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Keynote Speaking by Peter Fisk: Summary of Topics and Formats 2013-14


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Peter Fisk is an inspiring keynote speaker, bestselling author and expert consultant on business and brand strategies, innovation and marketing. Email

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Keynote Speaking by Peter Fisk: Summary of Topics and Formats 2013-14

  1. 1. +genius Peter Fisk : Keynote speaker +genius
  2. 2. +genius Keynote speaking by Peter Fisk Examples of keynote speeches, seminars and workshops by Peter Fisk which can be shaped and customised to specific topics, sectors, formats and duration. Peter Fisk is a strategic business and brand, marketing and innovation expert, a best-selling business author, and advisor to business leaders worldwide. Business Strategy Review described him as “one of the best new business thinkers.” As an inspiring keynote speaker he combines new ideas and insights with practical strategies and action, learning from across the world but applied to your specific market and opportunities. He helps you make sense of the “kaleidoscope” of change, to see things differently, and do different things. With 25 years of experience, recent clients range from Aeroflot and Coca Cola, to GSK and Microsoft¸ Red Bull and Tata Steel, Time Warner and Turkcell, Vodafone and Virgin . Peter combines left and right-brain thinking, developed initially as a nuclear physicist, then in the supersonic world of Concorde and other brands. As a business consultant he has since worked with over 250 companies in every part of the world, led two specialist agencies, and was also the CEO of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the world’s largest marketing organisation. He now leads the GeniusWorks, a boutique consulting firm, working collaboratively with business teams to turn their best insights and ideas into innovations with faster impact. BrandLab is about building smarter brands that make the world better. InnoLab is a process for creating better ideas that clever innovation. FastFutures helps leadership teams think bigger and bolder, to develop new strategies. Peter has written six books, in more than 35 languages, including Marketing Genius, People Planet Profit and Creative Genius. His next book Gamechangers: Next Generation Brands and Business Strategies includes 120 new case studies from around the world, and is out in April 2014. Find out more about Peter, watch videos, read his blog and articles at Explore the new book, the 120 case studies, and download extracts at +genius
  3. 3. +genius Inspiring ideas … topics and themes Futures Gamechangers … Are you ready to change the world? The Zigzag Zeitgeist … Making sense of complex, fast changing markets. Strategy Market Makers … Going to where the future is, creating and shaping markets in your own vision. Winning in the Kaleidoscope … Focusing on the best opportunities for innovation and growth Customers Asia, Gen Y and the So-Lo-Mo … Young or old, female or Asian, what matters most to people. The New Customer Agenda … The new trends and priorities shaping today and tomorrow. Marketing Real-time marketing … Engaging people with on-demand, fast and digital marketing Einstein Picasso … Intelligence and imagination, a new manifesto for marketing and marketers Innovation Apple Magic … Innovating by applying the best (and not the worst) of Steve Jobs and team Creative Genius … Learning from Leonardo da Vinci to create the future before anybody else. Leadership Innovative Leaders … Amplifying potential as a catalyst, collaborator and coach 9.58 Peak Performance … The SPARC that enables leaders to deliver incredible results. +genius
  4. 4. +genius GAMECHANGERS … NEW book launched in 2014 Peter’s exciting new book “Gamechangers” about next generation brands and business strategies including 120 innovative case studies will be launched in 2014. We are looking to give exclusive rights to one event/organiser to be the launch partner in each country. This can include events, workshops, discounted books, and a social media co-created ranking of the best local gamechangers in each market. “Gamechangers” are the next generation of brands and businesses, shaking up markets by playing a different game. They think bigger and different, to seize the opportunities of change and make sense of ambiguity, to redefine markets in their own vision, and engage audiences in more relevant and inspiring ways. They win through ambition and innovation rather than legacy and scale, out-thinking the competition, focusing on the growth markets, and embracing technology in more human ways. With purpose and passion, they design and create, connect and collaborate, enable and enrich. They embrace the power of brands and networks to build markets as movements, business models that are sustainable and profitable, making a positive difference to people’s lives. The book explores the next generation of brands who are rapidly and radically shaking up every market. It learns from over 100 businesses, from every part of the world - Alibaba to Azuri, Zespri to Zidisha; banking to shopping, education to