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Winning in the New Business World


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Intensive 5 day executive development program for business, innovation and marketing leaders facilitated by Peter Fisk and GeniusWorks

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Winning in the New Business World

  1. 1. Winning in the new business worldExample of a 5 day programme for business managers exploringthe best new ideas in business and preparing for implementation +genius
  2. 2. Your challengeYou have probably been successful in your existingmarkets – engaging customers, beating the competition,establishing a profitable business.You probably have a range of successful products, loyalcustomers, dedicated employees, and an established wayof working.Yet the world keeps changing – falling boundaries enablenew entrants, digital technologies allow new approaches –customer priorities change, and expectations keep rising.What do these changing markets mean for your business,both in terms of threats and opportunities?How can your business build on its established position, itsasset base, to reach out to new customers, markets andcategories?As competition intensifies , social and environmental issuesbecome more important, and new technologies enablenew possibilities, every leader and manager needs to thinkbigger, better and differently. +genius +genius
  3. 3. Winning in changing markets requires new thinkingChanging markets +genius
  4. 4. The opportunityYour future success will be driven by new and smarter approaches tomarkets and marketing:• Building bolder brands: making more of your brands, and how you can engage with new audiences, and be more different from competitors• Focusing on the best opportunities: driving profitable growth in existing market,s but also in new geographies and categories• Delivering faster innovation: unlocking the creative potential of products, people, and the new innovation centre.• Engaging customers more deeply: harnessing new approaches such as co-creation, social media and sustainability to do more.This is about strategy, but also about everyday ways of working – fromsuppliers to distributors, systems and processes, culture and rewards.Whilst many of the essential principles of business do not change, many of thetools and platforms for winning are new and different. +genius +genius
  5. 5. How will you harness the potential of brands and innovation to grow in existing and future markets +genius +genius
  6. 6. The Winning in the New Business World ProgrammeThere are three days of “new insights and best practices”• Market Leaders: day 1 explores strategy and customers, understanding changing markets and priorities, focusing on the best opportunities.• Bolder Brands: day 2 is about brands and propositions, defining the big and bold ideas, harnessing social media and integrating communication.• Winning Innovation: day 3 focuses on experience and performance, developing better products and services, market and business success. Followed by two days of “practical ideas and real action” • Issue driven: focused on the agreed real issues of each participant, and how they can address them in more creative and effective ways. • Action driving: working one-to-one with each participant to develop insights, propositions, and solutions for fast and practical implementation. • Participants should ideally attend all 5 days for most benefit and impact. +genius +genius
  7. 7. Day 1 … Market Leaders … Winning strategies to engage customers Customer insights Market Customer strategies insights0900 – 1030 Changing Markets 1330 – 1500 Customer World• Market Dynamics: Welcome to a VUCA world, • Insights and Trends: Core values and enduringwhere a new generation of business is emerging. trends that are shaping markets and people.• Power Shifts: from west to east, big to small, • Context and Framing: Reframing your businessbusiness to customer, volume to value. around what people want, not what we sell.• New Whitespaces: New hotspots for growth, from • Energiser Pyramids: Rising above essentials, towomen to cities, healthcare to Brazil. focus on customer enablers and energisers.• New Business Models: Networks and collaboration • Crowds and Participation: Engaging customersare transforming the way business work and win. in co-marketing for more insight and impact.1100 – 1230 Market Strategies 1530 – 1700 Analytics and Insights• Inspiring purpose: having a vision beyond profit, to • Customer Insight: Using diverse research tech tomake life better, in a distinctive, better way. explore needs and wants, including deep dives.• Opportunity Mapping: using adjacent markets to • Market Segmentation: Making sense of marketsidentify the best opportunities for profit growth. and focusing through appropriate segmentation.• Growth Wheel: Exploring the different types of • Customer Profitability: Evaluate the lifetime valuegrowth, for short and long-term success. of each customer to prioritise resources• Value Creation: from value disciplines to economic • Predictive Analytics: Evaluating characteristicsdrivers, how to measure business performance. and behaviours to identify best opportunities. +genius +genius
  8. 8. Day 1 … Market Leaders … Winning strategies to engage customersCustomer insights Market strategy +genius +genius
  9. 9. Day 2 … Bolder Brands … Defining and communicating propositions Customer insights Bolder Engaging brands propositions0900 – 1030 Building Brands 1330 – 1500 Value Propositions• Defining Brands: Finding the essence of what a • Customer Value: articulating the superior rational/brand enables, how it is different, makes people feel. emotional value which you create for your customer.• Brand Architectures: Masterbrands, sub-brands, • Reframing Competition: Redefining this value in aendorsements and more – how it all works together. more valuable context for customers and price.• Licensing and Franchising: Extending your brand • Distinctive Benefits: Articulating the benefits in clearthrough partnerships into new markets and categories. and relevant ways for teach arget segment• Affinity and Partner Brands: Building your brand helo • Pricing Strategies: Considering the price positionby working with complementary brands. relative to the peer group and perceived value.1100 – 1230 Customer Narratives 1530 – 1700 Digital and Soclal Media• Customer narrative: Articulating your brand in • Clicks, Likes, and Tweets: Making sense of terms most meaningful to your audience. social media and digital marketing platforms.• Brand Storytelling: Turning your brand into • The SoLoMo Consumer: Exploring how memorable words and pictures. consumers are influenced and buy in new ways.• Contagions and funnels: Spreading your story, • Online Communities: How to build communities and using AIDA and reverse funnels. around your brand using social media.• Integrated Communication: Bringing together • Mobile Marketing: Time and place became the all your agencies, media and conversations. most important factors of your marketing. +genius +genius
  10. 10. Day 2 … Bolder Brands … Defining and communicating propositions +genius +genius
  11. 11. Day 3 … Winning Innovation … Delivering profitable experiences Customer insights Innovative Winning solutions experiences0900 – 1030 Smarter Innovation 1330 – 1500 Experience Design• Creative toolkit: Exploring a range of creative tools to • Experience mapping: evaluating the existing andgenerate more better ideas faster. developing a better experience for the customer.• Open innovation: Working with business and customer • Brand theatre: exploring how the brand can add valuepartners to share and achieve more. to the experience in different ways.• Frugal and bottom-up: Rethinking where good ideas • Personal service: delivering more relevant andcome from, and the process to innovate. empathetic service at every touchpoint.• Innovation process: opening up closing down, from • Customer loyalty: building relationships andinsight to design, evaluation to launch, and management. community that drive retention and advoacy.1100 – 1230 Customer Solutions 1530 – 1700 Performance Delivery• Parallel markets: learning from parallels to explore • Return on Marketing Investment: measuring the customer behaviours, preferences and solutions. effectiveness, and optimising budgets and resources.• Social and environmental: harnessing sustainability • Net Promoter Score: exploring alternative metrics for to drive better innovation. marketing including NPS.• Customised solutions: personalising products and • Brand Equity and Brand Value: Calculating the impact solutions for each customer.. of marketing on brands and business.• Business model design: rethinking the way you • New Role of Marketing: customer champions, business make money, channels and partners. innovators, growth drivers … and future CEOs. +genius
  12. 12. Day 3 … Winning Innovation … Delivering profitable experiences +genius +genius
  13. 13. Days 4 and 5 … Practical ideas and applications … making it happen Customer insights Issue Action driven drivingPart 1, 0900 – 1230 Exploring my challenge Part 3, 0900 – 1230 Designing my solutionPart 2, 1330 – 1700 Defining my proposition Part 4, 1330 – 1700 Preparing for implementation +genius +genius
  14. 14. The Winning Business Digital ToolkitThe programme will include a portfolio of articles, book extracts, casestudies, videos, processes and tools, and useful links, to support participantsduring and beyond the programme (can be available on a memory stick). Inspiring articles will include • Gamechangers: the next generation of market leaders • Finding a better place: new markets, new opportunities • Brand Building by Pixar: more creative communications • The 7 Whitespaces: exploring the new opportunities to 2020 • The co-marketing manual: a guide to more collaborative marketing • Learning from da Vinci: Innovation from the future back • Welcome to my world: Doing business on customers terms Global case studies will include • GE: rebuilding a business around customers and sustainability • Tata: rethinking business from an Indian perspective • Alibaba: the Chinese business network for the 21st century • Threadless: cool co-creation clothing business from California • Whirlpool: a more disciplined approach to design and innovation • Cemex: driving differentiation and profits in commodity markets • Virgin: the marketing machine that keeps doing the impossible. Action toolkits will include • Strategy tools: from market mapping to strategy formulation • Branding tools: from brand essence to customer value propositions • Insight tools: from customer immersion to market segmentation • Communication tools: from customer narratives to social media • Creativity tools: from advanced brainstorming to parallel markets • Innovation tools: from concept designs to accelerated innovation • Performance tools: from net promoter to brand equity measurement. +genius +genius
  15. 15. What’s new?What works?What’s next? One inspiring day of the best new ideas inbrands, innovation and business +genius +genius
  16. 16. AffluenzaBusiness modelsCo-creationDigital platformsEnvironmentalFrugal innovationGamechangingHuman designKinetic insightsLocalisationMobile marketingNanotechOpen innovationPinterestQR codesRadical ideasSocial media +genius +genius
  17. 17. Peter Fisk is a best-selling author and inspirational speaker, a strategic consultant to leading companies around the world and a business entrepreneur. Peter leads GeniusWorks, a strategic innovation business based in London and Budapest, Istanbul and Dubai, that works with senior management to “see things differently” – to develop and implement more inspired strategies for brands, innovation and marketing. Gamechanger is a strategy accelerator for leadership teams, Innolab is a facilitated innovation process based on deep customer insights and creative thinking, and BrandVision is a platform to develop better brands and brand portfolios. His best-selling book Marketing Genius explores the left and right-brain approaches to competitive success, and has been translated into more than 35 languages. Customer Genius describes how to build a customer-centric business, Business Genius is about inspired leadership and strategy, Creative Genius is the innovation guide for border crossers and game-changers, whilst People Planet Profit explains how to grow, whilst doing good ethically, socially and for the environment. Peter grew up in the remote farming community of Northumberland, in the North East of England, and after exploring the world of nuclear physics, joined British Airways at a time when it was embarking upon becoming “the world’s favourite airline” with a cultural alignment around customers. He went on to work with many of the world’s leading companies, helping them to grow more profitably by becoming more customer-centric in their structure, operations and leadership. He works across sectors, encouraging business leaders to take a customer perspective, learning from different types of experiences. His clients include American Express and@geniusworks Aeroflot, Coca Cola and Cemex, and Hersheys, Marks & Spencer Microsoft, O2 and Orange, Pinar and Red Bull, Shell and Tata Steel, Teliasonera and Turkcell, Vitra and Virgin, Vodafone and Volkswagen. He was also the transforming CEO of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the world’s largest marketing organisation. He led the strategic marketing consulting team of PA Consulting Group, and was MD of Brand Finance before founding his own business. He was recently described by Business Strategy Review as “one of the best new business thinkers” and is in demand worldwide as an expert advisor and energising speaker. +genius
  18. 18. +genius