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Genius Marketing 3/4 : 21C TOOLKIT


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Part 3 of Peter Fisk's masterclass at LBFME in Dubai on 24 May 2011

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Genius Marketing 3/4 : 21C TOOLKIT

  1. 1. Genius Marketing The 21st Century Toolkit Peter Fisk Dubai, May 2011genius works
  2. 2. World changing Game changing Seeing things differently Thinking different things The 21st Century Toolkit Bold, brave and brilliantgenius works
  3. 3. The 21st Century Toolkitgenius works
  4. 4. ICONIC Apple and Obama embracing stories, distinction and aspirationsgenius works
  5. 5. ICONIC Apple and Obama embracing stories, distinction and aspirations RESPONSIBLE DESIGNED From Nintendo to Aravind and Tesla Shanghai Tang, delivering social and function and form environmental that enables innovation more NETWORKED COLLABORATIVE Current TV and Alibaba and Lego, Threadless, connecting your co-creating and customers and user-generated partners HUMAN Focused From Aveda to Aberchrombie to Pixar, more Zappos, they know purpose and more who, what and empathy for where matters people mostgenius works
  6. 6. PURPOSE BEYOND PROFITgenius works
  7. 7. CEMEX, SELLING CEMENT?genius works
  8. 8. … building communitiesgenius works
  9. 9. Context tree Car Gym Office Travel Kit Drink Sports Design Friends Work Enablement context Family Summer Food NutritionColour Vacation Suncare Application context Fashions Home Appearance Hair Skincare Body Clothing Clean Functional context Dressing Washing Shaving
  11. 11. ZAPPOS, SELLING SHOES?genius works
  12. 12. genius works … delivering happiness
  14. 14. THE OLD BMWgenius works
  15. 15. THE NEW BMWgenius works
  17. 17. genius works
  18. 18. Era 1 Era 2 Era 3 Diesel brand “Greasy rockability” “Quirky fashionistas” “Conscious hedonism” 1978-1993 1993-2000 2000—present Reason for Dress the tough guys and Make people feel different Help people carry a more being their smoking girls and provocative pleasant existence Audience Tough guys wannabes Intelligent urban Hedonistic hipsters fashionistas Value Stylish jeans and workwear Affordable fashionable Fun, imaginative and proposition with a used worn-out look urban street wear colourful fashiion Differentiation Worn-out style Risky and experimental Stimulating happy clothing hard urban style Persona Tough, wild, adventurous, Provocative, polemical, Wit, culture aware, living on the edge sarcastic, extravagant conscious, ironic, naive Associations Rebels, hot chicks, bikes, Political issues, social Youth, vitality, happiness, gas stations, 60s conventions, sexuality hedonism, sex Range of Jeans and workwear Jeans, clothing, shoes, Jeans, clothing, watches, authority fragrances sunglasses, shoes, bags, fragrances, hotels, fashiongenius works
  19. 19. Value Proposition Customer value proposition The target customer Who? (Who is the target segment) The customer context What? (What they want to achieve) + The distinctive benefits Why? (How you help them do it better) + The relative price position How much? (% more or less than alternatives) - The customer trade offs What not? (What they could get else where) - Value to customer =
  21. 21. PROPOSITIONSgenius works
  22. 22. PROPOSITIONSgenius works
  23. 23. Value Proposition
  24. 24. TATE MODERNgenius works
  25. 25. TATE MODERN
  26. 26. Customer CANVASWho? Why? Customer Profitability perception Customer Analysis analysis Segmentation Brand Reputation Customer Media External Competitive database comments and Market Benchmarking profiling awards models Product Customer Customer Preferred Preference needs/wants satisfaction customisation modelling analysis and NPS options Channel Customer Customer preference energiser Frontline analysis pyramids problems and feedback complaintsWhat? How?
  27. 27. Customer INSIGHTS Energisers“Aspirations” “Distinguishers” Surprising people memorably Enablers “Wants” “Differentiators” Enabling people to do more Essentials “Needs” “Must Dos” Delivering what is expected
  28. 28. REDUCING TRAUMAgenius works
  29. 29. SHIGERU MIYAMOTOgenius works
  30. 30. CHANGING GAMINGgenius works
  31. 31. Parallel Markets
  32. 32. genius works
  33. 33. genius works
  34. 34. genius works
  35. 35. NETWORK POWERgenius works
  36. 36. SOCIAL MARKETINGCreators Activists Contributors Socialisers Spectators
  37. 37. genius works
  38. 38. SOCIAL MARKETING 1 2 3genius works
  39. 39. NETWORK POWERgenius works
  40. 40. NETWORK POWER 3000 “lead users” co-create customised products and recommend others 4.0 million worldwide users register their details enabling a personal dialogue and relationship 8.6 million worldwide users participate directly with Lego in their online community, but are not registered by name 20.4 million customers worldwide bought a Lego set in the past 12 months for their own or other active householdsgenius works
  41. 41. Customer co-creation
  42. 42. THREADLESSgenius works
  43. 43. CO-CREATION BUSINESSgenius works
  44. 44. HYBRID EXPERIENCESgenius works
  45. 45. COLLABORATIVE Co-think Co-support Co-design Co-sell Co-develop Co-comm Co-decide
  46. 46. Creative Fusions
  47. 47. NIKE +genius works
  48. 48. NIKEgenius works
  49. 49. ENABLING MOREgenius works
  50. 50. CONNECTING PEOPLEgenius works
  51. 51. 44% INCREASED PROFITSgenius works
  52. 52. Customer Experience Passive experience Brand as an Brand as an Scripted educator entertainer Unscripted delivery delivery Brand as a Brand as a guide coach Active experience
  53. 53. GEEK SQUADgenius works
  54. 54. EXPERIENCESgenius works
  55. 55. New ideas, downloads, blog and videos Email Twitter @geniusworks Creative Genius … the essential innovation guide for market visionaries, border crossers and game changers … by Peter Fisk inno.lab… the accelerated innovation process, to stretch your thinking, focus your action, and inspire your peoplegenius works