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Gamechangers 2 : Leading Innovation and Growth


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Part 2 of Peter Fisk's keynote and masterclass at the CMO Latam Summit 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina ... More at ... or email

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Gamechangers 2 : Leading Innovation and Growth

  2. 2. Innovating “future back” Innovating for Growth Innovating “outside in”
  3. 3. How to Lime +genius
  4. 4. Lime’s electric scooters
  5. 5. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius Nike’s Leadership Manifesto Page 39
  6. 6. Christiansen on disruption …
  7. 7. “Disruptive innovation”
  8. 8. ARMARM Technologies
  9. 9. Focus on the “Jobs to be Done” of your Customers Clay Christensen1Dru on disruption …
  10. 10. “Disruption marketing”
  11. 11. Lucky Iron Fish
  12. 12. Shaping your own vision Innovation waves
  13. 13. A world of limitless opportunity
  14. 14. AI as rocket fuel for business
  15. 15. AliveCor electrocardiogram autonomous vehicles Infervision radiology analytics tion systems American Express fraud detection Grammarly better writing Lemonade cheaper insurance Pinterest Lens instant shopping Burberry personal shopping HeartFlow diagnostics Netflix personal movies Rare Carat real diamonds Darktrace cyber security Barbie is your best friend Nvidia virtual worlds Symrise perfect fragrances AI as rocket fuel for business
  16. 16. Lemonade Insurance … claims processed in 3 seconds
  17. 17. Lemonade Insurance
  18. 18. DNAofthe21stCenturyBusiness The 21st Century Business is enlightened and energised by a changing world. It harnesses the power of human ingenuity and intelligent technologies to be a force for progress in society, creating and sharing value amongst all participants. DNAofthe21stCenturyBusiness
  19. 19. Profit model Finance Networking 2. Networking ecosystem 1. Business model how the enterprise makes money Channel Experience Brand Customer engagement 10. Customer experience how you create an overall experience for customers 9. Brand how you express your offering’s benefit to customers Process Configuration Structure 3. Organisation and capabilities 4. Core process proprietary processes that add value 6. Product system extended system that surrounds an offering Product performance Offering Product system Service 7. Service how you service your customers 5. Product performance basic features, performance and functionality 8. Channel how you connect your offerings to your customers 10 types of innovation
  20. 20. Volume of innovation efforts Last 10 years Profit model Finance Networking Channel Experience Brand Customer engagement Process Configuration Structure Product performance Offering Product system Service 10 types of innovation
  21. 21. Profit model Finance Networking Channel Experience Brand Customer engagement Process Configuration Structure Product performance Offering Product system Service Cumulative value creation Last 10 years 10 types of innovation
  22. 22. 10 types of innovation
  23. 23. 10 types of innovation
  24. 24. Innovating for Growth Innovating “outside in”
  25. 25. CustomerBusiness Innovative from the “outside in” © Peter Fisk 2018
  26. 26. 7 customer centric shifts +genius About customers Benefits Propositions Experiences Personalised Collaborative Communal About companies Features Products Solutions Consistent Delivered Individual
  27. 27. Airbnb
  28. 28. +genius What do you enable people to do?
  29. 29. +genius What do you enable people to do? Why? What?
