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GeniusMe : Inspiring Business in the Middle East ... Consulting and Training


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Genius Me ... Inspiring business in the Middle East through a range of consulting and training solutions that combine global ideas and practice with local insights and applications ...

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GeniusMe : Inspiring Business in the Middle East ... Consulting and Training

  1. 1. geniusme inspiring business in the middle east
  2. 2. Changing markets changing… game changing … mind changing world
  3. 3. geniusme accelerating business performance accelerating talent development . game changer • CEO/Boards leaders xt . • Executive teams • 5 day retreats • 3 day thinktank executivesexecutives • Market visioning • Energising leaders • Future proofing • Building top-teams • Business strategy • Rethinking futures rethinking, refocusing and reenergising business time away together to build a better future . brand impact • Brand teams • 3 -6 month projects cambridge mla . • All managers • 1 day to 1 year managersprojects • Brand development • 3 levels, 40 modules • Portfolio optimisation • New ideas, best practices • Winning propositions • Professional qualifications building stronger brands and winning propositions the world’s best marketing development portfolio . inno lab • Creative teams • 3x2 day workshops . genius live • All managers • One inspiring day managersprojects • Strategic creativity • Catalytic insights • Business innovation • Provocative thinking • Solution development • Energising people making better ideas happen smarter and faster seeing things differently, thinking different things
  4. 4. geniusme accelerating business performance
  5. 5. Three inspiring days for your leadership team torethink, refocus and reenergiseyour business Volatile, uncertain, ambiguous … The pace of change is relentless economically, socially, technologically and competitively. Global and local , convergent and fragmenting, expectations are high, trust is low … New markets thrive, and others die. New business models offer new opportunities. Collaborative networks enable you to do more than you ever imagined. How have you changed? As a business, and personally? Are you fit and focused in the new business world?
  6. 6. futureworld game.changer Day 1: Re-thinking Are you focused on the best opportunities? Do you have the most effective business model? How have our markets changed? Are you out-thinking your competitors? Who are the new thought leaders? What can you learn from Alibaba or Li and Fung? Are you What are the technological possibilities? reshaping markets like Apple or Virgin, Zappos and Zynga? Can you innovate like Samsung and Tata? • Open up Do you even know what they are doing? • Worldchanging Will you make the world a better place? • Future worldviews gamechange • Disruption drivers • Border crossers Day 2: Re-focusing • Market visions • Higher purpose What could be our iPod moment? Where are the biggest opportunities? betterplace How should we redefine our market? Day 3: Re-energising • Reframing markets What are our new imperatives? • Game playing Where should we focus our future? • Growth engines How do we need to change?Three inspiring days • Refocusing capital • Transforming costshelping your top team to • Connecting ideasfutureproof your business. • Reinspired vision • New priorities • Commitment to future • Platforms for growthChallenging and provocative, • Essentials and optionsstretching and enlightened … • Strategic framework • Inspired leadersSeeing things differently, thinking different things … • Close downRe-think your direction, re-focus your priorities, andre-energise your leaders, your strategy and business.
  7. 7. making better ideas happen faster
  8. 8. Focus Stretch Explore Insight IdeasOutputs include: 1. Opportunity maps 2. Future scenarios 3. Parallel worlds 4. Customer insights 5. Ideas generation Develop Frame Create Define Launch Fuse Deliver Shape Evaluate Evolve s ed idea ClusterOutputs include: ed marke ts Prioritis 1. Context framing diences Target au 2. Disruptive creation 3. Idea fusion 4. Evolutionary design 5. Concept evaluation ulated b y eas stim kets … 1200 id ed over allel mar tively generat niques and par r We crea creative tech Creativ e para clarify ou ers, eking to iences, custom ted by se d We star arkets, target au them … e priority m d most to ught thes 12 t mattere We bro into and wha gether ideas to themes g g themes emergin an to create Emergin eg which b the future of visions of ms … bathroo t we also … whils me of sed so recogni aradoxes p Develop Define Launch Deliver Evolve the big ody has b which no lved … ever soOutputs include: 1. Accelerated delivery 2. Value propositions 3. High impact entry 4. Delivery horizons 5. Managing the vortex © GeniusWorks 2011
  9. 9. brand.impact Building stronger brands and winning propositions Brand development that combines deep insights with detailed analysis to create new brand meaning, structure and focus • Optimising your brand portfolio for profitable growth • Shaping your brand architecture for more impact • Driving innovation in your brand and business • Implementing strategies bold and creatively
  10. 10. Global ideas and best practices … … local insights and applications
  11. 11. geniusme accelerating talent development
  12. 12. cambridge.mla the world’s best marketing development portfolio
  13. 13. Executive retreats for leadership teams … time to think, to collaborate, to create … time to build a better future
  14. 14. Retreats are customised to the needs ofleadership teams, combining the challengesand opportunities of leadership, strategy and innovation
  15. 15. one inspiring day
  16. 16. Examples of recent keynotes and events:
  17. 17. new.ideas what next?
  18. 18. . new ideas ideas exchange • Creative forums • Leader roundtables new.ideas • Sharing new insights • Creating ideas together • Building local ideas bank what are the best new ideas? . brand index • Global index • Local rankings new research • Brand leaders • Value, power, potential • Hot brands, rising stars who are the best brands? . genius books • Work in progress • New books for 2012+ new projects • New Market Leaders • The 21C Marketer • Gamechangers • MarketingGenius 2.0 how do you win in markets today? . genius brain • New global insights • New best practicesideas bank • 200 case studies • 150 presentations • 100 articles • 150 tools how can I access the best new ideas?
  19. 19. inspiring case studies, global best practices …
  20. 20. … stimulating new ideas, and practical application
  21. 21. geniusmeContact Hany Mwafyhany.mwafy@geniusme.netOr find more information atwww.geniusme.netgenius works