entertainment. From these insights we define how you can win by playing a different game. How to think smarter and act faster, embracing the new tricks of business – from emerging markets to new business models, design thinking and crowdsourcing, social media and sustainability – challenging the rules, redefining expectations. The impact is exponential, in both local and global markets. The challenges are different, but every business, large or small, east or west, can be a winner in this new world, if they learn to play a different game. “Gamechangers” is for business leaders, innovators and marketers, who seek new insights and inspiration to win in a dramatically different world. The book stimulates and stretches, exploring how these new brands dream and disrupt, and concludes with five practical labs with tools to help you apply the best ideas to your business, and become a gamechanger too. The book is complemented by a range of additional insights and regular updates, practical tools and process, inspiring events and consulting support which can be found at: +genius
  5. 5. +genius PRACTICAL ACTIONS … formats and outputs Keynotes Customised keynotes … typically 45-90 minutes, for your specific theme and audience Inspiring and practical … fusing high energy and ideas with practical application Examples: 10 years of experience as keynote speaker, all sectors, all cultures Workshops Practical workshops … customised and interactive teamwork, can be 90 mins to 2 days Stand alone, or following keynote, focusing on practical action, with tools and workbooks Example: “Raving Fans” workshop for top 100 managers of Apotex, Canadian pharma The Big Talk Building thought leadership … Keynote + Workshop + White Paper … with multiple audiences Exploring key issues, using event to engage audiences, generate insights and outputs Example: “Future of Travel” for Europe’s leading travel agents with Sabre Executive programs 1-2 day masterclass … complete in-house or open event, for exec teams to innovators 3-5 day retreats … CXO “top teams” programs to build teams and develop new strategies Example: “The Complete CEO” 3 day for business leaders in Middle East, IdeazFactory Conference host Chairing major conferences, or hosting in-house events … from design to delivery Kicking of them off, sustaining energy and theme, making connections, interviewing etc. Example: Chair of European Marketing Summit and HR Summit over last 10 years, 2500 people +genius
  6. 6. +genius Case studies … examples of recent events Sabre “Gamechangers of Business Travel”, Venice, October 2013 Each year Sabre brings Europe’s leading travel industry CEOs together for three days. This year they wanted something different. To introduce more stretching ideas, create more collaborative working, and sustain the relationship into an ongoing thought leadership program. Peter’s “Big Talk” process combines new research, keynote, co-creation workshops and delivers new white papers. The event explored why and how the travel industry must “change it’s game”, learning from different markets, engaging agency leaders in a fast, high-energy innovation process, and delivering “Il Manifesto di Venezia”. Time Warner “Innovative Leaders”, Hong Kong, June 2013 In USA and Europe, Time Warner is a leader and innovator, but in Asia Pacific, where markets are growing fastest, they are much smaller. They lack direct access to consumers, or control of media channels. He CEO wants them to be gamechangers, but this requires new attitudes and culture. Peter’s keynote set out the opportunity and challenge of being a gamechanger, and followed with a 90 minute workshop focused how leaders can move from hierarchical boss to his “4D leadership model”, with personal diagnostics, group discussion and action plans for how to start the journey of change. Apotex “Raving Fans”, Key Largo, Florida, April 2013 Canada’s leading generics pharma business was trapped in a downwards price spiral, under pressure from low-cost Asian suppliers and discount retail brands. After reading Ken Blanchard’s historic book about turning your customers into “Raving Fans”, Apotex’s CEO wanted to think differently about how to develop relationships and innovations that create new levels of partnership and mutual growth. Peter worked with the global SVP to create a keynote and workshop experience for all senior managers that would change mindsets and drive practical new action plans. The high energy two-day workshop followed an initial keynote creating a vision for change. Eczacibasi “Gamechangers: Are you ready to change the world?” Istanbul, December 2012 Peter has worked with Turkey’s leading conglomerate for the last 10 years, in businesses ranging from bathrooms to cosmetics, construction to retail, and has coached or consulted with over 250 managers. This year’s management and client innovation forum needed a new twist. Peter worked with the founders, a family of Turkish pharmacists, to create a story of Gamechangers – how they started over 100 years ago, and what they need to do again. The keynote included value-based analysis of the impact of innovation on profitability, exciting new case studies, finishing with the audience dancing to