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Leading Change in a Disruptive World


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Summary of Peter Fisk's keynote at IE Business School executive seminar in Istanbul hosted by FalkLabs on 22 October 2019. What does it mean to be a business leader in the 21st century? How to win in a disruptive world? What are the 7 new codes of leadership? And introducing IE's flagship executive development program, the Global Advanced Management Program 2020, for business leaders ready to transform the future of themselves and their businesses. More info at or email

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Leading Change in a Disruptive World

  1. 1. Email: Website: Twitter: @geniusworks CHANGE LEADING in a disruptive world
  2. 2. How do you see the future?
  3. 3. Leading Change Disrupt or be Disrupted Innovative Futures
  4. 4. We live in a world of relentless change
  5. 5. More change in the next 10 years Than in the last 250 years
  6. 6. Personal healthcare $99
  7. 7. Better and better than the real thing
  8. 8. Alibaba’s gamified $30b day
  9. 9. The world’s largest sports event
  10. 10. Reliance’s “free” Jio phone in India
  11. 11. Glossier’s C2C beauty model
  12. 12. Maersk’s blockchain logistics
  13. 13. 3D printed homes for $4000
  14. 14. Xiaomi, the new Apple 1250km/hr intercity trains
  15. 15. Anything is possible
  16. 16. The future isn’t like it used to be © Peter Fisk 2019 FUTUREHISTORY Unpredictable Predictable Stability Efficiency Optimisation Agility Innovation Experimentation
  17. 17. Ideas world
  18. 18. A world of relentless change GLOBAL MEGATRENDS 2019
  20. 20. A world of relentless change
  21. 21. A world of relentless change
  22. 22. A world of relentless change
  23. 23. A world of relentless change
  24. 24. Meituan Dianping
  25. 25. A world of relentless change
  26. 26. Alibaba … from B2B … to B2C … to C2C
  27. 27. Rise of the $1 billion “unicorns” …
  28. 28. … 392 “unicorns” disrupting every sector
  29. 29. Bytedance … the world’s largest “unicorn”
  30. 30. Bytedance … the world’s largest “unicorn”
  31. 31. A world of relentless change
  32. 32. East Small West Big ProfitVolume
  33. 33. Consumer Pull Individual Business Push Average
  34. 34. ImaginationCapability NetworksChains ExponentialImprovement
  35. 35. Exponential growth
  36. 36. Fingernail Notebook Hand House Earth 3folds Thickness of folder paper 7 folds 10 folds 17 folds 30 folds What does “exponential” really mean?
  37. 37. Example: $145bn disruption to financial servicesWhat does the mean for education? +genius A world of relentless change
  38. 38. A world of limitless opportunity
  39. 39. Ideas that spread
  40. 40. Ideas that spread + Networks that multiply
  41. 41. The future can be anything you want it to be
  42. 42. Disrupt or be Disrupted Innovative Futures
  43. 43. Time to think differently
  44. 44. es 1. 23 & Me 2. Aravind 3. CVS Health 4. Editas 5. Intuitive Surgical 6. Narayana Hosp 7. OneOme 8. Organova 9. PatientsLikeMe 10. Second Sight 1. Amazon 2. Aussie Farmers 3. Casper 4. Etsy 5. Glossier 6. Positive Luxury 7. Rapha 8. Supreme 9. Trader Joe’s 10. Warby Parker 1. Apple 2. Beauty’in 3. DJI 4. Go Pro 5. Lego 6. Method 7. Natura 8. Nike+ 9. Oculus Rift 10. Renova 1. Alibaba 2. ARM 3. Darktrace 4. Google X 5. Huawei 6. Magic Leap 7. Raspberry Pi 8. Reliance Jio 9. Samsung 10. Tencent 1. Aeromobil 2. Air Asia 3. Airbnb 4. Emirates 5. HyperloopOne 6. Kulula 7. Ofo 8. RedBus 9. Uber 10. Zipcars 1. 3DHubs 2. Aerofarms 3. Braskem 4. Corning 5. Dyson 6. Local Motors 7. Space X 8. Syngenta 9. Tata 10. Tesla 1. Ava Winery 2. Brewdog 3. GrameenDanone 4. Graze 5. HelloFresh 6. Juan Valdez 7. LA Organic 8. Moa Beer 9. Nespresso 10. Zespri 1. 