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Peter Fisk : Inspirational speaker (sample themes and events)


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Peter Fisk is an inspirational keynote speaker ... here is a selection of his recent themes and events on marketing and innovation, brands and customers ... more at

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Peter Fisk : Inspirational speaker (sample themes and events)

  1. 1.     Inspiring themes for events by Peter Fisk Examples of themes for keynote speeches, seminars and workshops delivered by Peter Fisk which can be shaped and customised to specific topics, sectors, formats and duration. Peter Fisk is a best-selling author and inspirational speaker, a consultant to leading companies around the world and an experienced business leader. He was recently described by Business Strategy Review as “one of the best new business thinkers.” He is author of the best-selling Marketing Genius which explores the left and right-brain approaches to competitive success, and has been translated into more than 28 languages. Business Genius describes the challenge for leaders through turbulent times, Customer Genius provokes you to rethink how to do business - from the outside in – seeing the world like customers do, and People Planet Profit which explains how to grow your business, whilst doing good, socially and for the environment. Peter is founder and CEO of the Genius Works, a strategic innovation business that works with senior management to “see things differently” – to develop more inspired strategies for customers, innovation and marketing. It delivers accelerated consulting projects based around the Genius Lab, a portfolio of training workshops called Fast Track, and Zoom Ventures supports start-up businesses. He was previously the transforming CEO of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the world’s largest marketing organisation. He led the strategic marketing consulting team of PA Consulting Group. He was also managing director of specialist measurement firm Brand Finance, partner of The Foundation, which followed a marketing career with British Airways. He has worked with companies large and small, across sectors and around the world. His clients include American Express and Coca Cola, and Marks & Spencer, Microsoft and O2, Orange and Red Bull, Shell and Virgin, Vodafone and Volkswagen. He encourages leaders to take new perspectives, to learn from new places, to think and act differently, and deliver extraordinary results. He can customise his approach to the issues of each audience, interactive and responsive. More details and schedules are on
  2. 2.     Marketing events Examples themes: • Marketing Genius. How would Einstein and Picasso do marketing today? • Ubuntu. The new language of marketing in a collaborative world. • Marketing by Apple and Obama ... discover the secrets of the new market leaders. Key issues: • How do you stand out, change mindsets, engage people, and sell more? • Rethinking marketing in global, networked and intelligent markets • Connecting your left-brain analysis and right-brain intuition Typical solutions: • Market strategies to focus on the best market opportunities for profitable growth • Customers strategies to attract, serve and retain the best customers and communities • Brand strategies to engage customers in more relevant and compelling way Inspiring stories: • Apple and Amazon, Accenture and Visa, Crocs and Coke, Diesel and Dove, Lego and Lycra, Obama and O2, P&G and Prada, T-Box and Threadless, Zappos and Zipcars. Practical tools: • Market strategies, value disciplines, insight maps, brand blueprints, value propositions, integrated communication, social networks, gateway channels, net promoter score. Recent events: • "Rethinking the Role of the Marketing Director" two day workshop for ITV, London (Sep 09) • “50 Strategies for Marketing in a Changing World" one day seminar in Bucharest (May 09) • “Marketing Genius Live” half-day at Nielsen Consumer 360 Conference, Cairo (Jan 09)
  3. 3.     Innovation events Examples themes: • Creative Genius. How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci. • The Magic and Madness of Madonna and Morita. • Future Back. A better approach to innovation. Key issues: • Rethinking innovation in a technological, collaborative and high-speed world. • Creativity that is “future back” to overcome the limitations of mindset and markets • 50 innovations of the 21 Century that are currently changing our world Typical solutions: • Creativity that is fast and focused – tap the trends, do an iPod, give it away free • Design that is functional and fantastic – from business models to user experiences • Innovation that delivers results – game-changers, border-crossers and social entrepreneurs Inspiring stories: • Alessi and Boeing, Dreamworks and Dyson, Laika and Live Nation, 3M and Pixar, Samsung and Swatch, Nintendo Wii and Virgin Galactic. Practical tools: • Future radar, scenario planning, deep dives, disruptive creativity, creative fusions, accelerated innovation, product development, market entry strategies. Recent events • "Brand and Marketing Innovation" one day event for Oriflame Cosmetics, Sweden (Sep 09) • “The Genius Lab” two-day workshop for Red Bull Sales and Marketing, Budapest (Oct 08) • “Innovations for the 21st Century” keynote Leaders in Retail Conference, Berlin (May 08)
