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Genius Marketing Lab with Peter Fisk


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Summary from Egyptian Marketing Summit with Peter Fisk 27 May 2012

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Genius Marketing Lab with Peter Fisk

  1. 1. +genius marketing labPeter +genius
  2. 2. Change … Winning as a 21st century ‘Gamechanger’ Smarter … Unlocking the power of your brand Faster … Unlocking the power of your networks Impact … making it happen now
  3. 3. 1984 +genius
  4. 4. The fall of giants+genius
  5. 5. POWER SHIFT +genius
  6. 6. Customer power +genius
  7. 7. Apple 1984 Charlie’s Finger $900,000 $0 6 months 6 minutes 50 million 580 million +genius +genius
  8. 8. ChangeWinning as a 21st century ‘Gamechanger’
  9. 9. +genius
  10. 10. Who are your most 1 What is your brand’s 1 How can to be more Economic crisis was theimportant customers, or Customers are intelligent inspiring purpose Marketing is about engaging relevant for each“fans”? a changing world cry of and demanding beyond profit? and enabling people different audience? Technology disruptsWhat “energises” your 2 How do toneed to do more 2 Brands make Customers are participants, What distinctively do and connects everythingbest customers for people than logos people’s lives, and the you enableand innovating. creating people toemotionally? world, better? achieve better? Power shifts from West to Competitors challenge Platforms and propositionsWhat do they small to East, big to what 3 What is theand cross-sector 3 globally revolution, How do stronger brands build you offerbe “enabled” to do, that the cause, the fantastic “value” and be New opportunitiesthey cant do now? Customers have new movement, you lead? profitable? and communities Networks emerge in whitespaces attitudes and priorities deliver faster connectionsExamples: Examples: Examples: Winning is about ideasGaranti, Skoda, Tumi Benetton, Cemex,matters Value creation Virgin Lego, Mini, T-Boxwhilst also Focus on now not about capabilities more than size or share designing the future +genius
  11. 11. Winners +genius
  12. 12. +genius LOSERS
  13. 13. +genius
  14. 14. West East Big SmallBusiness Customer Mass NicheVolume Value +genius
  15. 15. Here’s to tHe crazy ones ... “Times of turbulence are the mostThe misfits. The rebels.The troublemakers. exciting times ... becauseThe round pegs in the square holes.The ones who see things differently. everything changes”Theyre not fond of rules.And they have no respect for the status quo.You can praise them, disagree with them,quote them, disbelieve them,glorify or vilify them.About the only thing you cant do isignore them.Because they change things.+genius
  16. 16. iPod born in a recession 2001 MTV born in a recession 1981 Microsoft born in a recession 1975 HP born in a recession GEborn in a 1929recession 1876 +genius
  17. 17. A new generation of business Unlocking the powerseizing the opportunity of change
  18. 18. 2012 … new leaders +genius
  19. 19. PARADOX +genius
  20. 20. Mobility +genius
  21. 21. CONTENT +genius
  22. 22. networks +genius
  23. 23. +genius RENTAL
  24. 24. FRUGAL +genius
  25. 25. SUSTAINABLE +genius
  26. 26. Future proofed +genius
  27. 27. NETWORKS +genius
  28. 28. POSSIBILITIES+genius
  29. 29. FROM PUSH ... $ $+genius ... To pull
  30. 30. FROM few ...+genius ... To many
  31. 31. connecting+genius
  32. 32. RELATIONSHIPSMore CAPABLE +genius
  33. 33. +genius Participative
  34. 34. HUMAN +genius
  35. 35. DRAMATIC +genius
  36. 36. +genius EXPERIENCES
  37. 37. attention participation Functional EMOTIONAL Push Pullinterruption Engagement market Movement +genius
  38. 38. magical+genius
  39. 39. They are the gamechangers Unlocking the power the next generation of brands +genius
  40. 40. © GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved. +genius
  41. 41. © GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved. +genius
  42. 42. CAN YOU CHANGE? +genius
  43. 43. Gamechanger Profiler +genius Human Creative Responsible Networked Social Participative Purpose to make Shaping markets Making a difference Building networks Connecting Collaborating to life better in a through vision and socially and of partners and people and their engage and profitable way total innovation environmentally customers passions enable more 20 20 20 20 20 20 15 15 15 15 15 15 10 10 10 10 10 10 5 5 5 5 5 5 0 0 0 0 0 0Objective to make Competing by Complying with Using existing Customers are Making andgreat products and being slightly legal and ethical supply and anonymous and selling products to maximise profits better or cheaper standards distribution chains individual customers© GeniusWorks 2012