1Atelier 2. Agua Bendita 3. Fenty Beauty 4. Jonny Cupcake 5. Patagonia 6. RentTheRunway 7. Shang Xia 8. Stitch Fix 9. Threadless 10. Tom’s 1. Aspiration 2. Comm Bank 3. Fidor 4. First National 5. Moven 6. M-Pesa 7. Square 8. Umpqau 9. Zidisha 10. Zhong An 1. Buzzfeed 2. ByteDance 3. FanDual 4. Dalian Wanda 5. Live Nation 6. Netflix 7. Red Bull 8. Udacity 9. Ushahida 10. ViceMedia futureproduct futurefashion futurefood futurehealth futuretech futuremakersfuturebank futuretravel T h e p N/S American brands European brands African/Arab brands Asia/Pacific brands futuremedia 1. Ashoka 2. IBM Watson 3. IDEO 4. Janicki BioEnergy 5. Kickstarter 6. Li & Fung 7. Planetary Resrcs 8. Scanadu 9. VIPKid 10. WeWork 1. Bitcoin 2. City FC 3. Collectivity 4. e-Estonia 5. ParkRun 6. Patreon 7. PewDiePie 8. Social Capital 9. The Muse 10. You futureservice futurebrands © Peter Fisk 2018 futurestore
  45. 45. Hyperloop JioPhone H&M Amazon Change Why Speed
  46. 46. Li and Fung Tencent Alibaba 3DHubs networked
  47. 47. DeepMind Fidor Bank Netflix Intuitive Surgical intelligent
  48. 48. Airbnb Nike+ Lego Glossier collaborative
  49. 49. audacious Google X Red Bull Syngenta Nike
  50. 50. +genius Futureback Now forward What is the future we want to create? 2025 Redefine how to move forwards 2020 © Peter Fisk 2018 Start from the future back1
  51. 51. +genius
  52. 52. 5 Year Vision “Future Back” Growth Roadmap
  53. 53. 3 Year 5 Year Vision Vision “Future Back” Growth Roadmap
  54. 54. 3 Year 5 Year Vision Vision Vision “Future Back” Growth Roadmap 1 Year
  55. 55. 3 Year 5 Year VisionActivity VisionActivity VisionActivity “Future Back” Growth Roadmap 1 Year
  56. 56. 3 Year 5 Year VisionActivityResult VisionActivityResult VisionActivityResult “Future Back” Growth Roadmap 1 Year
  57. 57. Innovate from the “outside in” © Peter Fisk 2018 2 CustomerBusiness
  58. 58. … aligning people, to accelerate the future together Have a growth mindset3
  59. 59. +genius © Peter Fisk 2018 Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset
  60. 60. Eliud Kipchoge
  61. 61. Leading Change Disrupt or be Disrupted Innovative Futures
  62. 62. 20th v 21st Century Business © Peter Fisk 2019 Today Future Corporates Ecosystems Optimisation Innovation Physical Digital Hierarchies Networked Experts Integrators Functions Projects Analytical Intuitive Shareholders Society Profit Progress
  63. 63. © Peter Fisk 2019 21st Century Business
  64. 64. 21st Century Business
  65. 65. © Peter Fisk 2019 Consumer Consumer Consumer ConsumerBusiness Business Business Business Platform business models
  66. 66. Platform business models
  67. 67. ARM
  68. 68. DNAofthe21stCenturyBusiness The 21st Century Business is enlightened and energised by a changing world. It harnesses the power of human ingenuity and intelligent technologies to be a force for progress in society, creating and sharing value amongst all participants. DNAofthe21stCenturyBusiness
  69. 69. What is leadership style? How does it engage talent? How does it set direction and priorities? What is the culture of the business? What is the market approach? What is the organisation structure? How does it innovate and progress? What is the impact which results? DNAofthe21stCenturyBusiness © Peter Fisk 2019 How does it operate and deliver? DNAofthe21stCenturyBusiness
