Winning BRAND Strategies: An inspiring new masterclass


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Brands need to think and act differently in a changing world ... What's the future of your brand? What could it be? ... Inspiring new two-day masterclass from Peter Fisk

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Winning BRAND Strategies: An inspiring new masterclass

  1. 1. brandwinning+genius+genius+geniusTwo inspiring days exploring the future of brands with Peter FiskHow to innovate and grow your brand in today’s changing markets,to think smarter and act faster, and deliver extra-ordinary results.strategiesEmail: peterfisk@peterfisk.comWebsite: www.theGeniusWorks.comLive Project:
  2. 2. Changing marketsWinning in changing markets requires new thinking+genius+genius+genius
  3. 3. How will you harness the potential ofbrands and innovation to growin existing and future markets?+genius+genius+genius+genius
  4. 4. Day 1 … Brand Futures … What is the future of your markets and brands?• Changing Markets: Welcome to a VUCA world,where a new generation of business is emerging.• Market Trends: from west to east, big to small,business to customer, volume to value.• New Whitespaces: New hotspots for growth, fromwomen to cities, healthcare to Brazil.• New Business Models: Networks and collaborationare transforming the way business work and win.0900 – 1030 Brand Futures1100 – 1230 Brand Strategies+genius1330 – 1500 Brand Insights• Inspiring purpose: having a vision beyond profit, tomake life better, in a distinctive, better way.• Opportunity Mapping: using adjacent markets toidentify the best opportunities for profit growth.• Market Analytics: Customer segmentation, profitanalysis and behavioural dynamics• Value Creation: from value disciplines to economicdrivers, how to measure business performance.• Customer Insight: Using diverse research tech toexplore needs and wants, including deep dives.• Context and Framing: Reframing your businessaround what people want, not what we sell.• Energiser Pyramids: Rising above essentials, tofocus on customer enablers and energisers.• Crowds and Participation: Engaging customers inco-marketing for more insight and impact.+genius+genius+genius1530 – 1700 Brand Essence• Defining Brands: Finding the essence of what a brandenables, how it is different, makes people feel.• Brand Architectures: Masterbrands, sub-brands,endorsements and more – how it all works together.• Licensing and Franchising: Extending your brandthrough partnerships into new markets and categories.• Affinity and Partner Brands: Building your brand heloby working with complementary brands.
  5. 5. Customerinsights+geniusMarket strategy+genius+genius+geniusDay 1 … Brand Futures … What is the future of your markets and brands?
  6. 6. Day 2 … Brand Impact … How will you be different, engaging and profitable?1100 – 1230 Brand Activation+genius0900 – 1030 Brand Propositions• Customer narrative: Articulating your brand interms most meaningful to your audience.• The SoLoMo Consumer: Exploring how consumersare influenced and buy in new ways.• Online Communities: How to build communitiesaround your brand using social media.• Mobile Marketing: Time and place became themost important factors of your marketing.• Customer Value: articulating the superior rational/emotional value which you create for your customer.• Reframing Competition: Redefining this value in amore valuable context for customers and price.• Distinctive Benefits: Articulating the benefits in clearand relevant ways for each target segment• Pricing Strategies: Considering the price positionrelative to the peer group and perceived value.+genius+genius+genius1330 – 1500 Brand Experiences• Experience mapping: evaluating the existing anddeveloping a better experience for the customer.• Brand theatre: exploring how the brand can addvalue to the experience in different ways.• Personal service: delivering more relevant andempathetic service at every touchpoint.• Customer loyalty: building relationships andcommunity that drive retention and advoacy.1530 – 1700 Brand Performance• Return on Marketing Investment: measuring theeffectiveness, and optimising budgets and resources.• Customer, social and environmental impact: How toMeasure the impact on the world around you?• Brand Equity and Brand Value: Calculating theimpact of marketing on brands and business.• Value Creation: from value disciplines to economicdrivers, how to measure business performance.
  7. 7. +genius+genius+genius+geniusDay 2 … Brand Impact … How will you be different, engaging and profitable?
