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The World of Creative Participants


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Peter Fisk's Keynote at the 2010 Marketing Forum on 5 genres of creative participant and 8 types of participation ...

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The World of Creative Participants

  1. 1. The new world of Creative Participants Peter Fisk
  2. 2. The power of ubuntu In Africa people live by the concept of “ubuntu” ... I am because you are
  3. 3. 5 genres of creative Creators participant Activists Contributors Socialisers Spectators
  4. 4. We don’t know best In business we think we think we understand our world ... but we don’t
  5. 5. Now we know better Customers have rejected business ... And can do much better themselves
  6. 6. 7 aspects of co-creation Co-think Co-support Co-design Co-develop Co-sell Co-comm Co-decide
  7. 7. Connected and intelligent ... They know more, and can act together
  8. 8. Networks and communities ... They trust and respect people like them
  9. 9. Pull Buy Solutions Benefits Dialogue Permission Perceived value Relationship On customers terms Push Sell Products Features Broadcast Interruption Price Transaction On business terms Business is no longer transactional ... Its about working with customers
  10. 10. Brands can bring them together ... But they don’t control anymore
  11. 11. New business models emerge ... Enabling people to do more together
  12. 12. Power has fundamentally shifted ... From the few of them, to the many of us
  13. 13. Business Customer Customers see the world differently ... Time to work from the outside in
  14. 14. I will do and say what I want ... More interesting, relevant and trusted
  15. 15. And somebody out there will always help me ...
  16. 16. 1 2 3 Word of mouth marketing costs nothing, and has much more impact ...
  17. 17. Shigeru Miyamoto recognises that people want to do stuff together
  18. 18. 3000 “lead users” co-create customised products and recommend others 4.0 million worldwide users register their details enabling a personal dialogue and relationship 8.6 million worldwide users participate directly with Lego in their online community, but are not registered by name 20.4 million customers worldwide bought a Lego set in the past 12 months for their own or other active households Lego realised it wasn’t about bricks ... But sharing ideas and achievement
  19. 19. GiffGaff, the new people-powered phone network ... Breaking all the rules
  20. 20. 5 genres of creative Creators participant Activists Contributors Socialisers Spectators
  21. 21. Nike does much more than makes shoes ...
  22. 22. ... Nike helps people run
  23. 23. How far have I run? How fast? Have a done better?
  24. 24. Bringing people together ... Across the world
  25. 25. ... Where the human race ran on one day
  26. 26. The business world, is changing just as fast ...
  27. 27. Sending a package is always a hassle ...
  28. 28. But UPS’s Widget Man makes it easy ...
  29. 29. ... Just add hime to your desktop (and tell others)
  30. 30. The coolest t-shirts on the planet
  31. 31. Jake Nichol and Jo DeHart ... just regular dudes like you
  32. 32. Design a t-shirt ... Win $2500 ... Customers decide
  33. 33. 50 cool designs each month ... By people like you
  34. 34. And not just an online business ... Changing every month
  35. 35. 7 aspects of co-creation Co-think Co-support Co-design Co-develop Co-sell Co-comm Co-decide
  36. 36. Co-thinking in the IBM Innovation Jam
  37. 37. Co-designing your Jones Soda flavours and packaging
  38. 38. Co-developing Current TV’s entire content and schedule
  39. 39. Co-deciding how to build Boeing’s new Dreamliner
  40. 40. Co-communicating with more authenticity and trust
  41. 41. Co-selling cosmetics by Avon’s represenatives
  42. 42. Co-supporting each other in the world of Apple
  43. 43. P&G did all this ... Transformed their business ... Doubled their value
  44. 44. What will you do? Co-think Co-support Co-design Co-develop Co-sell Co-comm Co-decide
  45. 45. Example Ideas Design Blogger Customer exchange prizes network advisors Advisory Customer panels selling Immersion Photo Advisory Customer Customer Customer User Events sharing panels voting referral reviews forums Chat Online Look at Tracking community me Live Customer showcase reviews
  46. 46. What will you do?
  47. 47. The power of ubuntu How could you unlock the power of creative participants in your business?
  48. 48. Find out how in “Creative Genius” ... The new book from Peter Fisk