  71. 71. • Future shaping • Embracing ambiguity • Integrating people • Driving change • Amplifying potential INSPIRING LEADERSHIP • Diverse teaming • Project clusters • Dynamic resourcing • Continual learning • Augmenting humanity CREATIVE TALENT • Meaningful purpose • Focused relevance • Leveraged assets • Self-tuning adaption • Evolving portfolio DYNAMIC STRATEGY • Growth mindset • Energising spirit • Collective momentum • Transparent and ethical • Continuous learning PROGRESSIVE CULTURE • Customer sensing • Moonshot thinking • Market multipliers • Experiential brands • Communally engaging MARKET MAKING • Network structure • Butterfly centred • Intelligent automation • Positive sustainability • Smart ecosystem AGILE ORGANISATION • Deep insight • Intuitive design • Technology enabled • Fast experimentation • Adapt and scale RELENTLESS INNOVATION • Customer enabling • Growth accelerating • Society enhancing • Personally fulfilling • Future sustaining EXPONENTIAL IMPACT DNAofthe21stCenturyBusiness © Peter Fisk 2019 • Aligned delivery • Efficient processes • Fast and precise • Collaborative working • Metrics and rewards SEAMLESS ACTION DNAofthe21stCenturyBusiness
  72. 72. Zhang Xin
  73. 73. Mikkel Bjergso
  74. 74. Tan Le
  75. 75. How to lead change? • Change is relentless • Change is driven from the outside • Change is complex and painful • Change is transforming and evolving
  76. 76. Curious Intuitive Creative Collaborative Empathetic Responsible Courageous
  77. 77. How can you create a better future?
  78. 78. © Peter Fisk 2019 The 7 Codes
  79. 79. Aurora is the Latin word for dawn, originating from the ancient Roman goddess of the dawn. In meteorology it describes the luminous bands that occasionally form in the upper atmosphere when charged solar particles align with the Earth’s magnetic field. © Peter Fisk 2019 Code 1 : Aurora … rise up to create a better future
  80. 80. © Peter Fisk 2019 Masayoshi Son … the Softbank founder and CEO with a 30 year plan, and a $100 billion to invest in technology Emily Weiss … the Teen Vogue journalist who started a blog which became Glossier, the disruptor of beauty Code 1 : Aurora … rise up to create a better future
  81. 81. Code 1 : Aurora … rise up to create a better future © Peter Fisk 2019 10x better What’s your moonshot? 10% better
  82. 82. © Peter Fisk 2019 The 7 Codes
  83. 83. The Japanese term komorebi has no translation into English but describes the effect of sunlight streaming through the leaves of the trees. Looking up to the midday sun can be blinding, yet from other perspectives the effect becomes beautiful and inspiring. © Peter Fisk 2019 Code 2 : Komorebi … rise up to see new opportunities
  84. 84. © Peter Fisk 2019 Anne Wojcicki … the investment analyst who created 23andMe to decode DNA and personalize healthcare Wang Zing … having failed to imitate Facebook, he created Meitung Dianping, the world’s most innovative company Code 2 : Komorebi … rise up to see new opportunities
  85. 85. © Peter Fisk 2019 TodayPast Future Code 2 : Komorebi … rise up to see new opportunities
  86. 86. © Peter Fisk 2019 The 7 Codes
  87. 87. Code 3: Transcendent … rise up to find more purpose Transcendent comes from the medieval Latin word transcendentia. It means to go beyond ordinary limits, surpassing and exceeding the normal, and once there to experience an unusually heightened level of perspective and purpose. © Peter Fisk 2019
  88. 88. © Peter Fisk 2019 Larry Fink … the BlackRock CEO who told his clients that he would only invest in them if they had a real purpose Yves Chouinard … Patagonia’s founder who turned theclothing brand into a movement to save the world Code 3: Transcendent … rise up to find more purpose
  89. 89. Why © Peter Fisk 2019 How Code 3: Transcendent … rise up to find more purpose
  90. 90. © Peter Fisk 2019 The 7 Codes