  8. 8. +geniuspower shifts, mindset flips, changing the rules of businessBrands change as markets change … how will you win?+genius+genius
  9. 9. Market disruptors, smart innovations, inspiring brandsAlibaba. Jack Ma’s digitalcollaboration and distributionplatform for the new worldNatura. From the beechesof Rio, natural cosmetics withsocial business modelsM-Pesa. Safaricom’s SMSservice becoming a digitalcurrency for AfricaBaltika. World’s fastestgrowing beer brand, and thepride of RussiaZidisha. African peer to peerfinancial service, helping smallentrepreneurs to growThomson Reuters. From dataspreadsheets to human andinsightful infographicsCemex. Mexico’s leadingbrand builds communities,rather than supply cement23andMe. Profile yourDNA for $300 and change yourpriorities for lifeTata. From steel to RangeRover, the Indian monolith israpidly going globalZynga. The world’s bestonline games, from Farmvilleto new Facebook challengerDacia. Renault revitalised theclassic Romanian car brand intoa low cost leader across EuropeAir Asia. The low cost, premiumairline that is beating globalcarriers by focus and innovationAzuri Tech. Solar power toremote Africa with new pay-as-you-go business modelSamsung. Finding inspiration inKorea’s “tae kuk” to combinetechnology and inspirationLA Organic. Philippe Starckbranding and design makesSpanish olive oil cool againZipcars. Rent a cool car for aminute or a month, just searchby GPS and pay by subscriptionKickstarter. Crowd-fundingyour next start-up or project,engaging audiences to do more+geniusNext generation brands play by different rules …+genius+genius
  10. 10. New consumer agenda2013++geniusDriven by changing needs and aspirations of customers+genius+genius
  11. 11. Innovation leadersHow will you embrace the best ideas and next practices?+genius+genius
  12. 12. Peter Fisk is a business and brand innovation expert.He is a strategic advisor to business leaders on winning strategies and bolder brands, smarterinnovation and better marketing … making sense of fast-changing markets, learning from the nextgeneration of brands, digital and physical, large and small, west and east, new ideas and practicalsolutions … inspiring and enabling you to innovate and win in the exciting new world of business.He was recently described by Business Strategy Review as “one of the best new business thinkers” andis in demand around the world as a strategic consultant and energising speaker.Peter leads GeniusWorks, a business innovation specialist based in London, and works with seniormanagement worldwide to “see things differently” – to develop and implement more inspiredstrategies for brands, innovation and marketing. FastFuture is a strategy accelerator for leadershipteams, InnoLab is a facilitated innovation process based on deep customer insights and creativethinking, and BrandOptima is a platform to develop better brands and brand portfolios. He also offers abroad range of development workshops, combining new ideas, next practices and effective action.His next book is Gamechangers …about the next generation of businesses - from Alibaba to Zipcars,Ashmei to Zynga - who are transforming markets with bolder brands, smarter innovation and clevermarketing. They play by different rules, embracing the growth of emerging markets and power ofdigital networks, human design and social entrepreneurship, and they win with better results.His previous books include Creative Genius bringing together entrepreneurs and artists, rockstarsand rockets scientists, in "the essential guide to innovation for business leaders". Marketing Geniusexplores the left and right-brain approaches to competitive success (translated into 35 languages!),Customer Genius describes how to build a customer-centric business, Business Genius is aboutinspired leadership and strategy, whilst People Planet Profit explains how to grow, and be good.Peter grew up in the remote farming community of Northumberland, in the North East of England, andafter exploring the world of nuclear physics, joined British Airways at a time when it was embarkingupon becoming “the world’s favourite airline” and managed brands like Concorde.He went on to work with many of the world’s leading companies, helping them to grow moreprofitably by becoming more customer-centric in their structure, operations and leadership. He worksacross sectors, encouraging business leaders to take a customer perspective, and learning fromdifferent types of experiences. His clients include American Express and Aeroflot, Coca Cola andCooperative Bank, GSK and Marks & Spencer, Microsoft and O2, Orange and Pfizer, Philips and RedBull, Shell and Tata Steel, Teliasonera and Turkcell, Vitra and Virgin, Visa and Vodafone.Previously he was CEO of the world’s largest marketing organisation, the Chartered Institute ofMarketing. He led the strategic marketing consulting team of PA Consulting Group, was MD of BrandFinance and partner of The Foundation, before founding his own business, GeniusWorks..Email: peterfisk@peterfisk.comTwitter: @geniusworksWebsite: www.theGeniusWorks.comProject:
  13. 13. “Gamechangers: Next Generation Brands and Business Innovation” by Peter FiskThe next book from Peter Fisk, due to be published soon.The new breed of market leaders think and act differently. They fuse digital andphysical, global and local, ideas and networks. They win by being smart, fastand connected – rather than through scale and efficiency. They embrace all thenew business tools - from empathetic design to disruptive technologies, socialmedia to sustainable innovation – bringing them together for more impact.These are the building blocks for you to come a gamechanger too.• Human … customer-driven, human-centred emotionally-engaging business• Creative … design and innovation, to think bolder and simpler, different and better• Networked … built around networks and partnerships of supply and demand• Social … social media and online communities, but local and tribal too• Participative … crowdsourcing, co-creating, collaborating with customers• Responsible … doing better by doing good, socially and environmentallyExplore and collaborate with the work in progress at +genius
