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People Planet Profit : The Manifesto For Business

"People Planet Profit" ... the new book from Peter Fisk describes how to embrace sustainability for smarter innovation and business growth ... the manifesto for bold and brave business leadership

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People Planet Profit : The Manifesto For Business

  1. 1.       The Manifesto for Business   Leaders of business This is your wake-up call. You’ve been living on borrowed time. Raping the natural world of its resources, and leaving a toxic mess in its place. These weather patterns are not freaks, they are the world you have created. Blinding the man on the street with your superficial innovations and image. What about the sweatshops, the emissions, the packaging, the greed? It doesn’t look good. Business, society and nature need to find a new way to co-exist. If you aren’t sustainable, you are irresponsible. It’s time to adapt or suffer the consequences. The business world is about to go through a rapid, fundamental change. What an opportunity, but also what a threat. It’s time to rethink. Time to stop living in the past, and think of our future Business is not a machine, it’s a dynamic system – it lives, adapts and grows. You need to think again about what is a cost and a risk, and what really creates value in the world today. But it will take a lot more than reducing, recycling and reusing. It requires a fundamental rethink, radically and creatively.
  2. 2.   Rethink your business purpose and strategy. Rethink your processes and technologies. Rethink your markets and audiences. Imagine that you are looking at a piece of impressionist art. Short term, too close, you are blinded by millions of dots, stand-back and you see a bigger vision. The environment is not a commodity, and people are not disposable. New legal codes and financial penalties will protect them. But this is not just about compliance. It’s much more than CSR It goes to the heart of business. To why you exist. Where you focus, how you succeed. To connect business and the world in new ways. People and planet and profit. Together, achieving more. Business is a societal good. It has a responsibility beyond itself. Brands and consumerism, profits and wealth can be incentives for change. Available to anyone, the benefits shared by everyone. Be brave. Seek out ideas beyond your comfort zone. Create a new language of sustainability that transcends traditional disciplines Redefine stakeholders more broadly Everything is possible. Nothing is off limits. From nuclear energy to GM foods, we need to rethink our prejudices too. Collaborate with your competitors, and even your fiercest critics. Work with governments and activists to explore new solutions. Together we can do so much more. We need innovation to find new ways to overcome conflicting priorities, to make inspired choices, to find brilliant new balances. Sustainability is about creating a more lasting and fairer world. Where we can work and play, laugh and smile. And our children will be able to too. Grow by putting our future at the heart of your business. Grow better by being and doing good as a business. Be bold and brilliant. Be the change. “People Planet Profit: Embracing sustainability for smarter innovation and profitable growth” is the new book from bestselling author Peter Fisk More information, extracts and downloads can be found at the book’s microsite