  91. 91. Code 4:Ingenuity … rise up to innovate with humanity Ingenuity is the quality of being clever, original, and inventive. Popular in the 1800s, and less so today, it also has a sense of nobility, of ingeniousness. It comes the French ingenieux or Latin ingenium referring to the mind or intellect. © Peter Fisk 2019
  92. 92. © Peter Fisk 2019© Peter Fisk 2019 David Kelley … the IDEO and Stanford founderwho created design thinking and human-centred design Devi Shetty … the Indian surgeon who revolutionised Indian healthcare, with low cost access for everyone Code 4:Ingenuity … rise up to innovate with humanity
  93. 93. © Peter Fisk 2019 Solve bigger problems Make life better Innovatively use technology Code 4:Ingenuity … rise up to innovate with humanity
  94. 94. © Peter Fisk 2019 The 7 Codes
  95. 95. Code 5: Syzygy … rise up to transform your business Syzygy has its origins in the Greek word suzugia, meaning yoked or paired, and became popular in 18th century Latin and English. More generally is means a conjunction or alignment. Synergy is a more modern word derived from it. © Peter Fisk 2019
  96. 96. © Peter Fisk 2019© Peter Fisk 2019 Mary Barra … the GM fitter who became the CEO, and transformed the business for a different future Jeff Bezos … 25 years of relentless experimentation,innovation and transformation of Amazon Code 5: Syzygy … rise up to transform your business
  97. 97. © Peter Fisk 2019 Code 5: Syzygy … rise up to transform your business
  98. 98. © Peter Fisk 2019 Today Business Future Business Code 5: Syzygy … rise up to transform your business
  99. 99. © Peter Fisk 2019 The 7 Codes
  100. 100. Code 6: Ubuntu … rise up to achieve more together Ubuntu comes from Xhosa and Zulu languages, referring to the essential human virtues, compassion and humanity. It was a favourite word of South Africa’s Nelson Mandela who reminding people of the power of togetherness, how together we can achieve more. © Peter Fisk 2019
  101. 101. © Peter Fisk 2019© Peter Fisk 2019 Piyush Gupta … CEO who transformed Singapore’s DBS to be “invisible” and become the world’s best bank Zhang Ruimin … Haier’s CEO who rebuilt the white goods business as 10,000 “Rendanheyi” micro businesses Code 6: Ubuntu … rise up to achieve more together
  102. 102. © Peter Fisk 2019 Code 6: Ubuntu … rise up to achieve more together
  103. 103. © Peter Fisk 2019 The 7 Codes
  104. 104. Code 7: Awestruck … rise up to be a better leader Awestruck means to be filled with awe and revealing it to others. Awe has its origins in Viking culture, and meant both fear and wonder. It is about being moved, inspired and driven by something so great and impressive that few have the courage to approach. © Peter Fisk 2019
  105. 105. © Peter Fisk 2019© Peter Fisk 2019 Pablo Isla … the world’s number 1 CEO who describes himself as a humble coordinator of Inditex Tadashi Yanai … the Uniqlo founder who believes in the limitless possibilities of human potential Code 7: Awestruck … rise up to be a better leader
  106. 106. © Peter Fisk 2019 Code 7: Awestruck … rise up to be a better leader
  107. 107. © Peter Fisk 2019 The 7 Codes
  108. 108. © Peter Fisk 2019 • Aurora … Create the future, like Masayoshi Son and Emily Weiss • Komorebi … Seize the best opportunities, like Anne Wojcicki and Wang Xing • Transcendence … Find more purpose, like Larry Fink and Yves Chouinard • Ingenuity … Innovate with humanity, like Devi Shetty and David Kelley • Syzygy … Transform your business, like Mary Barra and Jeff Bezos • Ubuntu … Achieve more together like Piyush Gupta and Zhang Ruimin • Awestruck … Be a better leader, like Pablo Isla and Tadashi Yanai The 7 Codes
  109. 109. Do you have the courage to create a better future?
