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Marketing in a Down Economy - Peter Fisk Live in Cairo


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Peter Fisk explores the opportunities for brands, innovation and marketing as markets emerge from economy crisis ... find out more at

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Marketing in a Down Economy - Peter Fisk Live in Cairo

  1. 1. MARKETING IN A DOWN ECONOMY Strategic Marketing Responses to CrisesPeter Fisk 18th, 19th December 2011An Iconic Marketing Intercontinental City StarsThought Leader and Cairo, EgyptBusiness Thinker
  2. 2. Dear Marketing ProfessionalTurbulent times call for many change both strategic and tactical in acompanys marketing efforts. The worst thing is to just enforce alarge across-the-board cut in the marketing budget. The marketinghead may try to defend keeping the existing budget, primarily as thebest way to shore up sales, but he/she may not be able to convincethe CEO and CFO. In fact, they will likely push cuts in the advertisingbudget, particularly the high expenditures tools.From a strategic point of view, companies must remain focused onsatisfying their target customers, paying particular attention to theircore customers.Companies cannot start to make cost cuts until they grasp what ishappening to their customers, competitors, dealers and suppliers.What problems face their customers? What moves are those cus-tomers making? How can the company provide help to their custom-ers? What are the competitors doing? What opportunities are open-ing up in the meantime? How much risk does the company want totake? Each company must act in a way that best promises topreserve its customers, its brand strength, and its long-term objec-tives.In order to find answers to all these questions, and other challengesfacing your company in the extended slowdown, attend our upcom-ing open program MARKETING IN A DOWN ECONOMY with one ofthe greatest minds in marketing today - Peter Fisk.
  3. 3. BENEFITS OF ATTENDING Learn how to sell more without increasing your marketing budget (in fact, you can decrease it) How to leverage the power of unconventional advertising to get noticed – and get sales! Develop a vision of what strategic and tactical responses are available during a slowdown Develop a sense of the possible scenarios to deal with the con- tinuous market shocks and how to work out a view of appropriate responses to address each scenario.WHO SHOULD ATTEND This program is not only designed for commercial Heads of Market- ing, Marketing Managers and Directors, but CEO’s, Managing Direc- tors, General Managers, Consultants and Line Managers who hold a responsibility for the communications strategies of respective organisations. Marketing practitioners from public spheres including universities, and government institutions will also gain a huge sum of knowledge and practical tools from Mr. Fisk’s new ideas.
  4. 4. TALKING POINTS WORLD CHANGING, GAME CHANGING The 5 Power shifts, the rise of Asia, the impact of networks, and consumers in control. The 7 Whitespaces, finding the big opportunities for growth in a time of change. The 7 business models, the changing structures of markets and business. Examples: Air Asia and Better Place, and the rise of new markets with new models Amazon and Pixar, how digital technologies are transforming experiences Lego and Umpqua Bank, on the power of human engagement and aspirations. RETHINKING MARKETS, REFOCUSING ACTIONS Refocusing your purpose and priorities in a downturn Redefining value for clients and consumers Recovering faster to prepare for the new normal 50 strategies for successful marketing in a downturn Examples: Fiat and Nestle on responding to changing markets and consumers Alibaba and Li & Fung on doing things differently, as Asia powers ahead Samsung and Zipcars on seizing the opportunity of downturns for innovation. NEW MINDSETS, NEW MARKETING The 10 new disciplines of marketers, in a world of people and technology The 5 new imperatives for building brands that inspire and engage people The 10 new tools for better marketing in a global, digital, social media world. Examples: Aberchrombie and Ed Hardy on emotions, theatre and storytelling Current TV and Threadless on collaboration, co-creating and co-delivering. Groupon and Zynga, on what sells and engages people in a networked world. MARKET LEADERS, WINNING MARKETING Left brain, right brain of the new market leader Future back, now forward to drive lasting innovation Leading not managing for marketing success Winning and the new measures of business success Examples: Nike and Superdry driving change in response to a new world order Coca Cola and P&G on the new talents and priorities for marketing people. Apple and Virgin Galactic and making a bigger difference to your world.
  5. 5. PETER FISK Peter Fisk is an inspirational business author, consultant and entrepreneur. He also spent many years working with the likes of British Airways and Coca Cola, Marks & Spencer and Micro- soft, Virgin and Vodafone. He is described by Business Strategy Review as “one of the best new business thinkers.” His bestselling Marketing Genius is currently being translated into 25 languages. His new book Business Genius (about strat- egy, leadership and growth) was published in March 2008, and will be followed by Customer Genius (insights, propositions and relationships) and Creative Genius (future, creativity and innova- tion) and Green Business. He is founder and CEO of the Genius Works, working with busi- ness leaders to adopt a more inspired approach to strategy and innovation, in particular through The Fast Track executive devel- opment programme. He was previously CEO of The Chartered Institute of Marketing, MD of Brand Finance, partner of The Foundation, and led the global marketing consulting practice of PA Consulting Group.
  6. 6. ADMISSIONS Application Process Cancellation Policy E-Mail: to If you are unable to attend, a substitute request your enrollment in the program, delegate will be welcome in your place. Candidates that are accepted to partici- If you request cancellation, the refund pate in the program will receive an will be processed in the same manner acceptance letter via e-mail. Due to the that the registration payment was made limited space and high demand of this (i.e., cash payment, check etc.), less a program, accepted applicants will need processing fee of EGP 600. After the to formalize their attendance through Cancellation Deadline (14 days or less payment of the program fee. prior to the program), there will be no refunds for cancellations of any type. Nexus preserves the rights to change Forms of Payment the speaker, the venue and/or the dates. Cash, Cheque or Wire Transfer. Date Number of Participants December 18-19, 2011. Limited capacity program Academic Material Dress Code We will provide you with a package that includes all written materials the facul- Classes and activities will develop in an ties have given us, a notepad, and a informal environment, therefore busi- pen. ness casual attire is recommended; including suits, dress suits, and sports coats are all acceptable clothing for the Certificate of Participation program. Upon completion of the program, partici- pants will receive a certificate from Nexus Training Solutions and personally Translation signed by program faculty. Simultaneous translation from English to Arabic will be available. Venue Intercontinental City Stars, Cairo, Egypt 13 Abdelaziz Talaat Harb off Mohamed Elmekarif St., Suite 6, Nasr City, Cairo T: +20 (0) 111 305 7117 M: +20 (0) 111 305 7117 E: W: