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Future Recoded: How tech will change life in the new future


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Summary of Peter Fisk's opening keynote at the Ambrosetti Forum 2020 organised by the European House, Italy, May 2020 ... Explores the emerging post-pendemic future, shaped by changing behaviours and new technologies ... crisis as catalyst for innovation, accelerating the future, and reimagining business ... more at or email

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Future Recoded: How tech will change life in the new future

  1. 1. FUTURE RECODEDHow technology will change life in the ‘new future’ Peter Fisk Founder of GeniusWorks Professor at IE Business School @GeniusWorks
  2. 2. Crisis as catalyst of INNOVATION 57% of companies born in a downturn Surfing the Schumpeter waves Everything shaken-up © Peter Fisk 2020
  3. 3. Aging world … shift from young to old Booming Asia … shift from west to east Cognitive tech … shift from automation to intelligence Dense living… shift from nations to megacities Eco renewal… shift from crisis to circularity Accelerating the future MEGATRENDS 45% increase in world’s over 60 year olds by 2030, 80% of them in Asia Asia’s new middle class worth $10 trillion by 2030, 66% of global middle 60% of all jobs will be at least 30% automated, by 2030, plus many new jobs 45 megacities, over 10 million, 33 of them in Asia, and then in Africa Demand growth by 2030, 35% more food, 40% more water, 50% more energy © Peter Fisk 2020
  4. 4. Distributed work Agile Remote Freelance Intelligent health Digital Analytical Tracked Platform retail Automated Cashless Delivered Personal mobility Individual Electric Local Lifelong education Flexible Options Hybrid Digital self Connected Belonging Enabled More intelligent solutions … more liquid businesses Driving human and tech INGENUITY © Peter Fisk 2020
  5. 5. Courage to lead a BETTER FUTURE Profit machine to enlightened progress Uncertain survival to futuristic growth Marginal competition to market creating Technology obsession to human ingenuity Passive hierarchies to dynamic ecosystems Incremental change to sustaining portfolios Good managers to courageous leaders © Peter Fisk 2020
  6. 6. Peter Fisk @geniusworks What will you do?