Kiss’s “Crazy crazy nights.” “Apple Magic: Think Different like Steve Jobs”, London Business Forum, February 2013 Much has been written about Steve Jobs, about his leadership style as well as his innovative success. But few have really taken those concepts, both good and bad parts, codified them in a way that can be applied to your own business. Finding a balance between being an impossible maverick and an effective leader, ignoring and inspiring consumers at the same time, rebounding from failure to start again and do better, being a big picture visionary with an obsession for detail, applying the aesthetic world of Zen and other cultures to emerging technologies, being the ultimate showman, and dealing with death. Peter’s one day immersion in the world of Jobs, delivered inspired to think different, and an action plan to get started. GSK North America “The Future of Pharma”, Toronto, July 2012 Healthcare is being transformed by technology and business models. “Pharma 2.0” creates a blueprint for working differently. However leaders needed to engage in this vision, understand how they need to lead and act differently, and the innovations that will shape future success. Over two days, Peter stretched and supported GSK’s top 100 executives, through a process that used diagnostics and new research, exploring their future business opportunities, and also their role and behaviours as business leaders. The outcome was then written up and enhanced by Peter as a “blueprint” and circulated to all participants. +genius
  7. 7. +genius “Godfather v Gamechanger” with Philip Kotler, Cairo, July 2012 The Egyptian event organisers wanted to combine the “old and new” worlds of marketing, learning from both Kotler, the 80 year old sage of marketing, and Peter’s new and often conflicting ideas. Peter worked with the organisers to develop the theme and format for the event, finding ways for both speakers to look good, but also to highlight the differences in approach. Through a series of “contests” on specific themes, both speakers explored what they believed matters most today, and then explored the differences. The 2500 audience then voted for what they were most convinced by. The result was (officially) a tie! “Pilot Fish” for Sampo Bank Leaders Forum, Tallinn, January 2012 The bank wanted to offer its 500 business clients a more strategic experience, offering them new approaches to business, to help them emerge from the economic crisis. Peter worked with the organisers to create a complete theme and format for the one-day event based on “pilot fish” – the small fish who swim with the sharks, supporting and protected by them wherever they go. Like Intel or Goretex. Peter’s keynote, interviews with local innovators, and workshop explored how Estonian businesses could adapt a pilot fish strategy too. The concept and format is now available as an integrated solution for other events. “An Audience with Richard Branson”, London, June 2011 Peter had the task of interviewing the Virgin entrepreneur over three hours with an audience of 3500 business leaders. Whilst taking the audience through the more usual topics, Peter also added devices to create variety and gain new insights. These included a brand quiz (in which Branson did terribly!), quickfire questions (new insights!), audience participation, and a surprise guest appearance by his parents. Richard also added humour by taking phone calls whilst on stage. Peter then wrote up the interview and added background information into an article which was syndicated in business magazines worldwide. Visa “Future Bank” Executive Forums, European Tour, 2010-2012 Peter used his “Big Talk” approach to help Visa create a narrative with the leaders of bank across Europe. Driven by initial research, Peter developed a provocative keynote which was followed by an audience workshop, facilitated by Peter, in which together the event shaped a “manifesto” of ideas. This was written up as a paper, carried forward to the next event (different locations across Europe), where the audience built on the existing ideas. It also included staff and experts. In this way, each event is topical and interactive, whilst Visa builds a co-created narrative across all its stakeholders. Customer Genius Live, Institute of Management, Singapore, July 2010 Each of Peter’s books contains a wealth of concepts, case studies from around the world, processes and toolkits. These can easily be turned into a two day “live” masterclass event. The content is reformatted into practical sessions supported by a workbook, and additional resources provided on a “Genius Stick” for application back at work. Over the two days, participants build up a strategy and action plan relevant to their own business and objectives. Peter has used this for Marketing Genius, Customer Genius and Creative Genius, with workshops ranging from 30 people in the Baltics, to 300 in Singapore. European Marketing Summit, European HR Summit, Istanbul, 2002-2013 Peter has chaired both of these events, on behalf of organisers MCT for the last 10 years. They are the largest events of their kind, both attracting around 2500 delegates. Peter works with the event organiser and advisory committee throughout the year to design the theme, and to find the best speakers, to shape their content and participation into a rich, integrated two-day experience. His innovative formats include creating a “live” TV studio on stage, and hosting the two days like a 48 hour media channel. He also brings in art and music, connecting them with business issues and ideas. He interviews business leaders, connects the ideas of gurus, ensures energy and focus, and puts the audience centre stage. Additionally Peter has delivered hundreds of keynote speeches at conference and open events. Every event is customised in content and format. See more at +genius