  110. 110. Acting with speed and agility Connecting ideas and people Passion to make life better Having an audacious attitude Shaping your own vision Making sense of change Persisting to make it happen © Peter Fisk 2018
  111. 111. Be bold Be brave Be brilliant
  112. 112. 120 Winning in an incredible new world Peter Fisk helps business leaders makesenseof afast-changing world, tofind thebest newopportunities for growth, toembracethebest newideas throughinsight and creativity, torethinktheirentirevisionand strategy, business model and customer experience. Being 10% better is just enoughtocompeteintoday’s world, tostand still. Thereal questionis howtobe10times better, toget ahead, tostandout, tobe theleader whohelps thebusiness createand deliver futuresuccess. Peter works across theworld, helping business leaders todevelop innovativestrategies for business and brands. Heis athinker, advisor and practical entrepreneur. Heis Professor of Strategy, Innovationand Marketing at IE Business School, oneof theworld’s top ranked business schools, whilst alsofounder and CEOof GeniusWorks, aboutiqueconsulting firm, helping clients across every sector tomakesenseof fast- changing markets, and find newways tothink, competeand win. Having trained as anuclear physicist, Peter moved tomanaging brands likeConcordeat BritishAirways, helping Microsoft toadopt avalue- based marketing model, and Virgintolaunchintonewmarkets. As ahighly experienced consultant hehas worked inevery sector and regionof theworld. As CEOof theworld’s largest marketing organisation, theChartered Instituteof Marketing, hebecameaglobal authority onwhat’s best and next inbusiness and markets. Finding his ownspace, hefounded GeniusWorks, withoffices inLondonand Istanbul. Heworks withcompanies big and small, food tofashion, skincaretostockexchanges, hightechtohuman –and organisations as diverseas Aeroflot and BanyanTree, Cartier toCoty, CocaColaand Club Med, Cooperativeand Courvoisier, Davidoff and DSM, Eczacibasi and Fat Face, Fosters and GSK, Hershey’s and Mars, M&Sand Nestle, Microsoft and O2, Phillips and Philosophy, Red Bull andSavola, Santander and Skanska, Shell and Tata, Teliaand Turkcell, Unilever and UAE Government , Virginand Visa, Vodafoneand Yapi Kredi –tothinkbigger andsmarter, develop innovativestrategies, bolder brands, and accelerategrowth. Peter’s newbook“Gamechangers: Areyouready tochangetheworld?” explores thenext generationof business andbrands, shaking up markets, innovating and winning innewways. Based on100global casestudies, it explores thechallenges of newmarkets, changing customers, brand building, newbusiness models, real-timemarketing, harnessing social media, inspiring leadership and positive impact. It has beennominated for Management Bookof theYear. His other books include“Marketing Genius” explores theleft and right-brainchallenges of success, and is translated into35languages. It was followed by fiveothers –“Business Genius” onleadership and strategy, “Customer Genius” onbuilding acustomer-centric business, “PeoplePlanet Profit” onsustainableinnovation, and“CreativeGenius”, theinnovationhandbookfor business leaders, defining what it takes to beLeonardodaVinci inthe21st Century. Peter features intheGuruRadar of Thinkers50, and was described by Business Strategy Journal as “oneof thebest newbusiness thinkers”. His adviceis sought after by business leaders around theworld, headds specialist expertisetokey projects, combining newideas withpractical action, inspirationand impact. Helping youtofind your ownspace, tobeleaders of change–tobebold, braveandbrilliant. Email:
  113. 113. @geniusworks
  114. 114. Global Advanced Management Program
  115. 115. Exploring Innovating Collaborating Adapting Growing New Context New Leaders Global Advanced Management Program
  116. 116. Exploring Innovating Collaborating Adapting Growing New Context New Leaders Global Technology Change Speed Complexity Global Advanced Management Program
  117. 117. Exploring Innovating Collaborating Adapting Growing New Context New Leaders Global Technology Change Speed Complexity Authentic Entrepreneurial Curious Relational Resilient Global Advanced Management Program
  118. 118. Amplified Leadership World Changing Market Shaping Disruptive Innovation Energising Organisations Exploring Innovating Collaborating Adapting Growing New Context New Leaders Global Technology Change Speed Complexity Authentic Entrepreneurial Curious Relational Resilient Global Advanced Management Program