  30. 30. WhyWhat “Reframing” around customers © Peter Fisk 2018
  31. 31. Consumer trends
  32. 32. DBS Bank … the world’s best bank
  33. 33. DBS Bank … reimagining money, reinventing banks
  34. 34. DBS Bank … making banking invisible
  35. 35. ! © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book
  36. 36. Rapha Cycle Club
  37. 37. Rapha Cycle Clubs +genius
  38. 38. +genius
  39. 39. +genius
  40. 40. How to multiply your impact? Ideas Brands Networks Platforms Communities Ecosystems
  41. 41. Business models +genius
  42. 42. Donut selling Low priced core than sell extras Ryanair SAP Affiliate selling Helping others to sell products Amazon Pinterest Auction platform Selling other products to highest bid Ebay Elance Barter goods Exchange goods, no money Pay/Tweet Barterbook Cash advance Customer pays before goods made Dell Groupon Cross selling Sell adjacent products to sell more Tchibo Shell Crowd funding Financed by fans as first consumers Pebble Brainpool Crowd sourcing Ideas from customers for reward Threadless P&G Digital Formats Turning physical into digital goods Netflix Dropbox Direct selling Brand sold direct to customer FirstDirect AussieFarm selling Customer buys more than product Harley Dav Red Bull Flat rate pricing Single fee or subscrip. for unlimited use Netflix Sandals Fractional Ownership Customers each own shares Netjets Homebuy Franchise brand Licensing format for a fee and % Spar Lufthansa Freemium payment Free basic then charge for premium Skype Spotify Guarantee avaiiable Availability becomes key promise Netjets Hilti Guarantee replace Builds trust in quality and loyalty Timberland Tumi revenue Alternative sources, eg advertising Google Metro Ingredient branding Branded part other brand proposition Goretex Intel Integrated supply Efficiency through supply chain Zara ExxonMobil Brand Curator Bringing together best brands Fab Pos.Luxury Functional specialist Adding one expert step to others PayPal Trust-e Data Leverage Reselling aggregated customer data Facebook 23andMe License brand License brand or patent IP Ed Hardy ARM Unique Format Lock-in to compatible formats HP iTunes Long tail range Offer huge range to many niches Amazon iTunes Mass Customise Make it personal for each person Dell BMW No Frills Simple and minimal spec at lower cost Southwest Accor Open Source Make IP available to everyone Android Tesla Solution Integrator Connecting all sources and partners Li & Fung Accenture Pay per use Payment metered by use or time Zipcars Azuri Tech Pay what you want Customer choose the price Radiohead Panera Shared use Customers buy same product Airbnb RelayRides Peer to Peer Customers buy from customers Craigslist Zopa Results based Price based on agreed outcomes Rolls Royce Xerox Razor and Blade Low price core, high price refills Gillette Nespresso Rent don’t buy Time based fee for period of use Xerox Regus Revenue sharing Share with others to inc custom base AA/BA App Store Reverse Innovate Sell simple products in mainstream Haier OneLaptop One for One Charge the rich to fund the poor Toms Narayana Self service Customers do more themselves IKEA McDonalds Quality assurance Certification and trusted endorsement ISO Verisign Multilevel marketing Pyramid of customer selling Tupperware Avon Subscribe to it Customer pays regular fee Time DollarShave Bottom of pyramid Tailor offer to less wealthy customers Tata Nano Walmart Trash to cash Turn waster into new products Braskom Ekocycle Dynamic pricing Prices changes by demand Priceline WallSt Bar Co-create Design Customers are co- designers of products Threadless Local Motors White label Make products for another brand Cott McBride Doing good Benefits society or environment Oxfam Ecotricity Experience Advertising © GeniusWorks 2017 Business models … 50 archetypes to adopt and adapt +genius
  43. 43. Nespresso’s business model
  44. 44. +genius Tesla’s business model
  45. 45. +genius
  46. 46. +genius
  47. 47. +genius
  48. 48. +genius
  49. 49. 7 business model shifts +genius Digital Services Relationships Sustainable Platforms Stakeholder Exponential Physical Products Transactions Resourceful Sales Shareholders Linear
  50. 50. +genius Business model canvas
  51. 51. +genius Exponential business models
  52. 52. Tencent … China’s largest tech company
  53. 53. Tencent … an ecosystem around WeChat
  54. 54. Innovating “future back” Innovating for Growth Innovating “outside in”
  55. 55. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book Innovation from the “future Back”
  56. 56. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book
  57. 57. +genius “Future Back” Futureback Now forward What is the future we want to create? 2024 Redefine how to move forwards 2020 © Peter Fisk 2018
  58. 58. +genius
  59. 59. +genius
  60. 60. What will the future look like?Journey from the “future back”
  61. 61. What will the future look like?Journey from the “future back” 2030 2020 2022 2024 2026 2028 Asteroid mining takes off Driverless cars now dominate 3d printed food is normal High resolution bionic eyes Hyperloop launches in Mumbai Micro-proteins become popular Vertical farming in Arab/Africa DNA profiling for everyone Brain as control device Life on Mars 8bn people on Earth India is largest nation Arctic ice cap melts Carbon fuels are banned China is largest economy Sagrada Familia finished 97% assets now intangible Education dominates online First asteroid landing 2029 2027 2025 2023 2021 Wireless electricity in homes
  62. 62. Google’s Moonshot Factory
  63. 63. Why be 10% better? When you could be 10x better?