  14. 14. “Gamechanger Lab:Think Smarter, Act Faster” practical workshops with Peter FiskContact Peter Fisk at or +44(0)783448383 … new articles, book extracts, videos, and blog at +genius
  15. 15. How can you apply the business secrets of Apple, andleadership genius of Jobs to your own business andcareer? How can you enchant people with your vision?Spend every day as if it’s your last? Build teams ofdisciples and tribes of advocates? Bring humanity,simplicity and design to your products? And deliverinsanely great experiences?Based on detailed insights into Apple and its co-founder, we put an“i” into your world. With new frameworks and tools he will help youtranslate the magic of Apple and Jobs into your business. Considerwhat it could mean for sectors as diverse as banking, retail andtravel … and in your own market … for products and services,marketing and sales, people and culture … and for you.This is no ordinary event . It will have passion and emotion, inspiringstories and practical techniques, and a novel process for applyingthe magic of Apple to your business (Part 1), and the genius of Jobsto you (Part 2). It will require your participation. To think differently,to be pirates in search of the best ideas, and to have” the courage tonot spend your time living somebody else’s life”.How would Apple innovate and transform yourmarket? How would Steve Jobs lead your business?“THNK DFFRNT” … Innovative Leadership (inspired by Steve Jobs) with Peter FiskContact Peter Fisk at or +44(0)783448383 … new articles, book extracts, videos, and blog at +genius
  16. 16. Business vision Masterclasses GamechangersInnovation Business summits Think DifferentBrand strategy Customised training New Customer AgendaPropositions Innovative Leaders Einstein PicassoBusiness impact Winning Marketers GenY+SoLoMo=expGfutureInnolabBrandlaboptimafastStrategic consulting Practical development Inspiring keynotesWinning strategies … Bolder brands … Smarter innovation … Better marketing … Accelerating growthContact Peter Fisk at or +44(0)783448383 … new articles, book extracts, videos, and blog at www.theGeniusWorks.comExploring your biggest challenges and opportunities,developing smarter strategies and innovative solutionsfor implementation and profitable growth. Customisedapproaches, built around these proven formats:Fast, intense process helping executiveteams rethink purpose and strategy in afast changing world, and then to refocusand reinvent the business for the future.Recent clients: Cinnamon, VodafoneAccelerated and collaborative threephase process exploring insights,designing concepts and deliveringinnovative solutions for market success.Recent clients: Savola Foods, TurkcellDeveloping or extending your brand for abetter future, based on purpose andrelevance, differentiation and identity,experience and effective delivery.Recent clients: Aeroflot, PhilosophyDeveloping fresh, distinctive valuepropositions for each target audience,building on the brand to engagecustomers and deliver better solutions.Recent clients: TeliaSonera, Visa EuropeExploring your biggest challenges andopportunities, developing smarterstrategies and innovative solutionsimplementation and profitable growth.Recent clients: Microsoft, PinarDeveloping people to think different and act smarter inthe new business world, from summits and seminars, topractical workshops and retreats, the content andexperience is designed around your people:Inspiring, practical and stretching 1-2 dayseminars on future strategy and brands,marketing and innovation applied to yourbusiness issues and sector opportunities.Recent clients: BNP Paribas, SkanskaBringing your people together to rethinkand refocus their priorities and direction.Designing and facilitating the format andcontent to energise, connect and enable.Recent clients: Hershey’s, Time WarnerWorking with you to design betterprogrammes from 40+ modules, based onteam and personal capabilities andpriorities, qualifications and real impact.Recent clients: Coca Cola, EczacibasiFrom 2d to 4d: command and control toconnecting and collaborating, catalysingand creating, amplifying potential todeliver business and market leadership.Recent clients: Coty Beauty, LastminuteCustomer champions, businessinnovators, growth drivers … how todrive and align the business, and delivermore business and market impact.Recent clients: Nestle, Standard LifeAlibaba to Zidisha, Ashmei to ZaoZao, the next generationof brands are shaping markets with new ideas and tools.What does it take to compete, innovate and win in thesenew markets? Example themes for keynote speeches:How to shape your market in your ownvision, not live in the shadow of others.How to innovate from the future back,then win now forward. What is the futureof health, retail, travel and your world?Steve Jobs was a genius and a geek, whodefied the rules of business to create newmarkets, and phenomenal results. Howcan you apply the magic of Apple to yourbusiness, and Steve to your leadership?What do post-crisis, digitally enabled,globally influenced customers reallywant? Connecting insights and trends, toexplore how you can do more for yourcustomers, and outthink the competition.How to combine the analytical precisionand disruptive imagination of your leftand right brain to think bigger, simplifycomplexity, shape the future, innovatesmarter, and make better decisions.Young people, social media, mobilemarketing … connecting digital andphysical worlds, networks and content,viral storytelling and target promotionsto deliver faster, exponential growth.myworld+genius
  17. 17.