  4. 4.     Customer events Examples themes: • Customer Genius. How to build a customer-centric business. • Designing and delivering extraordinary customer service and experiences. • The Consumer Agenda. 10 trends that are changing your world. Key issues: • Declining trust, rising promiscuity. Welcome to my world. • Customer insights. Responding to the 9 trends that matter most. • Harnessing the groundswell of customer networks, collaboration and social media. Typical solutions: • Customer insights. Deep diving for new insights that drive segmentation and propositions. • Customer experiences. Bringing brands to life through integrated and personal touchpoints • Customer loyalty. Building relationships between rather than with the best customers. Inspiring stories: • Air Asia and Avon, Banyan Tree and Build a Bear, Camper Shoes and Jimmy Choo, Progressive Insurance and Umpqua Bank, Skoda and Singapore Airlines. Practical tools: • Customer strategy, insights, segmentation, value propositions, customer narratives, experience design, brand activation, personal service, customer advocacy. Recent events: • "The Power and Potential of Customer Insights", one-day “fast track” workshop (Mar 09) • “Designing the Customer-Centric Business at T-Mobile”, keynote for managers (Oct 08) • “The Consumer Agenda”, keynote with Visa at World Retail Congress, Barcelona (Apr 08)
  5. 5.     Brand events Example themes: • Brand Genius. The Yin and Yang of Extraordinary Brands • What’s in an Apple, Orange and Blackberry? • No Logo. Great Brand. Key issues: • The slow decline of Coca Cola, the rise and fall of Starbucks, and the death of brands. • Brands are about aspirations not functionality, customers not products. • Promise and reality, engaging people in a social media world. Typical solutions: • Brand strategies. What does the brand enable people to do, differently and better? • Brand communication. How do you build an image through memes and viruses? • Brand experiences. Who are your brand ambassadors and how do you influence them? Inspiring stories: • Apple and Armani, Coca Cola and Jones Soda, Google and Guggenheim, Nike and New Zealand, Harley Davidson and Porsche, Zopa and Zara Practical tools: • Brand definition, one word equity, brand architecture, brand enablement, communication strategy, experience mapping, brand loyalty. Recent events: • “Brand Genius. Insights, Creativity and Strategy”, workshops for Fosters, London (Oct 09) • "The Yin and Yang of Extraordinary Brands", keynote for brand leaders, Stockholm (Sep 09) • "Brand Communication in times of Crisis and Change" seminar with McCann, Latvia (Mar 09)
  6. 6.     Digital events Example themes: • Winning in a digital world. Turning the new technologies into competitive advantage. • The exponential power of networked markets, customers and brands • Business 3.0 ... lean forwards not back, and dive in. Key issues: • Capturing the potential of digital technologies – websites and networks, blogs and tweets? • Building hybrids that connect physical and virtual to deliver a better customer experience. • Engaging digital natives in established brands, Generation X and Generation Y Typical solutions: • Digital world: networks and power shifts, content and collaboration, from web 2.0 to web 3.0 • Digital markets: harnessing the groundswell, collaboration, co-creation and communities • Digital impact: migrating customers to digital, integrating approaches and driving advocacy. Inspiring stories: • Amazon and BestBuy, Facebook and Fedex, Google and GiffGaff, M-Pesa and Nokia and Nike +, Tchibo and Tesco, Threadless and Turkcell, Practical tools: • Digital integration, groundswell segmentation, co-creative innovation, social media, integrated media, online retailing, search optimisation, building communities Recent events: • "Winning in the Digital World" two-day workshop for Omnitel, Vilnius (Oct 09) • “Strategies for Digital Business” in-house workshops for Telia Sonera (Jun 09) • “The Fast Guide to Communication” one-day “fast track” workshop, London (Apr 09)
  7. 7.     Sustainability events Examples themes: • People Planet Profit ... embracing sustainability for innovation and business growth • Sustainable Innovation. Resolving the Paradox • How to be Good (and Grow) Key issues: • Social and environmental issues are hot topics, but most business see them as compliance • How can you embrace them as your best source of innovation and profitable growth? • Moving sustainable innovation from CSR to the business mainstream. Typical solutions: • The real opportunity. Brands have the power to engage people in positive change. • Rethink what matters. From carbon to water, green to social, operations to innovation. • Enabling people to do more. Creating solutions that are good, and perform better too. Inspiring stories: • Adidas and Nike Considered, Current TV and E-cloth, Livestrong and Project RED, Kraft and Unilever, Timberland and Patagonia, Tesla and Toyota. Practical tools: • Sustainability audit, value drivers, deep dives, operational blueprints, social entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation, impact analysis, good growth roadmap. Recent events: • "People Planet Profit" keynote at the London Stock Exchange Sustainability Forum (Oct 09) • “The Business of Sustainability. People Planet and Profit” keynote, Milan (Sep 09) • “Zoom Ventures” in-house workshops with various companies (Jan – Oct 09)