  64. 64. “Moonshot thinking” What if you thought bigger – with 10 times impact, rather than than 10% - How could you do it? © GeniusWorks 2018 10% better 10x better
  65. 65. +genius … bigger ideas, unlimited by today Start from the “future Back”
  66. 66. 5 Year Vision “Future Back” Growth Roadmap
  67. 67. 3 Year 5 Year Vision Vision “Future Back” Growth Roadmap
  68. 68. 3 Year 5 Year Vision Vision Vision “Future Back” Growth Roadmap 1 Year
  69. 69. 3 Year 5 Year VisionActivity VisionActivity VisionActivity “Future Back” Growth Roadmap 1 Year
  70. 70. 3 Year 5 Year VisionActivityResult VisionActivityResult VisionActivityResult “Future Back” Growth Roadmap 1 Year
  71. 71. Innovating “future back” Innovating for Growth Innovating “outside in”
  72. 72. 88 Winning in an incredible new world Peter Fisk helps business leaders makesenseof afast-changing world, tofind thebest newopportunities for growth, toembracethebest newideas throughinsight and creativity, torethinktheirentirevisionand strategy, business model and customer experience. Being 10% better is just enoughtocompeteintoday’s world, tostand still. Thereal questionis howtobe10times better, toget ahead, tostandout, tobe theleader whohelps thebusiness createand deliver futuresuccess. Peter works across theworld, helping business leaders todevelop innovativestrategies for business and brands. Heis athinker, advisor and practical entrepreneur. Heis Professor of Strategy, Innovationand Marketing at IE Business School, oneof theworld’s top ranked business schools, whilst alsofounder and CEOof GeniusWorks, aboutiqueconsulting firm, helping clients across every sector tomakesenseof fast- changing markets, and find newways tothink, competeand win. Having trained as anuclear physicist, Peter moved tomanaging brands likeConcordeat BritishAirways, helping Microsoft toadopt avalue- based marketing model, and Virgintolaunchintonewmarkets. As ahighly experienced consultant hehas worked inevery sector and regionof theworld. As CEOof theworld’s largest marketing organisation, theChartered Instituteof Marketing, hebecameaglobal authority onwhat’s best and next inbusiness and markets. Finding his ownspace, hefounded GeniusWorks, withoffices inLondonand Istanbul. Heworks withcompanies big and small, food tofashion, skincaretostockexchanges, hightechtohuman –and organisations as diverseas Aeroflot and BanyanTree, Cartier toCoty, CocaColaand Club Med, Cooperativeand Courvoisier, Davidoff and DSM, Eczacibasi and Fat Face, Fosters and GSK, Hershey’s and Mars, M&Sand Nestle, Microsoft and O2, Phillips and Philosophy, Red Bull andSavola, Santander and Skanska, Shell and Tata, Teliaand Turkcell, Unilever and UAE Government , Virginand Visa, Vodafoneand Yapi Kredi –tothinkbigger andsmarter, develop innovativestrategies, bolder brands, and accelerategrowth. Peter’s newbook“Gamechangers: Areyouready tochangetheworld?” explores thenext generationof business andbrands, shaking up markets, innovating and winning innewways. Based on100global casestudies, it explores thechallenges of newmarkets, changing customers, brand building, newbusiness models, real-timemarketing, harnessing social media, inspiring leadership and positive impact. It has beennominated for Management Bookof theYear. His other books include“Marketing Genius” explores theleft and right-brainchallenges of success, and is translated into35languages. It was followed by fiveothers –“Business Genius” onleadership and strategy, “Customer Genius” onbuilding acustomer-centric business, “PeoplePlanet Profit” onsustainableinnovation, and“CreativeGenius”, theinnovationhandbookfor business leaders, defining what it takes to beLeonardodaVinci inthe21st Century. Peter features intheGuruRadar of Thinkers50, and was described by Business Strategy Journal as “oneof thebest newbusiness thinkers”. His adviceis sought after by business leaders around theworld, headds specialist expertisetokey projects, combining newideas withpractical action, inspirationand impact. Helping youtofind your ownspace, tobeleaders of change–tobebold, braveandbrilliant. Email:
  73. 73. @geniusworks