Ts2012, week8


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Week 8's lecture for my course Transient Spaces at RMIT University.

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Ts2012, week8

  1. 1. Agenda Blogging tips Storytelling The challenge of non-linearity The challenge of incorporating participation Missed last week – Epic 2015– if we have time
  2. 2. Interesting blog entries Hashtag searches: Sara’s entry is not only about her doco, but may give you something interesting to think about regarding social media.
  3. 3. Interesting blog entries Yanna’s entry is about a book She’s found directly relevant to her doco topic. Good research !
  4. 4. Interesting blog entries Christoph’s entry show him using social media to engage with his community.
  5. 5. Interesting blog entries Dhiraj is struggling to get people To interview. He may need a different approach..
  6. 6. Interesting blog entries Jessie is developing her aesthetic and structure.
  7. 7. Tiny Story: fundamentals of narrative design http://www.fastcodesign.com/1669074/tiny-story-a-short-film- about-the-fundamentals-of-narrative-design
  8. 8. 6 critical elements of storytellingIllustrated in ‗Caine‘s Arcade‘:1. Simple. A boy. An idea. Some boxes. Doesn‘t get much simplerthan that.2. Unexpected. This video had at least four unexpected things: Anunusually creative boy; a video maker who accidentally stumbledupon the boy‘s arcade; a flash mob; and Caine‘s surprise at theflash mob….3. Concrete. There‘s one moment that stuck with me more than any other:Caine manually feeding prize tickets through a hole in the box. If there‘s asecond moment I remember, it‘s the claw machine. If there‘s a third, it‘s thecalculator he used to track legitimate ―Fun Pass‖ users. All three of thosedetails are concrete, and the story was more effective for its total absenceof abstractions.--Brad Phillips, The 6 traits of great storytelling—in one adorable videohttp://www.prdaily.eu/PRDailyEU/Articles/11408.aspx
  9. 9. 6 critical elements of storytelling (cont)4. Credible. Totally. Not a single false note.5. Emotional. Before my wife showed me the video, she sheepishlyadmitted that it had made her cry. I mildly teased her. Then I watched itand teared up, as well. It felt deeply satisfying to see the boy‘sindustriousness rewarded. And the father‘s pride in his son‘s achievement?How wonderful to see a struggling businessman in East L.A. enjoy suchrich satisfaction.6. Stories. Back to the first ―S:‖ a boy, an idea, some boxes. Stories can‘tget stripped down much further, proving that good stories don‘t requirecomplexities to work.--Brad Phillips, The 6 traits of great storytelling—in one adorable videohttp://www.prdaily.eu/PRDailyEU/Articles/11408.aspx
  10. 10. 6 critical elements of storytelling (cont)TEDtalk about storytelling.Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story http://t.co/HYSLMNWS
  11. 11. Non-linearity―embracing non-linearity in digital storytelling does three importantthings: It recognizes that your audience may not be interested in everything you have to say about a subject It empowers your audience to participate in the creation of the narrative surrounding your subject It allows you to create a practically-infinite number of stories with any given media collection rather than forcing you to slave over the creation of one fixed narrative that may or may not resonate with your audience.--Mike Nutt, Non-linear narrative in digital storytellinghttp://www.uncstorylab.org/2010/06/non-linear-narrative-in-digital-storytelling/
  12. 12. Non-linearity―The evolution of interactive media means the story no longer flowsin one direction, from the one to the many. Through a framework ofpossibility that visitors use to weave their own story, the narrative isonly visible in hindsight—when their path is revealed—the path thatwas their history, their story—that is the second story.‖—Brad Johnson, Creative Director, Second Story quoted by MikeNutt, Non-linear narrative in digital storytellinghttp://www.uncstorylab.org/2010/06/non-linear-narrative-in-digital-storytelling/
  13. 13. ParticipationIe, letting your community make their own comment / tell their ownstories Makes non-linearity even more complicated Can be achieved by use of social media within your doco The means to do this are still just being developed  Eg. Putting a Twitter widget showing a hashtag feed in your doco‘s blog: http://cyclistsvmotorists.tumblr.com/  Other means of comment: setting up a Facebook page.  Allowing comments in a blog usually doesn‘t work, you will get too much spam.
  14. 14. Missed last week: Epic 2015http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQDBhg60UNI Hasn‘t all come true, but it still might