  8. 8. +genius Recent Clients by sector Consumer goods and retail o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o BAT … “Future of Brands” expert seminars on global leadership program, worldwide Coca-Cola … “Think different” keynote speaker and executive workshop, Atlanta, Singapore Diageo … “Live marketing” keynote speaker and agency workshop, Istanbul Eczacibasi … “Market Accelerator” exec development, “Gamechangers” innovation keynote Fosters … launching VB beer into Europe market, consulting project, London Hershey’s … “9.58 Peak Performance” keynote and distributor workshop, Beirut Henkel … “Innovate like Leonardo Da Vinci” keynote speaker, Dusseldorf JTI … “Innovative Leaders” keynote and workshop, Montenegro M&S Food … business strategy and product innovation, consulting project, London M&S Home … business strategy for homeware business, consulting project, London Nestle … “Future trends and collaborative innovation” keynote speaker, Geneva Pinar … brand strategy and portfolio optimisation, consulting project, Izmir Red Bull … creativity and innovation workshops, consulting projects, Budapest, Vienna Savola … brand strategy and product innovation, consulting project, Cairo and Dubai Turkcell … consumer retail strategy and innovation, consulting project, Istanbul World Retail Forum … “New Consumer Agenda” keynote and executive workshop, Rome Financial services o o o o o o o o o o o Akbank … “Marketing Genius” keynote for corporate clients, Antalya Barclays … marketing strategy and global organisation, consulting project, London BNP Paribas … “Future Bank” keynote, conference chair and B2B co-creation workshop Cooperative Bank … marketing strategy and innovation, consulting project, Manchester HSBC First Direct … “Customer Genius, keynote and workshop, Birmingham Sampo Bank … “Pilot Fish Lab” keynote and one-day experience for B2B clients, Tallinn Swedbank … “Gamechangers” innovation keynote and co-creation workshop, Riga VirginMoney … brand strategy and new market entry, consulting project, London Visa Europe … “Future Bank” keynotes at client forums, London, Madrid, Stockholm Visa Global … London 2012 Olympics sponsorship strategy, consulting project, London Yapi Kredi … “Future Bank” keynote and exec workshop, Istanbul Pharma, healthcare and beauty o o o o o o o o o o Apotex … “Raving Fans” keynote and executive workshop, Miami Beiersdorf … “Market Accelerator” executive development program, Hamburg Covidien … “Hotspots and Rocket Ships” keynotes, Brussels and Antalya Davidoff … brand strategy and product innovation, consulting project, Paris GSK … “The Future of Pharma” keynote and executive workshop, Toronto GSK Consumer … “Marketing Genius” keynotes, London and Berlin Oriflame … “Gamechangers” keynote and innovation strategy, Copenhagen Philosophy … brand strategy and new market entry, consulting project, New York Pfizer … new product development, consulting project, London Unipharmacia … “Innovative Business” keynote and workshop, Warsaw Technology, media and telecoms o o o o o o o o Etisalat … “Gamechangers” keynote and top team workshops, Cairo and Riyadh ITV … “Future of media”, keynote and innovation workshop, London Lattelecom … “Customers, Brands and Marketing”, keynote, Riga Microsoft … value-based marketing strategy, consulting projects, Reading O2 … customer-centric business strategy, consulting project, London Omnitel … Digital strategy, customer value propositions, consulting projects, Vilnius Philips … customer-centre business transformation, consulting project, San Francisco Saudi Telecom … “Winning Customer Experiences”, keynote and workshops, Riyadh +genius
  9. 9. +genius o o o o o T-Mobile … “Worldchanging Ideas” keynote and workshop, Budapest and Warsaw TeliaSonera Eurasia … “Customer-centric growth strategy” keynote, Almaty TimeWarner … “Innovative leaders” keynote and innovation workshop, Hong Kong Turkcell … SME market strategy and entry, consulting projects, Istanbul Vodafone … new market entry, sustainability strategy, consulting projects, Newbury Travel and hospitality o o o o o o o o o o o o Aeroflot … business and market strategy, consulting project, Moscow British Airways … brand and digital marketing strategy, consulting projects, London Cinnamon Hotels … brand and business strategy, consulting projects, Colombo Club Med … brand and business strategy, consulting project, Paris Intercontinental Hotels Group … hotel innovation, consulting project, London … marketing innovation and development, consulting, Madrid, Paris Lufthansa … partnership marketing