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The Personal Development Program
How can I get my team to explore the ideas of People Planet Profit and what they mean for...
•   Making better strategic choices in times of change
            •   Choosing the best markets, better differentiation a...
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People Planet Profit : Executive Development Program Peter Fisk


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"People Planet Profit" ... the new book from Peter Fisk describes how to embrace sustainability for smarter innovation and business growth ... workshops, training and executive retreats for business people

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People Planet Profit : Executive Development Program Peter Fisk

  1. 1. The Personal Development Program How can I get my team to explore the ideas of People Planet Profit and what they mean for my business? Where do I start in applying these approaches in relevant ways for me? How do I get my people to start thinking and acting differently? The programme is an accelerated development experience for senior and middle managers. It can be tailored to the specific issues your business, and can be delivered as a learning experience, or as a practical way to start addressing your real issues. It is typically delivered as an executive retreat – a four day accelerated learning experience, when we will also explore the more personal challenges of leadership in a time of fundamental change and opportunity: Day 1 pm: World Changing • Making sense of the changing business world • Global challenges, shifting power, instant and connected • Balancing economic, social and environmental agendas • Best practices: From Air Asia to Amazon, Zara and Zopa • Essential tools: Future Radar, Scenario Planning, Customer Insight Day 2 am: Inspiring Purpose • The enlightened business, one with a purpose beyond profits • How business can make a bigger difference to our worlds • Aligning a higher purpose with the pursuit of value creation • Best practices: From Camper and Cemex, to Danone and Disney • Essential tools: Purpose Definition, Corporate Brands, Storytelling Day 2 pm: Growth Strategy
  2. 2. • Making better strategic choices in times of change • Choosing the best markets, better differentiation and business models • Aligning the organisation to work within strategic rules • Best practices: GE gets imagination, whilst Tata focuses on new markets • Essential tools: Value Disciplines, Strategy Framework, GG Planning Day 3 am: Authentic Leadership • Management and leadership, heads up or heads down • Why business needs new leaders for a new world • Inspiring direction, discipline decisions, building teams • Best practices: Apple beyond Jobs, Rosso and the engine of Diesel • Essential tools: 5C Leadership Model, Personal Effectiveness Framework Day 3 pm: Sustainable Innovation • Creative disruption and renewal, innovation and entrepreneurship • Future back thinking, outside in action, left and right brain people • Ventures, incubators and rocket ships for practical innovation • Best practices: Lego’s creative play and GE’s sustainable creativity • Essential tools: Creative Disruption, Sustainable Business Models Day 4 am: Personal Wellbeing • Living, loving and thriving in the new business world • Health and fitness, how to feel good, and how to do more • Confidence and courage, how to stretch and surprise yourself • Best practices: From Google’s workstyle to Virgin’s lifestyle • Essential tools: Body Works, Mind Works, Action Works Day 4 pm: Enlightened Performance • Delivering results, short and long-term, in crisis and in good times • Value creation, value drivers and value management • Metrics and scorecards, incentives and rewards. • Best practices: Toyota’s performance culture, Nokia’s contrasting approach • Essential tools: Performance Metrics, Rewards, Value Management Day 5 am: Real Commitment • What it takes to become a new business leader • Planning the change programme for you and your business • Milestones and workstreams, how to make change happen • Best practices: Nike Considered and Unilever’s holistic approach • Essential tools: Impact Zoning, Leader Guide, 90 Day Plans. The programme is also delivered as a series of three separate issue and action-focused workshops for small teams of management, based around phases of discovery, design and delivery. This is a more consultative approach, building on the existing priorities, issues and ideas within your business. “People Planet Profit: Embracing sustainability for smarter innovation and profitable growth” is the new book from bestselling author Peter Fisk. More information, extracts and downloads can be found at