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Genius Insights: New ideas for brands, innovation and marketing


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New insights and anecdotes, trends and practices for business, brands, innovation and marketing

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Genius Insights: New ideas for brands, innovation and marketing

  1. 1. +genius inspiring ideas New ideas for brands, innovation and marketing from GeniusWorks
  2. 2. Bolder Winning brands strategies Smarter Creative innovation solutions Better Inspiring Accelerating Optimising marketing ideas growth performanceConference Cambridge Energising Developing keynotes academy events people One-day Expert seminars workshops Leadership CEO retreats mentoring +genius
  3. 3. Insights … New themes and ideas to inspire leaders What’s new? “Creative Genius” explores how to innovate from the future back, inspired by da Vinci – plus rockstars, designers and futurists. What works? “Brand Building by Pixar” applies the creative process of movies to build more human, engaging and inspiring brands. What’s next? “The Gamechangers” … the next generation of brands and businesses, seizing opportunities, breaking rules, shaping futures. Insight themes Recent books Winning strategiesFocusing on the best opportunities for sustained profitable growth Bolder brandsBrands that have inspiring purpose. are more relevant and inspiring Smarter innovation Innovation that makes life better, business models to experience Better marketing Marketing that engages, pull notpush, integrated with more impact Inspired leaders Leaders as catalysts, coaches, connectors and communicators +genius
  4. 4. A-Z of emerging ideas and next practices for innovative business +genius
  5. 5. Power shifts, mindset flips, changing the rules of business +genius
  6. 6. Tribal New consumer agenda niches 2013+ Connecting Building a people movement Dream Doing Inspiring Being possible good meaning authentic Individual to Collective Smart Provoking Good Statement value Products to debate to to people Great Stories Being Human Special Products Consistent to to editions People DeviantBranded Places Curated From the Twist solutions fringes and fuse Passive Selling to to Participating Enabling Content More rich together Being a Enable member more Made by me Right here Right now +genius
  7. 7. Market disruptors, smart innovations, inspiring brands Thomson Reuters. From data Zipcars. Rent a cool car for a minute or a month, just search Baltika. World’s fastest spreadsheets to human and by GPS and pay by subscription growing beer brand, and the insightful infographics pride of Russia 23andMe. Profile your LA Organic. Philippe Starck branding and design makes Alibaba. Jack Ma’s digital DNA for $300 and change your Spanish olive oil cool again collaboration and distribution priorities for life platform for the new world Dacia. Renault revitalised the Zynga. The world’s best Samsung. Finding inspiration in classic Romanian car brand intoonline games, from Farmville Korea’s “tae kuk” to combine a low cost leader across Europeto new Facebook challenger technology and inspiration Kickstarter. Crowd-funding MyBar. Crowdfunded bars, Tata. From steel to Range your next start-up or project, malls, drinks, movies from Rover, the Indian monolith is engaging audiences to do more Beirut’s entrepreneurs rapidly going global M-Pesa. Safaricom’s SMS Cemex. Mexico’s leading Air Asia. The low cost, premium service became a digital brand builds communities, airline that is beating global currency for Africa rather than supply cement carriers by focus and innovation Natura. From the beeches Standard Chartered. The of Rio, natural cosmetics with World’s most sustainable bank, social business models focused on emerging markets +genius
  8. 8. Example: “The Gamechangers … the next generation of business”The next book from Peter Fisk, due to be published Spring 2013.The new breed of market leaders think and act differently. They fuse digitaland physical, global and local, ideas and networks. They win by being smart,fast and connected – rather than through scale and efficiency. They embraceall the new business tools - from empathetic design to disruptive technologies,social media to sustainable innovation – bringing them together for moreimpact.These are the building blocks for you to come a gamechanger too.• Human … customer-driven, human-centred emotionally-engaging business• Creative … design and innovation, to think bolder and simpler, different and better• Networked … built around networks and partnerships of supply and demand• Social … social media and online communities, but local and tribal too• Participative … crowdsourcing, co-creating, collaborating with customers• Responsible … doing better by doing good, socially and environmentally +genius
  9. 9. Example: Gamechanger Lab … bolder brands, better marketing +genius
  10. 10. Example: Apple Magic … What would Steve Jobs do in your business? How would Apple innovate and transform your market? How would Steve Jobs lead your business? How can you apply the business secrets of Apple, and leadership genius of Jobs to your own business and career? How can you enchant people with your vision? Spend every day as if it’s your last? Build teams of disciples and tribes of advocates? Bring humanity, simplicity and design to your products? And deliver insanely great experiences?Based on detailed insights into Apple and its co-founder, weput an “i” into your world. With new frameworks and tools hewill help you translate the magic of Apple and Jobs into yourbusiness. Consider what it could mean for sectors as diverse asbanking, retail and travel … and in your own market … forproducts and services, marketing and sales, people and culture… and for you.This is no ordinary event (exclusive through SFB in 2012-13).It will have passion and emotion, inspiring stories and practicaltechniques, and a novel process for applying the magic ofApple to your business (Part 1), and the genius of Jobs to you(Part 2). It will require your participation. To think differently, tobe pirates in search of the best ideas, and to have” the courageto not spend your time living somebody else’s life”. +genius
  11. 11. Peter Fisk is a customer, innovation and branding expert, making sense of a rapidly changingbusiness world, learning from a new generation of business, digital and physical, large and small …inspiring and enabling you to innovate and win in the new marketspaces. He is a bestselling authorand inspirational speaker, and consultant to leading companies around the world .Peter is the Founder and Creative Director of the GeniusWorks, a strategic innovation business withoffices in London and Budapest, Dubai and Istanbul, that works with senior management to “seethings differently” – to develop and implement more inspired strategies for brands, innovation andmarketing. Gamechanger is a strategy accelerator for leadership teams, Innolab is a facilitatedinnovation process based on deep customer insights and creative thinking, and BrandOptima is aplatform to develop better brands and brand portfolios.His latest book Creative Genius brings together entrepreneurs and artists, rockstars and rocketsscientists, in "the essential guide to innovation for visionaries, border crossers and game changers".From Air Asia to Virgin Galactic, Gaga to Miyamoto, it offers 50 inspirational tracks to inspire yourideas, and make them happen. Marketing Genius explores the left and right-brain approaches tocompetitive success (translated into 35 languages), Customer Genius describes how to build acustomer-centric business, Business Genius is about inspired leadership and strategy, whilst PeoplePlanet Profit explains how to grow, and do good.Peter grew up in the remote farming community of Northumberland, in the North East of England,and after exploring the world of nuclear physics, joined British Airways at a time when it wasembarking upon becoming “the world’s favourite airline” with roles in sales, marketing and brandmanagement.He went on to work with many of the world’s leading companies, helping them to grow moreprofitably by becoming more customer-centric in their structure, operations and leadership. Heworks across sectors, encouraging business leaders to take a customer perspective, and learningfrom different types of experiences. His clients include American Express and Aeroflot, Coca Colaand Cooperative Bank, HSBC and , Marks & Spencer and Microsoft, O2 and Orange,Philips and Red Bull, Shell and Tata Steel, Teliasonera and Turkcell, Vitra and Virgin, Visa andVodafone.He was also the transforming CEO of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the world’s largestmarketing organisation. He led the strategic marketing consulting team of PA Consulting Group, wasMD of Brand Finance and partner of The Foundation, before founding his own business. He wasrecently described by Business Strategy Review as “one of the best new business thinkers” and is indemand around the world as an expert advisor and energising speaker.
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