strategy, consulting project, Frankfurt Sabre … “Gamechangers” keynote and think tank for travel agents, Venice Scottish Tourist Board … “Travel 2020” keynote and workshop, Glasgow Stockholm Tourist Board … “Future Travel” keynote and workshop, Stockholm Visit Denmark … “Future of Meetings” keynote, Copenhagen. London, Paris World Travel Market … “Future Travel” keynote, London Industrial and manufacturing o o o o o o o o o o o o Arcelik … “Brand Camp” executive transformation program, Istanbul Beko … “Future Business” keynotes at client forums, Farnborough Cytec Industries … “Innovation 2020” keynote, Paris Detica … “How to be a Creative Genius”, keynote, London DSM … brand strategy and innovation, consulting project, Amsterdam Holcim … “The Future of Marketing”, keynote and workshop, Belgrade, Novi Sad Shell … corporate brand strategy, marketing development, consulting projects, London Skanska … “Market Makers” keynote and workshops, London Tata Europe … brand strategy and communications, consulting project, London Tata Steel … brand strategy, consulting project, Amsterdam Vitra … “Market Accelerator” development program and workshops, Istanbul Volkswagen … brand communication, consulting project, Milton Keynes Business and professional services o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Arts Marketing Association … “Marketing Genius” keynote, Cardiff Assoc Independent Stores … “The Future of Marketing” keynote, Cambridge Capco … “Future of Finance” keynote and workshop, Sicily Cap Gemini … “The Future of Professional Services” keynote, Paris CEO Forum … “Left and Right Brain Thinking” keynote, Berlin Comic Relief … “Innovation with Impact” keynote speaker, London Deloitte … “Marketing 2020” keynote and workshop, London IAPCO … “Future of Meetings and Events” keynotes and workshops, Athens and Zurich Estate Agents Association … “Changing the Property Game” keynote, London European Union … “Building a Digital Europe” keynote and workshop, Krakow Self-Storage Association … “Creating the Future, Faster” keynote, Rome Foodservice Netherlands … “Think Different” keynote and workshop, Amsterdam Marketing Society … executive development program, Edinburgh, London Mindshop … “Winning in Complex Markets” keynote, London MPI … “The Future of Meetings”, keynote and workshops, Budapest and Barcelona Nielsen … “Marketing 360: The New World” keynote, Cairo Regus … brand strategy and product innovation, London Vistage … “Wining with Einstein and Picasso”, keynotes and workshops, worldwide World Lottery Association … “The Future of Marketing”, keynote, London +genius
  10. 10. +genius futures … themes for keynotes Examples themes:  Gamechangers … Are you ready to change the world?  Vision 2020 … FutureBank, FutureStore, FutureHealth, FutureTech, FutureProduct and more.  The Zigzag Zeitgeist ... Making sense of complex, fast changing markets Key issues:  What are the big shifts, patterns and trends that will define your future market?  How can you create a better future vision, that inspires and engages your people?  What would it take to change the game, to reshape your market in your vision? Typical solutions:  Strategic compass that explores the different types and directions of growth  Growth strategies to focus priorities on the best opportunities for today and tomorrow  Team building that brings top teams with a shared vision and how they will get there. Inspiring stories:  Alibaba and Air Asia, Ashmei and Azuri Tech to ZaoZao and Zappos, Zidisha and Zipcars … how can we learn from the world’s most innovative business, how they are shaking up markets by changing the game. Practical tools:  Futurescope, trend tracking, market mapping, kaleidoscope thinking, scenario development, growth compass, disruption simulator, system dynamics, gamechanging.  Peter’s new book: “Gamechangers: Next Generation Business” www.Gamechangers.Pro Recent events: o Eczacibasi … “Gamechangers. The Future of Innovation” keynote, Istanbul (2013) o GSK … “The Future of Pharma” keynote and executive workshop, Toronto (2012) o Sabre … “Gamechangers” keynote and think tank for travel agents, Venice (2013) +genius
  11. 11. +genius strategy … themes for keynotes Example themes:  Market Makers. Creating and shaping markets in your own vision.  The Future of Business. A more inspired approach to value creation.  Trend watching. The invisible trends that have changed our world. Key issues:  Power has shifted from west to east, big to small, mass to niche, business to customer  Markets are global, connected and convergent. Trust is low, transparency is high.  Success is not based on capabilities and scale, but on ideas and focus. Typical solutions:  Big Picture. How markets are rapidly changing, and what it means for your business  Value Drivers. What will create future profits, enhance profits and reduce risk?  Game Changing. How to focus on your best opportunities, creating markets in your vision. Inspiring stories:  Coca Cola and Diageo, Disney and News Corporation, GE and P&G, Linked In and Li & Fung, M&S and Wal-Mart, Vodafone and Virgin Practical tools:  Redefining purpose, market maps, business strategy, value driver analysis, portfolio management, collaborative partnerships, value-based management.  Peter’s book: “Business Genius: Inspired strategy and leadership” Recent events: o Covidien … “Hotspots and Rocket Ships” keynotes, Brussels and Antalya (2011) o Etisalat … “Gamechangers” keynote and top team workshops, Cairo and Riyadh (2012) o Sampo Bank … “Pilot Fish Lab” keynote and one-day experience for B2B clients, Tallinn (2012) +genius
  12. 12. +genius CUSTOMERS … themes for keynotes Examples themes:  Customer Genius. How to build a customer-centric business.  Designing and delivering extraordinary service and customer experiences.  The Consumer Agenda. The big trends and priorities for your customers now and next Key issues:  Declining trust, rising promiscuity. Welcome to my world, when where and how I want.  Customer insights. Exploring the changing needs, the issues and trends that matter most.  Harnessing the groundswell of customer networks, collaboration and social media. Typical solutions:  Customer insights. Deep diving for new insights that drive segmentation and propositions.  Customer experiences. Bringing brands to life through integrated and personal touchpoints  Customer loyalty. Building relationships between rather than with the best customers. Inspiring stories:  Air Asia and Avon, Banyan Tree and Build a Bear, Camper Shoes and Jimmy Choo, Progressive Insurance and Umpqua Bank, Skoda and Singapore Airlines. Practical tools:  Customer strategy, insight mapping, immersion trips, segmentation, value propositions, customer narratives, experience design, brand activation, personal service, advocacy.  Peter’s book: “Customer Genius: Customer Centric Business” Recent events: o Apotex … “Raving Fans” keynote and executive workshop, Miami (2013) o Coty Beauty … “The New Customer Agenda” keynote and trends workshop, Paris (2012) o Saudi Telecom … “Winning Customer Experiences”, keynote and workshops, Riyadh (2012) +genius
  13. 13. +genius MARKETING … themes for keynotes Examples themes:  Marketing Genius. How would Einstein and Picasso do marketing today?  “Ubuntu!” The new language of marketing in a collaborative world.  Resonance ... Real-time, on demand marketing to engage the new consumer. Key issues:  How do you stand out, change mindsets, engage people, and sell more?  Rethinking marketing in global, networked and intelligent markets  Connecting your left-brain analysis and right-brain intuition Typical solutions:  Market strategies to focus on the best market opportunities for profitable growth  Customer strategies to attract, serve and retain the best customers and communities  Brand strategies to engage customers in more relevant and compelling way Inspiring stories:  Apple and Amazon, Accenture and Visa, Crocs and Coke, Diesel and Dove, Lego and Lycra, Obama and O2, P&G and Prada, RedBull and Threadless, Zappos and Zipcars. Practical tools:  Market strategies, value disciplines, insight maps, brand blueprints, value propositions, integrated communication, social networks, gateway channels, net promoter score.  Peter’s book: “Marketing Genius: The Ultimate Book of Marketing” Recent events: o Deloitte … “Marketing 2020” keynote and workshop, London (2013) o Diageo … “Live marketing” keynote speaker and agency workshop, Istanbul (2012) o Mindshop … “Winning in Complex Markets” keynote, London (2013) +genius
  14. 14. +genius BRANDING … themes for keynotes Example themes:  Brand Genius. The Yin and Yang of Extraordinary Brands  What’s in an Apple, Orange and Blackberry? Icons, memes and storytelling.  Brand Optimisation. Managing your brand, architecture and portfolio for maximum impact Key issues:  The slow decline of Coca Cola, the rise and fall of Starbucks, and the death of brands.  Brands are about people and aspirations, but too often they still describe companies and products.  Promise and reality, engaging people in a low-trust, high-expectation, social media world. Typical solutions:  Brand strategies. What does the brand enable people to do, differently and better?  Brand communication. How do you build an image through memes and viruses?  Brand experiences. Who are your new brand ambassadors and how do you influence them? Inspiring stories:  Apple and Armani, Coca Cola and Jones Soda, Google and Guggenheim, Nike and New Zealand, Harley Davidson and Porsche, Zopa and Zara Practical tools:  Brand definition, one word equity, brand architecture, brand enablement, communication strategy, experience mapping, brand loyalty, impact footprinting, brand valuation.  Peter’s new book: “Gamechangers: Next Generation Brands” www.Gamechangers.Pro Recent events: o Arcelik … “Brand Camp” executive brand-centred transformation program, Istanbul (2011) o BAT … “Future of Brands” expert seminars on global leadership program, worldwide (2008-13) o Philosophy … brand strategy and new market entry, consulting project, New York (2012) +genius
  15. 15. +genius INNOVATION … themes for keynotes Examples themes:  Creative Genius. How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci.  Beyond the Business Model. What it takes to create winning market innovations.  Innovation with Steve Jobs. How to apply the axioms of Apple to your business. Key issues:  Rethinking innovation in a technological, collaborative and high-speed world.  Creativity that is “future back” to overcome the limitations of mindset and markets  50 innovations of the 21st Century that are currently changing our world Typical solutions:  Creativity that is fast and focused – tap the trends, do an iPod, give it away free  Design that is functional and fantastic – from business models to user experiences  Innovation that delivers results – game-changers, border-crossers and social entrepreneurs Inspiring stories:  Alessi and Boeing, Dreamworks and Dyson, Laika and Live Nation, 3M and Pixar, Samsung and Swatch, Nintendo Wii and Virgin Galactic. Practical tools:  Future radar, scenario planning, deep dives, disruptive creativity, creative fusions, accelerated innovation, product development, market entry strategies.  Peter’s book: “Creative Genius: The Innovation Handbook” Recent events o Coca-Cola … “Think different” keynote speaker and executive workshop, Singapore (2011) o Knowledge Engineers … “8 Traits of Innovation by Leonardo da Vinci” London (2012) o T-Mobile … “Worldchanging Ideas” keynote and workshop, Budapest and Warsaw (2012) +genius
  16. 16. +genius LEADERSHIP … themes for keynotes Example themes:  The New Business Leaders … From hierarchy to network, the rise of 4C Leaders  Einstein and Picasso. Leadership and Management. What’s the difference?  9.58 Peak Performance. The SPARC that enables leaders to deliver incredible results. Key issues:  What does it take to be a leader in times of turbulence and change?  Leadership is about inspiring direction. Management is about getting things done.  Don’t stand on a box and shout ... leadership styles and personal effectiveness. Typical solutions:  The Complete CEO. 5 priorities for business leaders which you cannot delegate.  7 Leadership styles, strengths and weaknesses, and understanding what’s best for you.  New Business Leaders. Being the conscience, connector, catalyst, and coach. Inspiring stories:  Jeff Immelt and Jack Ma, Vicky Wu and AJ Lafley, Sergio Marchionne and Madonna, Ratan Tata and Florentino Pérez, Richard Branson and Li Ka-Shing. Practical tools:  High Performance Leadership Framework, The 4C Leadership Model, Myers Briggs, The CEO Profiler, The Time Box, Influencing Models, Storytelling.  Peter’s book: “Business Genius: Inspired strategy and leadership” Recent events: o Hershey’s … “9.58 Peak Performance” keynote and distributor workshop, Beirut (2012) o Skanska … “Market Makers” keynote and workshops, London (2013) o TimeWarner … “Innovative leaders” keynote and innovation workshop, Hong Kong (2013) +genius
  17. 17. +genius sustainability … themes for keynotes Examples themes:  People Planet Profit ... embracing sustainability for innovation and business growth  Sustainable Innovation. Resolving the Paradox of growing and saving the world.  How to be Good (and Grow) Key issues:  Social and environmental issues are hot topics, but most business see them as compliance  How can you embrace them as your best source of innovation and profitable growth?  Moving sustainable innovation from CSR to the business mainstream. Typical solutions:  Rethinking what matters. From carbon to water, green to social, operations to innovation.  Seizing the opportunity. Brands have the power to engage people in positive change.  Enabling people to do more. Creating solutions that are good, and perform better too. Inspiring stories:  Adidas and Nike Considered, Current TV and E-cloth, Livestrong and Project RED, Kraft and Unilever, Timberland and Patagonia, Tesla and Toyota. Practical tools:  Sustainability audit, value drivers, deep dives, operational blueprints, social entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation, impact analysis, good growth roadmap.  Peter’s book: “People Planet Profit” Recent events:  London Stock Exchange … “People Planet Profit" keynote at Sustainability Forum (2010)  Milan Business Forum … “The Business of Sustainability” keynote, Milan (2010)  Vodafone … “Creating a business strategy for sustainability”, Madrid (2011) +genius
  18. 18. +genius What clients said "Peter makes you see the world, and your business in a new way ... I really like what he has to say, and the help he has given us ... Enjoy every minute of it” Mariano Dima, Senior VP Marketing and Products, Visa Europe "Thanks to Peter we now have a different view of our world. We have learnt to see our business from the outside in ... like customers do ... and with many more opportunities too" Erdal Karamcan, Group CEO, Eczacibasi Holding, Turkey "With Peter's inspiration and expert guidance, we have been able to develop a fantastic new set of propositions, solutions and experiences for our customers" Darius Maikstena, VP Marketing, Teliasonera (and Omnitel), Lithuania "Peter has been a fantastic leader of our project to develop a new vision and strategy for our brand and products. He has given us clear direction, and we now need to make it happen" Mehmet Aktas, CEO Yasar Holding (and Pinar brand), Turkey "Peter was excellent - insightful, inspiring and incredibly energetic. He made our Hershey conference very special" Peter Smit, VP International Markets, The Hersheys Company, USA "This has been