  8. 8.     Downturn events Examples themes: • 2012. Life after the crisis. • Rethink ... Reset, Rethink, Restart ... • 50 Strategies for winning in times of crisis and change Key issues: • Like Edison in 1878, HP in 1929, Microsoft in 1975, now is the time for new thinking. • Understanding the market and consumer changes that are accelerated by economic crisis. • Preparing for the upturn, by understanding what has changed, focusing on what matters most Typical solutions: • Reset. Welcome to the world in 2012, the new landscape, the winners and losers • The new consumer agenda. Balancing debt and desire, simplicity and happiness. • Refocus. Recreate. Restart. What will you stop doing? What will you start doing? Inspiring stories: • Aldi and Avon, Best Buy and Barbour, Lovefilm and MTV, T-Box and Tchibo, Virgin and Volkswagen, Zara and Zopa. Practical tools: • 50 strategies for winning in times of crisis and change, adjacent markets, deep dives, disruptive innovation, change management, business prioritisation. Recent events: • "RESTART Business, People, Performance" one day seminar, Estonia (Sep 09) • "Life after the Crisis. Winning in 2012" keynote to small businesses, Dublin (Sep 09) • "Turning a downturn into your big opportunity" keynote for WPP Group, Barcelona (Jun 09)
  9. 9.     Strategy events Example themes: • Game changing. The invisible trends that have changed our world. • The Future of Business. A more inspired approach to value creation. • Ideas. The new competitive advantage. Key issues: • Power has shifted from west to east, big to small, mass to niche, business to customer • Markets are global, connected and convergent. Trust is low, transparency is high. • Success is not based on capabilities and scale, but on ideas and focus. Typical solutions: • Big Picture. How markets are rapidly changing, and what it means for your business • Value Drivers. What will create future profits, enhance profits and reduce risk? • Game Changing. How to focus on your best opportunities, creating markets in your vision. Inspiring stories: • Coca Cola and Diageo, Disney and News Corporation, GE and P&G, Linked In and Li & Fung M&S and Wal-Mart, Vodafone and Virgin Practical tools: • Redefining purpose, market maps, business strategy, value driver analysis, portfolio management, collaborative partnerships, value-based management. Recent events: • "Business Strategies for Winning in Tough Times” keynote to CEOs, Stockholm (Sep 09) • "Life after the Crisis in 2012" keynote at CEO Forum with Sampobank, Estonia (Jun 09) • “The Market Accelerator” three-day team workshop for Ipek Kagit, Istanbul (Apr 09)
  10. 10.     Leadership events Example themes: • The New Business Leaders • Leadership and Management. What’s the difference? • F1 to Galacticos ... Leadership by Ross Brawn and Florentino Pérez Key issues: • What does it take to be a leader in times of turbulence and change? • Leadership is about inspired direction. Management is about getting things done. • Don’t stand on a box and shout ... leadership styles and personal effectiveness. Typical solutions: • The Complete CEO. 5 priorities for business leaders which you cannot delegate. • 7 Leadership styles, strengths and weaknesses, and understanding what’s best for you. • New Business Leaders. Being the conscience, connector, catalyst, and coach. Inspiring stories: • Jeff Immelt and Jack Welch, Andrea Jung and AJ Lafley, Sergio Marchionne and Madonna, Ross Brawn and Florentino Pérez, Richard Branson and Barack Obama. Practical tools: • Leadership and Management, The 5C Leadership Model, Myers Briggs, The CEO Profiler, The Time Box, Influencing Models, Storytelling. Recent events: • “Winning Mindsets for Business Leaders" keynote at JTI conference, Montenegro (Jul 09) • “Leadership in Times of Crisis and Change” keynote at Nordea Bank conference (Mar 09) • “Making Genuine Impact”, keynote and chair of HR conference, Istanbul (Feb 09)
  11. 11.     Other events All events can be customised to the issues of the audience, company or sector. They can be delivered as inspiring keynotes and seminars to make people think, practical workshops and consulting projects to develop new capabilities and innovative solutions. Specific sectors in which I have done many recent events include • Retail : consumer agenda, digital integration, innovation beyond the store • Consumer Goods : service innovation, social media, market entry, sustainability • Financial Services : best customers, proposition-based marketing, future of banking • Professional Services : client-centred marketing, brand building and innovation For more details, downloads, blog and videos see Or email