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Marketing Genius by Peter Fisk


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"Marketing Genius" is the bestselling book of left and right-brain marketing now translated into over 30 languages. Email: Website:

Marketing Genius by Peter Fisk

  1. 1. Embed value-based marketing as a core business practice in Royal Mail, including the leadership and culture, processes and capabilities.
  2. 2. Marketing matters more than ever Markets are incredibly complex and competitive • Competitive intensity has tripled in most markets • Typical segmentation models now have 400 clusters • Product lifecyles have reduced by 70% over last decade Customers are much more powerful than ever • Consumers now receive 1500 messages per day • 54% of consumers have registered for “do not call” • Purchase decisions are typically made in 2.6 seconds Shareholders demand higher, faster returns • Intangible assets make up 78% of the Fortune 500’s value • 60% of brand investment impacts future years • 21% of CEOs are marketers delivering 5% better TSR © Peter Fisk 2005