  44. 44. Here’s to tHe crazy ones ...WHAT WILL YOU DO?The misfits. The rebels.The troublemakers.The round pegs in the square holes.The ones who see things differently.Theyre not fond of rules.And they have no respect for the status quo.You can praise them, disagree with them,quote them, disbelieve them,glorify or vilify them.About the only thing you cant do isignore them.Because they change things.+genius
  45. 45. +genius Who is really good at What could you do this in your world? in your business? Human … customer-driven, human-centred emotionally- Silent Silent engaging business Creative … innovative to think bolder and simpler, Silent Silent different and better Responsible … doing better by doing good, Silent Silent socially and environmentally Networked … built around networks and partnerships of Silent Silent supply and demand Social … social media and online communities, but local and tribal too Silent Silent Participative … crowdsourcing, co-creating, collaborating with customers Silent Silent© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  46. 46. Next generation businesses Smaller and faster, they play Gamechangers see thingsexploit disruptive change “judo” against old leaders. differently …Seizing new opportunities of Ideas and IP at their core, • Humanemerging growth markets delivered with partners. • Creative • ResponsibleGlobal and local, focused on Engaging people individually, • Networkedniche audiences and needs. enabling them to do more • Social • ParticipativeFusing digital and physical to Innovating business modelsdeliver the best of both. to engage and differentiate They rethink, reframe, reinvent and restart …Shaping markets in their own Winning by profit not volume,vision, focus and innovation. advocacy not advertising. Smarter and faster.. +genius
  47. 47. SMARTERUnlocking the power of your brand
  48. 48. +genius
  49. 49. +genius Think different Customer broader view Business Business narrow narrow view view Business Customer© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  50. 50. “I don’t want a drIll”+genius
  51. 51. Brands are about people enabling them topower Unlocking the do more +genius
  52. 52. Harleys, great bikes? +genius
  53. 53. … BuIldIng a trIBe +genius
  54. 54. ZAPPOS, SELLING SHOES? +genius
  55. 55. … delIverIng HappIness
  56. 56. 1 1 1 1 Who are your most 1 What is your brand’s 1 How can to be more important customers, inspiring purpose relevant for each or “fans”? beyond profit? different audience?2 2 2 2 What “energises” your 2 How do to make people’s 2 What distinctively do best customers lives, and the world, you enable people to emotionally? better? achieve better?3 3 3 3 What do they what to 3 What is the revolution, 3 How do you offer be “enabled” to do, that the cause, the fantastic “value” and be they cant do now? movement, you lead? profitable? Examples: Examples: Examples: H&M, Skoda, Tumi Benetton, Cemex, Virgin Lego, Nike, T-Box +genius
  57. 57. Search for deeper insight Unlocking the powerabout what energises people +genius
  58. 58. +genius DEEPER insight Energisers “Aspirations” “Distinguishers” What would excite me? Enablers “Wants” “Differentiators” What do I want to be able to do? Essentials “Needs” What is necessary and expected? “Must Dos”© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  59. 59. H&M, Energisers+genius
  60. 60. Tumi, NICHes+genius
  61. 61. FORD, EXTREMES+genius
  62. 62. Have a bolder purpose Unlocking the power beyond making money +genius
  63. 63. +genius Bolder PURPOSE© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  64. 64. BENETTON, PROVOCATIVE+genius
  65. 65. CEMEX “People are builders. They build to educate, to heal, to shelter and comfort families. They build to connect with each other, to share their art and knowledge for the benefit of humanity. Everything people build requires strength to weather the forces of nature and time. It requires a solid foundation. By helping people to solve their building challenges in communities around the world, we are a vital part of that foundation. Our products are everywhere, from the smallest villages to the largest cities – linking communities, providing shelter, and enabling society’s sustainable growth. CEMEX, DOING MORE As a global industry leader, Cemex will continue building a better world for the next 100 years”+geniusme+genius
