORE. PASSION INNOVATION 3. Always have fun. 4. Work is learning and learning is the work. MY BRAND DESCRIPTORS : 5. If 1-4 are not present, get out asap. BIG FIXER BRAND STATEMENTS: “Open and flexible, likes to try out new things, believes in his ideas and is happy to go a long way PICTURE Creative-Tension “A driven, motivated to make things work..” futurist. Not afraid to THINKER Velocity MY STRENGTHS : “A strong forward thinker who innovates new ideas 1. STRATEGY 3. CONNECTEDNESS run with new ideas.” and focuses.” 4. COMMUNICATION 2. MAXIMIZER 5. IDEATION Connect-Everything-Connects “Challenging convention for a new future.” MY ARCHETYPE : MY ANIMAL : MY COLOR : YOUR COLOR : YOUR ANIMAL : YOUR ARCHETYPE : VISIONARY MONKEY PURPLE RED TIGER Looks to the future for possibilities, Curious, creative, Creative, independent Action-oriented, confident, Brave, competitive, VISIONARY adaptable, intelligent courageous unpredictable Looks to the future for possibilities, innovative, enjoys strategizing innovative, enjoys strategizing MYERS BRIGGS : MY BRAIN: GOOGLE RESULT: ENFJ IDEA TEACHER monthly GENERATIO Balance N : Google searches 449 name | 1 name + Teekay 240 total views Friendly, energetic, my profile Dominan imaginative 450 followers 56% 75% 38% Rational t 1% SOCIAL DECISION INTIMACY: MAKING: Automatic Ideal 360 likes received | 250 conversations started$1 368 comments added 0 PREDICTIVE INDEX : RIGHT BRAINED: Powerf Visual, A - Dominance B - Extroversion EE ul spatial, BRAND ATTRIBUTES : intuitive HIGH HIGH Independent, assertive, Outgoing, selling, delegates, competitive, venturesome enthusiastic C - Patience D - Formality F ERS O : POW RVATION LOW LOW OBSE erage Driving, urgency, intense, Informal, uninhibited, risk av bove a impatient with routine tolerant HEAD HEART HAND Management Strategies: Independence and flexibility in his activities