  119. 119. Amplified Leadership World Changing Market Shaping Disruptive Innovation Energising Organisations Exploring Innovating Collaborating Adapting Growing New Context New Leaders Global Technology Change Speed Complexity Authentic Entrepreneurial Curious Relational Resilient Transforming your personal and business impact Global Advanced Management Program
  120. 120. Module 1 World Changing Module 2 Market Shaping Module 3 Disruptive Innovation Module 4 Energising Organisations Module 5 Amplified Leadership Gamechangers Project Fast, stretching, interactive, transformational executive development Leadership Development Plan Leadership Fitness Program Global Advanced Management Program
  121. 121. WORLD CHANGING
  122. 122. FUTURE LEADERS Peter Fisk Academic Director, Global AMP • Power shifts: Megatrends and change drivers. Economic, political and economic power shifts across continents, generations and businesses. • Technology futures: Harnessing the potential of new capabilities, from digital and big data, biotech and nanotech, to AI and robotics. • Resource scarcity: Changing sources of energy, the peak of rare metals, talent and creativity, high-tech components and patented technologies. • Human impacts: Rethinking work, education and employment, ageing and healthcare, urbanization and belonging, wealth and happiness. • Future shaping: Making sense of change, and making better choices. Harnessing value drivers and scenario planning to shape the future that you want.
  123. 123. MARKET SHAPING
  124. 124. • Market spaces: How well do you really know your market? Framing markets and how they work, value drivers and emerging practices, challenges and opportunities. • Future markets: Finding and creating new market spaces, based on new customers, new geographies and new solutions. • Customer thinking: Understanding new and existing customers based on aspirations and behaviours, finding new insights and ideas, new needs and niches. • Engaging propositions: Rethinking value, how it created and captured, and then delivered in terms of engagement and experiences. • Markets as movements: Rethinking how to build brands and loyalty where customers trust each other, and seek personalisation, collaboration and community
  126. 126. • Market Disruption: Transforming value equations by rethinking the way markets work, the sources of advantage, pain points and profit pools. • Design thinking: Gaining deeper insights into what really drives customers, to find the real problem, and solutions that are more relevant and valuable. • Fast Innovation: Turning ideas into impact faster through fast and lean innovation, from incremental to breakthough, managing portfolios to create the future • Business models: Rethinking how organisations work to deliver innovative propositions, from licensing to subscription, low cost to luxury. • Accelerating impact: The power of multipliers, the network effect of social media to business ecosystems, spreading innovation faster, accelerating growth.
  128. 128. • Winning strategy: Defining the right direction and priorities, guided by an inspiring purpose, and harnessing the drivers of value. • Smarter choices: Making better decisions, strategically and every day, matched by the right metrics and rewards that ensure performance. • Aligning organisations: Shaping organisations and processes to be agile and efficient, leveraging strengths and addressing weakness, inside and outside. • Energising people: Mobilising your employees to think and deliver the strategy in innovative and profitable ways, harnessing the power of teams and humanity. • Sustaining impact: Ensuring that the organization has the ongoing renewal and adaptability to deliver share value, short term and into the future.
  130. 130. • Leadership matters: Business is obsessed with leadership, but how do leaders really add value, engage people effectively, and deliver better results? • Knowledge economy: Organisational hierarchies are a legacy of old economies. In today’s ideas-based organisations, leaders add value in different ways. • Authentic organisations: From corporate to personal reputations, how do you build trust and authenticity inside and outside the business? • Talent beacons: In an ideas-driven world, the best companies have the best people. So how do you ensure that you attract, motivate and retain the best talent? • Why should anyone be led by you? Fundamentally, why should you be the leader of the business. What do you have, and what will you give, to be successful?