  66. 66. VIRGIN, making change+genius
  67. 67. Propositions engage people Unlocking the power relevant and different +genius
  68. 68. PROPOSITIONS+genius
  69. 69. PROPOSITIONS +genius
  70. 70. +genius Focused propositionS Customer value proposition The target customer Who? (Who is the target segment) The customer context What? (What they want to achieve) + The distinctive benefits Why? (How you help them do it better) + The relative price position How much? (% more or less than alternatives) - The customer trade offs What not? (What they could get else where) - Value to customer =© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  71. 71. +genius Focused propositionS© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  72. 72. TATE MODERN+genius
  73. 73. TATE MODERN+genius
  74. 74. +genius
  75. 75. Build brand platforms Unlocking the power not campaigns +genius
  76. 76. IBM “sMarter planet”+genius +genius
  77. 77. +genius Brand platforms Brand platforms are stories and are digital and destinations physical Brand platform Engaging Selling people Sharing Educating Collaborating Showcasing Connecting Personalising© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  78. 78. coKe “lIve posItIvely” +genius
  79. 79. +genius
  80. 80. +genius
  81. 81. NIKE+ +genius
  82. 82. +genius
  83. 83. +genius
  84. 84. +geniusme
  85. 85. +genius What is your purpose? Silent Who are the participants? Silent What is the proposition? Silent What is the How will you content? Silent attract people? Silent What will be How will they created? Silent participate? Silent What will be How will it iconic? Silent self-sustain? Silent© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  86. 86. Create better solutions Unlocking the power through concept fusions +genius
  87. 87. +genius
  88. 88. Desperate Video Housewives iPod Motorola Photo Phone(RED) Nano Podcasting 60G Shuffle MiniLegalising Music Iconic iTunesFilesharing Store design White Imitation Ad cables And buzz Graphics Exclusive U2 iPod Releases Vertigo Brand Success Special Story Edition Apple iMac Steve Jobs
  89. 89. +genius Innovative fusion Example: Banks Silent Cashiers Bars Long Queues Finance Complicated Transactions Boring© GeniusWorks
  90. 90. +genius Innovative fusion Example: Banks Silent Funky music Cashiers Great service Bars Openness Long Queues Take a seat Finance About lifestyle Complicated Made easy Transactions Community build Boring Fun© GeniusWorks
  91. 91. +genius Innovative fusion Example: Banks Silent Funky music Funky Cashiers Great service Concierge Bars Openness Sofas Long Queues Take a seat Caffe Latte Finance About lifestyle Life Complicated Made easy Colourful Transactions Community build Community Boring Fun Fun© GeniusWorks
  92. 92. +genius
  93. 93. +genius
  94. 94. +genius
  95. 95. +genius What are the existing What can you learn from characteristics of your your “creative parallel” What is the fusion? industry? (sector, geography)? Silent Silent Silent Cashiers Cashiers Cashiers Bars Bars Bars Long Queues Long Queues Long Queues Finance Finance Finance Complicated Complicated Complicated Transactions Transactions Transactions Boring Boring Boring© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  96. 96. +genius
  97. 97. +geniusme
  98. 98. Phone + Internet + TV Energy + Water + Banking+genius
  99. 99. Innovate your business model Unlocking the power the best source of differentiation +genius
  100. 100. New Business models +genius
  101. 101. +genius Business models Supply Market Networks Networks Assets and Products & Value Channels & Customer Capabilities Services Proposition Support Segments Costs Performance Revenues© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  102. 102. ARAVIND EYECARE+genius
  103. 103. +genius7 Business models Supply Market Networks Networks Assets and Products & Value Channels & Customer Capabilities Services Proposition Support Segments Costs Performance Revenues© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  104. 104. +genius
  105. 105. GROUPON +genius
  106. 106. +genius
  107. 107. SPOTIFY +genius
  108. 108. +genius
