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SMART Selling ... One Day Workshop with Peter Fisk


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Go beyond the old "solution selling" mindset, to help your clients grow their businesses in smarter, faster, more profitable ways by working with you. Inspiring, practical and potentially very profitable way to spend a day! More from

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SMART Selling ... One Day Workshop with Peter Fisk

  1. 1. +genius Peter Fisk explores how to win with customers in times of change … by rethinking your sales and marketing to create more value for customers, and more profitable sales for your business. In tough times, as companies seek to maximise short term results, driving sales becomes more important. However the classic sales focus on building relationships is increasingly under pressure from price, particularly when all the solutions on offer are standard and the same. SMART selling is about solving real problems, helping the client to understand their markets, risks and opportunities, then together developing practical approaches that are real, relevant and more profitable. SMART selling is more engaging, more distinctive and more likely to win you the business. It is about winning together, enabling you and your client to achieve more. 1000 – 1115 Changing the game of sales Tough markets, declining prices, promiscuous customers The old ways of selling don’t work anymore Relationships and solutions are not enough 5 types of sales people High performers Google. Stop selling products. Start creating growth. Skanska. Helping clients to find better opportunities. 1115 – 1145 Break 1145 – 1300 The SMART selling system See the bigger opportunities Motivate the client by seeing the value
  2. 2. +genius Articulate the improved client solution Redefine yourself as business partner Transform the client’s business Intel. From product roadmaps to customer growth maps. DHL. Supply chains need innovative solutions. 1300 – 1400 Lunch 1400 – 1515 Building a SMART platform Finding the right clients Challenging and inspiring decision makers Building a portfolio of potential solutions Enabling clients to achieve more Creating an ongoing platform . Corning. From Gorilla Glass to better life. IBM. Selling more in a smarter planet. 1515 – 1545 Break 1545 – 1700 The SMART sales team Create the sale, don’t wait for it Finding new insights, ideas and innovations Working smarter, not harder Turning opportunities into practical solutions Time to be bold, brave and brilliant McKinsey. Selling the brand to the CEO. GE. From order takers to market makers. More information Peter Fisk is a bestselling author, inspiring keynote speaker and expert consultant. He is founder of GeniusWorks, a brand and business innovation consulting firm, based in London. Having started in nuclear physics he went on to manage brands like Concorde, launch innovations with Virgin, work in sectors as diverse as banking and cosmetics, food and pharma, telecoms and travel, and lead a global education business. He is a visiting professor at IE Business School in Madrid, and was recently included in the prestigious “Thinkers 50 Guru Radar” as one of the best new business thinkers. His books have been translated into 35 languages and include “Marketing Genius” about the left and right-brain of marketing success, “Creative Genius: The innovation handbook for business leaders” helping you to become the Leonardo da Vinci of today, and “People Planet Profit: How to embrace sustainability for innovation and business growth.” Peter’s new book “Gamechangers: Are you ready to change the world?” explores the next generation of business shaking up every region and category, and how they win by thinking
  3. 3. +genius different. They think bigger and different, to seize the opportunities of change and make sense of ambiguity, to redefine markets in their own vision, and engage audiences in more relevant and inspiring ways. They win through ambition and innovation rather than legacy and scale, out- thinking the competition, focusing on the growth markets, and embracing technology in more human ways. With purpose and passion, they design and create, connect and collaborate, enable and enrich. They embrace the power of brands and networks to build markets as movements, business models that are sustainable and profitable, making a positive difference to people’s lives. The book explores the next generation of brands who are rapidly and radically shaking up every market. It learns from over 100 businesses, from every part of the world - Alibaba to Azuri, Zespri to Zidisha; banking to shopping, education to entertainment. From these insights we define how you can win by playing a different game. How to think smarter and act faster, embracing the new tricks of business – from emerging markets to new business models, design thinking and crowdsourcing, social media and sustainability – challenging the rules, redefining expectations. The impact is exponential, in both local and global markets. The challenges are different, but every business, large or small, east or west, can be a winner in this new world, if they learn to play a different game. “Gamechangers” will be published in 2014, and is for business leaders, innovators and marketers, who seek new insights and inspiration to win in a dramatically different world. The book stimulates and stretches, exploring how these new brands dream and disrupt, and concludes with five practical labs with tools to help you apply the best ideas to your business, and become a gamechanger too. The book is complemented by a range of additional insights and regular updates, practical tools and process, inspiring events and consulting support which can be found at Find out more at or by emailing