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DISRUPTION ... Innovating and Accelerating Growth


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Summary of keynote for business leaders at YPO Forum in Copenhagen March 2017 ... More info from or by email

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DISRUPTION ... Innovating and Accelerating Growth

  3. 3. We live in an incredible time
  4. 4. Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous
  5. 5. Vibrant Unreal Crazy Astounding
  6. 6. Virtual world becomes real
  7. 7. The world’s biggest sports event
  8. 8. IOT creates connected clothes
  9. 9. Alibaba’s $20bn sales in one day
  10. 10. Magic Leap’s cinematic VR
  11. 11. Snap looks beyond chat
  12. 12. Starbucks wants refugees
  13. 13. Ava’s artificial winery
  14. 14. $99 to profile your DNA
  15. 15. Heart surgery by joystick
  16. 16. Unlimited exec jet travel
  17. 17. Driverless in Singapore
  18. 18. Nanodegrees in the future
  19. 19. Quarzazate Solar Farm
  20. 20. Xiaomi, the new AppleHyperloop redefines speed
  21. 21. Global internet for all
  22. 22. Anything is possible
  23. 23. Worldchanging decade 2010 Pop 6.9Bn GDP $63T G7 2020 Pop 7.7Bn GDP $90T E7 E7 = China, Malaysia, Chile, Poland, Peru, Mexico, Philippines
  24. 24. Worldchanging decade 2010 Pop 6.9Bn GDP $63T G7 2020 Pop 7.7Bn GDP $90T E7
  25. 25. Megacities: 70% by 2030
  26. 26. The new silk road
  27. 27. Climate change: 4 degrees
  28. 28. New geopolitics
  29. 29. Tectonic shifts +genius
  30. 30. East Small West Big +genius ProfitVolume
  31. 31. You can do anything
  32. 32. Ideas economy
  33. 33. Consumer Pull Individual Business Push Average +genius
  34. 34. Think beyond products
  35. 35. Tap into emotions
  36. 36. ImaginationCapability +genius TalentExperience ExponentialImprovement
  37. 37. Exponential world
  38. 38. Exponential growth
  39. 39. Exponential growth
  41. 41. Audacious ideas +genius
  42. 42. Moonshot Factory
  43. 43. Why be 10% better? +genius When you could be 10x better?
  44. 44. Shaping the future +genius
  45. 45. es 1. 23 & Me 2. Aravind 3. Editas 4. Genentech 5. Intuitive Surgical 6. Narayana Hosp 7. Organova 8. PatientsLikeMe 9. Scanadu 10. Second Sight 1. Amazon 2. Aussie Farmers 3. Etsy 4. Farfetch 5. Le Pain Quotidien 6. Pinterest 7. Positive Luxury 8. Rackuten Ichiba 9. Trader Joe’s 10. Zappos 1. Apple 2. Beauty’in 3. DJI 4. Go Pro 5. Lego 6. Method 7. Natura 8. Nike+ 9. Oculus Rift 10. Renova 1. Alibaba 2. ARM 3. Bharti Airtel 4. GE 5. Google X 6. OneWeb 7. Raspberry Pi 8. Samsung 9. Slack 10. Xiaomi 1. Aeromobil 2. Air Asia 3. Airbnb 4. CitizenM 5. Emirates 6. Kulula 7. RedBus 8. Uber 9. Virgin Galactic 10. Zipcars 1. 3DHubs 2. Corning 3. DP World 4. Dyson 5. Embraer 6. Local Motors 7. Space X 8. Syngenta 9. Tata 10. Tesla 1. Brewdog 2. GrameenDanone 3. Graze 4. Juan Valdez 5. LA Organic 6. Moa Beer 7. Modern Meadow 8. Nespresso 9. Yeni Reki 10. Zespri 1. Ashmei 2. 1Atelier 3. Desigual 4. Jonny Cupcake 5. Inditex 6. Patagonia 7. Rapha 8. Shang Xai 9. Threadless 10. Tom’s 1. Aspiration 2. Fidor 3. First National 4. Moven 5. M-Pesa 6. Robinhood 7. Square 8. TransferWise 9. Umpqau 10. Zidisha 1. Al Jazeera 2. Buzzfeed 3. Netflix 4. Pledge Music 5. Red Bull 6. RiotGames 7. Snap 8. Ushahida 9. ViceMedia 10. WeChat futureproduct futurefashion futurefood futurehealth futuretech futuremakersfuturebank futuretravel Thi N/S American brands European brands African/Arab brands Asia/Pacific brands futuremedia 1. Ashoka 2. AzuriTech 3. Graal Bio 4. IBM Watson 5. IDEO 6. Kickstarter 7. Li & Fung 8. Live Nation 9. