Innolab: Accelerated Innovation by Peter Fisk


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Accelerated innovation process - collaborative and facilitated to develop better ideas and business innovations ... For more details contact

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Innolab: Accelerated Innovation by Peter Fisk

  1. 1. innolab TM © GeniusWorks 2012
  2. 2. innolab TM An accelerated innovation process for making the best ideas happen faster. Innolab is a unique approach for delivering innovation with more speed, collaboration and impact. It is based around creative techniques through a series of three two-day workshops with additional work before and after by participants and ourselves. The process can be used for any form of creative development - developing new strategies, products, propositions , communications, channels and more. There are three phases: • Ideas Factory ... exploring insights and ideas, exploring parallel markets and global practices, framing issues, thinking bigger and better • Design Studio .... shaping and connecting the best ideas into richer concepts and potential solutions, then evaluating the best options • Impact Zone ... focusing on the winning propositions, solutions and business models, and accelerating concepts to market for faster impact The process is supported by a portfolio of proprietary tools used largely within the workshops. The outcomes of each phases are consolidated and enhanced as blueprints. Innolab has been used across many sectors, geographies and applications – from VB Beer market entry to Visa’s Olympic sponsorship program, Vitra’s future bathrooms to Vodafone’s sustainability strategy. © GeniusWorks 2012 +genius
  3. 3. innolab TM Ideas Factory © GeniusWorks 2012 Design Studio Impact Zone +genius
  4. 4. innolab TM How can we innovate to create value for customers and the business? In a way that harnesses our best ideas, engages people and delivers results faster? TM Opening up Creative exploration Customer insights Change drivers Parallel worlds Profit pools © GeniusWorks 2012 Closing down Commercial focus Connecting ideas Reframing concepts Processes and partners Simplicity filters Best scenarios Business model design Issues/impact analysis Concept evaluation Blueprint and Horizons +genius
  5. 5. innolab process TM © GeniusWorks 2012 +genius
  6. 6. Innolab process Ideas Factory Exploring the possibilities for innovation Focus Stretch IMPACT Explore Outputs include: 1. Opportunity maps 2. Future scenarios 3. Parallel worlds 4. Customer insights 5. Ideas generation © GeniusWorks 2012. Insight Ideas Exploring the best opportunities to grow based on future scenarios, customer immersion, parallel worlds, emerging trends and creative hypothesise. Insights emerge out of the collation of knowledge from different perspectives, fused with creative thinking. Insights are “flashes of inspiration”, and platforms from which to generate better ideas. By understanding the problem better, we have more chance of creating successful solutions. By focusing on real insights, we develop new ideas, more ideas and better ideas. +genius © GeniusWorks 2010
  7. 7. Innolab process Design Studio Creating and shaping the best ideas Frame Create IMPACT Fuse Outputs include: 1. Context framing 2. Disruptive creation 3. Idea fusion 4. Evolutionary design 5. Concept evaluation © GeniusWorks 2012. Shape Evaluate Elevating ideas to a more powerful and conceptual level – so that they are stronger and better able to solve the problem. Connecting ideas into bigger concepts, finding the bigger idea. Considering the function and then the form of these bigger ideas, enhancing their practical usability and aesthetic appeal. Looking beyond products and services to design new business models and experiences, how they fit as part of a broader solution, and evaluating their value potential for customers and business. +genius © GeniusWorks 2010
  8. 8. Innolab process Impact Zone Turning best ideas into market success Develop Define IMPACT Launch Outputs include: 1. Accelerated delivery 2. Value propositions 3. High impact entry 4. Delivery horizons 5. Managing the vortex © GeniusWorks 2012. Deliver Evolve Accelerating the best new concepts into the market. Focusing your creativity and innovating the market too. But launch is just the starting point - changing people’s attitudes, encouraging new behaviours. Finding spaces in the market that you can make your own, defend and grow. Telling your story, in ways that are compelling and contagious. Shaping markets in your own mind rather than being a slave to somebody else’s vision. Stretching and evolving ideas so that can have even more impact, and stay a step or two ahead. +genius © GeniusWorks 2010
  9. 9. innolab toolkit TM © GeniusWorks 2012 +genius
  10. 10. innolab toolkit © GeniusWorks 2012. +genius
  11. 11. innolab toolkit © GeniusWorks 2012. +genius
  12. 12. innolab toolkit © GeniusWorks 2012. +genius
  13. 13. innolab results TM © GeniusWorks 2012 +genius
  14. 14. Innolab results © GeniusWorks 2012. +genius
  15. 15. Innolab results M&S New Store Concepts © GeniusWorks 2012. +geniusme +genius
  16. 16. Innolab results © GeniusWorks 2012. +geniusme +genius
  17. 17. innolab TM Recent clients are global, across sectors, addressing diverse issues: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Aeroflot: new brand strategy for the Russian airline Co-operative Bank: customer strategy, innovation and value proposition Fosters: launch of new brands into the European market Marks & Spencer: developing new food and homeware ranges Oriflame: new value propositions for Central/Eastern Europe Petrol Ofisi: business and brand strategy facilitation Pinar: brand strategy, architecture and portfolio optimisation Tata Steel: brand strategy and communication for Europe Telia Sonera: customer insight, propositions and strategy Turkcell: retail experience design and business propositions Visa: London 2012 Olympics sponsorship strategy Vitra: accelerated innovation, brands and marketing Vodafone: global sustainability co-creation and strategy For more information about working together, contact the Genius team: • • • • • • Peter Fisk at GeniusWorks in London … Hany Mwafy at GeniusMe in Dubai… Tanyer Sonmezer at GeniusIstanbul in Istanbul … Csaba Mányai at GeniusEurope in Budapest … Endrik Randoja at GeniusEurope in Tallinn … Raymond Kwok at GeniusAsia in Singapore … The Innolab name, process and toolkits are copyright and the property of GeniusWorks, to be used only by Genius companies and their clients. The process and toolkits can also be licensed by agreement. © GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved. © GeniusWorks 2012 +genius
  18. 18. +genius © GeniusWorks 2012