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How to Build a Brand like Pixar make Movies


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Peter Fisk presents a new approach to generating ideas and imagination, building brands and business, inspired by Buzz Lightyear, John Lessiter and his team at Disney-Pixar

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How to Build a Brand like Pixar make Movies

  1. 1. How to Build a Brand like Pixar make Movies An inspirational afternoon of ideas and imagination, brands and business, with Peter Fisk at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, 23 June 2011Pixar is an amazing business. Built on imagination and creativity, it harnesses thepotential of digital technologies to create the most engaging characters and films.In 1979 Star Wars creator George Lucas and computer scientist Ed Catmull establishedthe foundations of what is now the world’s most creative business. Seven years laterSteve Jobs acquired the studio, renamed it Pixar, and gave birth to some of the mostsuccessful animated films - like Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.In a similar way, brands and marketing are being transformed by digital technologies.New markets and competitors, new capabilities and expectations emerge at incrediblespeed, whilst economic turbulence and uncertainty persist. Creativity and imaginationhave become essential, whilst also driving a new breed of market leaders.Brands need to do more for people, and marketers have to learn to think and work innew ways. Maybe they can learn much from Pixar – how to be more human, morecollaborative, more distinctive, more narrative, more experiential, more memorable,more contagious, and more successful.Like the best movies, brands are about ideas more than effects, stories more than icons,enabled by software more than hardware, touching people more deeply, andmemorably. From Alibaba to Apple, Zappos to Zipcars, today’s best brands have biggerambitions, harnessing the power of ideas and technology to achieve more.
  2. 2. Inspired by creatives like John Lessiter and characters like Buzz Lightyear, this fast andpractical masterclass will help you explore  Lights … how global and local markets have been transformed by economic crisis and technological change, and the new breed of game-changing brands.  Cameras … what it takes to build a great brand, to engage people more deeply, and drive profitable innovation in this world of new rules and opportunities.  Action … why Pixar can be a great inspiration for your business, applying their 15 steps to great movie-making to the challenges of building a successful brand.Bringing together insights and ideas, tools and techniques from Disney-Pixar, and manyother creative places, Peter Fisk will help you to see your world differently, to thinkdifferent things, to bring a smile to your face and a new perspective to your business.Peter is an inspirational speaker, innovator and business leader. From nuclear physics tobrand management, Coca Cola to Microsoft, Virgin to Visa, he works with large andsmall companies, collating the best ideas from around the world, and was recentlydescribed as “one of the best new business thinkers” by Business Strategy Review.His new book “Creative Genius” is described as “the essential innovation guide forvisionaries, border crossers and game changers” and learns from rocket scientists androckstars, fashion designers and business entrepreneurs to define a more imaginative,innovative and inspiring approach to market leadership and business success.Contact for more information.