an incredible day. I know Peter has made everyone of us think differently, and inspired us to start creating our future now" Cindy Roll, VP Marketing, GSK Canada "Peter's insights into the future of brands and marketing are incredible. As is everything about his seminar today - the presentation, the interaction, the music, and the energy" Svetlana Omelchenko, Head of Marketing Development, BAT “A glimpse of an exciting new world, where people and technology come together in new ways, and where there are threats and opportunities for all of us" Ann Rodven, Event Director, Visit Oslo, Norway “That was awesome. Peter engaged the audience with fantastic energy and content. He challenged our thinking, focused on our biggest issues, and left us inspired” Jeff Busch, VP Strategic Communications, Meeting Professionals International (MPI) “Peter's keynote was of his usual high standard and very interesting, but most of all his charisma undoubtedly contributed to the success of our event” Bernadette Lobjois, Secretary General, The European Lotteries Federation +genius
  19. 19. +genius “Peter was inspirational. He combined deep insight into our changing world, with practical and innovative ideas for application” Darren Marshall, Senior VP, Asia Pacific, The Coca Cola Company, Singapore “The presentation was thoughtful and provocative. An excellent bringing together of our business challenges that left our people energised and inspired” Peter Thomas, Marketing Director, Accenture “Peter provided a very inspiring and informative view of the challenge for GSK to achieve marketing excellence, and a great start to our new marketing community” Mark Russell, Head of Marketing Community, GSK “I am now inspired to use my left and right brain more actively together. I loved learning about Einstein and Picasso, and how they would address today’s business challenges” Johan Svedberg, Head of Brand Development, Ericsson, Sweden "This was superb. The content was not just game changing, but vision changing" Aziz Gilitwala, MD of Dadabhai Travel, Bahrain “Peter provided a fantastic start to the conference with his thought-provoking keynote, and continued to be an energetic chairman throughout the two day conference” Selma Celiktemur, Event Organiser, Management Centre, Turkey 'Marketers who want to recharge their left and right brains can do no better than read Marketing Genius. It's all there: concepts, tools, companies and stories of inspired marketers.' Prof. Philip Kotler, Kellogg Graduate School of Management 'A fantastic book, full of relevant learning. The mass market is dead. The consumer is boss. Imagination, intuition and inspiration reign. Geniuses wanted.' Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO Saatchi & Saatchi 'This is a truly prodigious book. Peter Fisk is experienced, urbane and creative, all the attributes one would expect from a top marketer. The case histories in this book are inspirational and Peter's writing style is engaging and very much to the point. This book deserves a special place in the substantial library of books on marketing.' Prof. Malcolm McDonald, Cranfield School of Management 'Customers, brands and marketing should sit at the heart of every business's strategy and performance today. Marketing Genius explains why this matters more than ever, and how to achieve it for business and personal success.' Prof. John Quelch, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School +genius
  20. 20. +genius onE MORE THING … Every event is unique, and Peter’s content is always customised to the issues of the audience, company or sector. It can be delivered as inspiring keynotes and seminars to make people think, practical workshops and consulting projects to develop new capabilities, and innovative formats that achieve both. Peter works across all sectors (from fashion to farming and pharm) and regions (USA to UAE, Moscow to Mumbai, Riga to Rio!) – better able to customise an event to the specific issues, sector and geographical challenges, bringing new ideas and solutions from other places. In additional to being a standard keynote speaker Peter also offers      Customised design of the theme, format and content – and the whole event if you want! Specific research into your business and market – including relevant trends and case studies. Free articles, book extracts, videos in advance to publicise event, or for delegates 50% discount on bulk purchase of all Peter’s “Genius” books, direct from publisher. Interviews with media, and time with delegates before and after the keynote And for larger events and workshops, Peter can also provide     USB “Genius” Drive with larger selection of articles, book extracts, white papers and toolkits Workbook for participants in workshops, including tools, templates and action plans Additional speaking engagements for small audiences of sponsors or VIP guests Free use of Gamechangers branding, and exclusivity of launch event in local market. Peter’s new book “Gamechangers: Next Generation Brands” will be launched in April 2014 including 120 new case studies from around the world. Find out more at For explore more about Peter, recent presentations, blog and videos, see or email +genius