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Gamechangers 3 : Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant


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Part 3 of Peter Fisk's keynote and masterclass at the CMO Latam Summit 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina ... More at ... or email

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Gamechangers 3 : Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant

  1. 1. GAMECHANGERS LATAM @geniusworks
  3. 3. Time to think differently
  8. 8. Have a bigger vision +genius 1
  9. 9. Xiaomi, the new Apple
  10. 10. SpaceX redefines space travel
  11. 11. New disruptive technologies Big human challenges Radical innovations © Peter Fisk 2018 Solve important problems2
  12. 12. Accelerate ideas to action3
  13. 13. +genius Better view of the future Smarter ways to innovate Faster ability to implement © Peter Fisk 2018 Accelerate ideas to action
  14. 14. … aligning people, to accelerate the future together Have a growth mindset4
  15. 15. +genius © Peter Fisk 2018 Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset
  16. 16. +genius
  17. 17. +genius © Peter Fisk 2018 Satya Nadella
  18. 18. Brain elasticity
  19. 19. FASTACTION1 How could you “reframe” your business? +genius Why? What?
  20. 20. FASTACTION2 What is your “moonshot” for your business? +genius 10% better 10x better
  21. 21. FASTACTION3 Which “gamechanger” ideas could you adopt? +genius
  22. 22. FASTACTION4 How could you change your “business model”? +genius
  23. 23. FASTACTION5 How will you lead the future of your business? +genius Growth Innovation
  24. 24. Accelerated Innovation +genius innolab
  25. 25. Accelerated Innovation +genius innolab
  26. 26. Opening up Exploring Creating Accelerated Innovation +genius innolab
  27. 27. Opening up Exploring Creating Closing down Implementing Accelerating Accelerated Innovation +genius innolab
  28. 28. Leaders create the future Accelerated Innovation +genius innolab
  29. 29. Leaders create the future Leaders accelerate the action Accelerated Innovation +genius innolab
  30. 30. World changing Change drivers Market disruptors Customer foresight Inspiring vision Business ambition Exploring possibilities Future scenarios Growth potential Opportunities analysis Future narrative Value impact Horizon Planning 5 + 3 + 1 Year horizons Activities and deliverables Milestones and metrics Implementation Plan Technology plan Process plan People plan Business impact Growth scorecard Value creation model Accelerate quick wins Technology options Digital maturity audit Technology scenarios Impact analysis Customer applications Value propositions Experience design Products and services Innovative solutions Business model design Solution design Options evaluation Book of Dreams, Part 1 Future Vision and Business Possibilities Book of Dreams, Part 2 Strategic Options for Innovation and Growth Book of Dreams, Part 3 Growth Roadmap and Implementation Plan Future Lab Design Lab Action Lab “Dream” “Design” “Deliver” Accelerated Innovation +genius innolab © Peter Fisk 2019
  31. 31. Eliud Kipchoge
  32. 32. Eliud Kipchoge Tan Li JK RowlingElon Musk Creating the Future
  33. 33. Tan Le
  34. 34. Mary Barra Mikkel Bjergso Jack MaEmily Weiss Innovating the Business
  35. 35. Mikkel Bjergso
  36. 36. Anne Wojcicki Satya Nadella Masayoshi SonZhang Xin Changing the World
  37. 37. Zhang Xin
  38. 38. What will you do?
  39. 39. Acting with speed and agility Connecting ideas and people Passion to make life better Having an audacious attitude Shaping your own vision Making sense of change Persisting to make it happen © Peter Fisk 2018
  40. 40. Dream Crazy
  41. 41. Be bold
  42. 42. Be bold Be brave
  43. 43. Be bold Be brave Be brilliant
  44. 44. 53 Winning in an incredible new world Peter Fisk helps business leaders makesenseof afast-changing world, tofind thebest newopportunities for growth, toembracethebest newideas throughinsight and creativity, torethinktheirentirevisionand strategy, business model and customer experience. Being 10% better is just enoughtocompeteintoday’s world, tostand still. Thereal questionis howtobe10times better, toget ahead, tostandout, tobe theleader whohelps thebusiness createand deliver futuresuccess. Peter works across theworld, helping business leaders todevelop innovativestrategies for business and brands. Heis athinker, advisor and practical entrepreneur. Heis Professor of Strategy, Innovationand Marketing at IE Business School, oneof theworld’s top ranked business schools, whilst alsofounder and CEOof GeniusWorks, aboutiqueconsulting firm, helping clients across every sector tomakesenseof fast- changing markets, and find newways tothink, competeand win. Having trained as anuclear physicist, Peter moved tomanaging brands likeConcordeat BritishAirways, helping Microsoft toadopt avalue- based marketing model, and Virgintolaunchintonewmarkets. As ahighly experienced consultant hehas worked inevery sector and regionof theworld. As CEOof theworld’s largest marketing organisation, theChartered Instituteof Marketing, hebecameaglobal authority onwhat’s best and next inbusiness and markets. Finding his ownspace, hefounded GeniusWorks, withoffices inLondonand Istanbul. Heworks withcompanies big and small, food tofashion, skincaretostockexchanges, hightechtohuman –and organisations as diverseas Aeroflot and BanyanTree, Cartier toCoty, CocaColaand Club Med, Cooperativeand Courvoisier, Davidoff and DSM, Eczacibasi and Fat Face, Fosters and GSK, Hershey’s and Mars, M&Sand Nestle, Microsoft and O2, Phillips and Philosophy, Red Bull andSavola, Santander and Skanska, Shell and Tata, Teliaand Turkcell, Unilever and UAE Government , Virginand Visa, Vodafoneand Yapi Kredi –tothinkbigger andsmarter, develop innovativestrategies, bolder brands, and accelerategrowth. Peter’s newbook“Gamechangers: Areyouready tochangetheworld?” explores thenext generationof business andbrands, shaking up markets, innovating and winning innewways. Based on100global casestudies, it explores thechallenges of newmarkets, changing customers, brand building, newbusiness models, real-timemarketing, harnessing social media, inspiring leadership and positive impact. It has beennominated for Management Bookof theYear. His other books include“Marketing Genius” explores theleft and right-brainchallenges of success, and is translated into35languages. It was followed by fiveothers –“Business Genius” onleadership and strategy, “Customer Genius” onbuilding acustomer-centric business, “PeoplePlanet Profit” onsustainableinnovation, and“CreativeGenius”, theinnovationhandbookfor business leaders, defining what it takes to beLeonardodaVinci inthe21st Century. Peter features intheGuruRadar of Thinkers50, and was described by Business Strategy Journal as “oneof thebest newbusiness thinkers”. His adviceis sought after by business leaders around theworld, headds specialist expertisetokey projects, combining newideas withpractical action, inspirationand impact. Helping youtofind your ownspace, tobeleaders of change–tobebold, braveandbrilliant. Email:
  45. 45. @geniusworks