  109. 109. KINGDOM +genius
  110. 110. +genius Freemium How could you give your product away Silent free and still make money? Gateway How could your be the aggregator for Silent your marketplace or customer type? Subscription How could you sell subscriptions Silent (leasing, rental, pay per use)?© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  111. 111. 1 Build brand platforms, 1 Develop concepts not 1 Rethink the “system” not campaigns products or services that enables customers2 Enable participation 2 Combine unusual ideas 2 Explore value spots and not interruption to create fusions new revenue streams3 Create content, don’t 3 Reframe your brand 3 Design a differentiating just sell stuff around what you enable business model Examples: Examples: Examples: IBM Smarter Planet Umpqua Bank Spotify Nike+ Grameen Danone Ultra 10 +genius
  112. 112. FASTERUnlocking the power of your networks
  114. 114. +genius
  115. 115. 1 Who can do each aspect 1 Who are the brands 1 Which online or physical of your business better that your target networks do your than you? customers trust most? customers belong to?2 How could you work 2 How can you be an 2 How could you support faster and smarter with ingredient in another them in connecting with each business partner? brand’s concept? each other?3 Could you partner with 3 Which aspects of your 3 How can you add more your competitors to each business could you value and content to their more together? license or franchise? networks? Examples: Examples: Examples: Ed Hardy, P&G, Tchibo M-Pesa, Groupon, Threadless Lego, Danone, Oriflame +genius
  117. 117. SKODA, SOLD IN A BOX
  119. 119. You are the ideas peoplelet partners dothe power stuff Unlocking the other
  120. 120. +genius
  121. 121. Try it out yourself Talk with consumers in depth Observe them in everyday situationsLearn from complaints and online forumsUse qualitative and quantitative research consumer immersion+genius
  122. 122. consumer immersionConnect & Develop Design Thinking +genius
  123. 123. 60% Profits growth+genius
  124. 124. Exploit the power of networks Unlocking the power forget the old “linear” models
  125. 125. saFarIcoM, aFrIca’s BanK+genius
  126. 126. M-PESA, MOBILE MONEY+genius
  127. 127. GLOBAL NETWORKS+genius
  128. 128. LOCAL NETWORKS+genius
  129. 129. Be part of customer networksadding value to theirpower Unlocking the communities
  130. 130. ORIFLAME COSMETICS+genius
  131. 131. +genius
  132. 132. FC BARCELONA+genius
  133. 133. +genius
  134. 134. Grameen Bank+genius
  135. 135. Grameen Danone+genius
  136. 136. LEGO
  137. 137. LEGO +genius
  138. 138. 3000 “lead users” co-create customised products and recommend others 4.0 million worldwide users register their details enabling a personal dialogue and relationship 8.6 million worldwide users participatedirectly with Lego in their online community, but are not registered by name20.4 million customers worldwide bought aLego set in the past 12 months for their own or other active households +geniusme
  139. 139. Co-marketing Creators Activists Contributors Socialisers Spectators© GeniusWorks 2012
  140. 140. world’s BIggest vlogger +genius
  141. 141. Social INFLUENCE1 2 3 +genius
  142. 142. RED BULL @Facebook +genius
  143. 143. UPS @Facebook +genius
  144. 144. +genius
  145. 145. +genius
  146. 146. +genius Affinity branding Which brand How could you does your add love with an customer love affinity brand? and trust most? Solution branding Which other related brands How could you do they use as add value as a part of solution? solution brand? Which other Ingredient branding brands could How could you use you as part add reach as an of their solution? ingredient brand?© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  147. 147. Get connected to So-Lo-Mo Unlocking the powerall about people, time and place
  148. 148. Consumers in a mobile world +genius
  149. 149. SO-LO-MO consumers+genius
  150. 150. Social Mobile Local SO-LO-MO consumers+genius
  151. 151. LOCALISING
  152. 152. personalising
  153. 153. playing
  154. 154. changing
  155. 155. +genius Social media is tribal and collaborative (eg Facebook, sports clubs, employer) How can you How can you combine combine social + local? social + mobile? How can you combine local + mobile? Local media is about relevance Mobile media is about time and personal (eg Foursquare, and place (eg Google, Groupon, local press) Kelkoo, Epocrates)© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  156. 156. THREADLESS +genius
  157. 157. +genius
  158. 158. +genius
  159. 159. +genius
  160. 160. +genius
  161. 161. Make it cool and catchy Unlocking the power contagious conversations
  162. 162. +genius
  163. 163. +genius
  164. 164. +genius
  165. 165. MINI ADVENTURE +genius
  166. 166. +genius
  167. 167. +genius FRO-YO DESIRE
  168. 168. +genius
  169. 169. +genius
  170. 170. +genius CREATING CONTAGIONS Provoke debate Get Target topical mavens Have a Games n cause prizes Human Fast and people Guerrilla Build a movement© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  171. 171. PROVOCATION +genius
  172. 172. TWEET-UPS +genius
  173. 173. FLASH SALES +genius
  174. 174. +genius Creating a debate Hot topic Extremes + agendas connectors Having a Prizes and cause surprises Just being Guerrilla human actions Building a movement© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  175. 175. FROM MARKET STALL +genius
  176. 176. TO GLOBAL BRAND +genius
  177. 177. $250M in 6 YEARS+genius
  178. 178. 1 Find “affinity brands” 1 Integrate media around 1 Drive communication who your customers love “social” and “local” around topical agendas2 Be a “solution“brand, 2 Integrate media around 2 Employ “connectors” to aggregating others “local” and “mobile” bring people together3 Add your brand as an 3 Integrate media around 3 Promote “extreme” and “ingredient” of others “soclal” and “mobile” celebrity users Examples: Examples: Examples: Amazon Threadless Pinkberry Gore Mini Superdry +genius
  179. 179. IMPACTMaking it happen now
  180. 180. +genius
  181. 181. ICONIC Apple and Obama embracing stories, distinction and aspirations RESPONSIBLE DESIGNED From Nintendo to Aravind and Tesla Shanghai Tang, delivering social and function and form environmental that enables innovation more NETWORKED COLLABORATIVE Current TV and Alibaba and Lego, Threadless, connecting your co-creating and customers and user-generated partners HUMAN Focused From Aveda to Aberchrombie to Pixar, more Zappos, they know purpose and more who, what and empathy for where matters people most+genius +genius
  182. 182. More More Products More More Messages More More Channels More Propositions Pricing Sales Iconic &Human Services Collaborative Responsible & Media Creative Networked & Partners Focused 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Customers Be the Go deep Have an Deliver Tell a Find the Don’t define Specialise in Relationship as thought diving for inspiring more social different emerging markets by one niche not building Participants leader insights purpose benefits story whitespaces geography everything 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Brands Create your Tell your Define what Have a Express Become an Focus on the Changed as character and inspiring you enable cause you yourself more ingredient one word that priorities Ideas personality story people to do believe in flexibly brand defines you 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Solutions Redefine Customise Co-create Offer a Develop Innovate the Rationalise as your market solutions for products and new type of new entry system your product Enablers on your terms each person services guarantee points (do an iPod) portfolio 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Pricing Make it free Offer luxury Customers Charge for Reengineer Super-size Enable Shorter more Win and as redefine you products at a choose their services and mini-size Share risk to price group buying selective winback Context b-model) low prices price (time, advice) your offers points incentives promotions 29 30 31 32 33 34 35Communication Have an Be open, Co-create Be the local Create a Encourage Stay fresh, as opinion, be honest and your media partner, branded tweets, blogs topical and Engagement provocative authentic and message small, caring game and fanclubs relevant 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 Distribution Fewer, more Link with Cross sell Reduce Deliver License and Target Retain and Go green as exclusive Accelerate affinity partners, and impact and integrated franchise non-existing Profit grow now Partners Partners brands them you waste experiences your concept customers 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 Relationships Create a Celebrate Give Enable Facilitate and Incentivise Do more Maintain Get our as members their success customers customers to support their customer for your best confidence thereCommunities club (and yours) equity do good communities referrals customers +genius
  183. 183. What will you do?Unlocking the power Do something
  184. 184. +genius What should you stop? What should you do better? What should you start?© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  185. 185. Accelerating Growth +genius
  186. 186. innolab TM© GeniusWorks 2012 +genius
  187. 187. innolab TM Ideas Factory Design Studio Impact Zone© GeniusWorks 2012 +genius
  188. 188. Innolab process Ideas Factory Exploring the possibilities for innovation Exploring the best opportunities to grow based on future scenarios, customer immersion, parallel worlds, emerging trends and creative hypothesise. Focus Stretch IMPACT Explore Insight Ideas Insights emerge out of the collation of knowledge from different perspectives, fused with creative thinking. Insights are “flashes of inspiration”, and Outputs include: platforms from which to generate better ideas. 1. Opportunity maps 2. Future scenarios By understanding the problem better, we have 3. Parallel worlds more chance of creating successful solutions. By 4. Customer insights focusing on real insights, we develop new ideas, 5. Ideas generation more ideas and better ideas.© GeniusWorks 2012. +genius © GeniusWorks 2010
  189. 189. Innolab process Design StudioCreating and shaping the best ideas Elevating ideas to a more powerful and conceptual level – so that they are stronger and better able to solve the problem. Connecting ideas into bigger Frame Create IMPACT Fuse Shape Evaluate concepts, finding the bigger idea. Considering the function and then the form of theseOutputs include: bigger ideas, enhancing their practical usability and 1. Context framing aesthetic appeal. 2. Disruptive creation 3. Idea fusion Looking beyond products and services to design new 4. Evolutionary design business models and experiences, how they fit as part 5. Concept evaluation of a broader solution, and evaluating their value potential for customers and business.© GeniusWorks 2012. +genius © GeniusWorks 2010
  190. 190. Innolab process Impact Zone Accelerating the best new concepts into the market.Turning best ideas into market success Focusing your creativity and innovating the market too. But launch is just the starting point - changing people’s Develop Define IMPACT Launch Deliver Evolve attitudes, encouraging new behaviours. Finding spaces in the market that you can make your own, defend and grow. Telling your story, in ways that areOutputs include: compelling and contagious. 1. Accelerated delivery 2. Value propositions Shaping markets in your own mind rather than being a 3. High impact entry slave to somebody else’s vision. Stretching and 4. Delivery horizons evolving ideas so that can have even more impact, and 5. Managing the vortex stay a step or two ahead.© GeniusWorks 2012. +genius © GeniusWorks 2010
  191. 191. What will you do tomorrow? whilst also shapingpower Unlocking the your future
  192. 192. +genius Beyondl End of phase 3 (January 2014) Next End of phase 2 (July 2013) Now End of phase 1 (January 2013) Jan2012© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  193. 193. And one more thing … Unlocking the power think different
  194. 194. +genius
  195. 195. Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate.Our greatest fear is that we are powerfulbeyond measure.It is our light not our darkness that mostfrightens us.We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant,gorgeous, talented and fabulous?Actually, who are you not to be?Your playing small does not serve the world.Theres nothing enlightened about shrinking so thatother people wont feel insecure around you.Its not just in some of us; its in everyone.And as we let our own light shine,we unconsciously give other peoplepermission to do the same.As we are liberated from our own fear,Our presence automaticallyliberates others. +genius
  196. 196. BE THE GAMECHANGER +genius
  197. 197. BE THE GAMECHANGER+genius
  198. 198. +geniusmeHow can you be a geniusin the Middle East?Inspiring ideas• Bolder brands• Smarter innovation• Better marketingAccelerating growth• Gamechanger• Innolab• BrandoptimaDeveloping people• CEO mentoring• Leaders XT• Cambridge AcademyContact Peter Fisk andHany Mwafy +genius
  199. 199. +genius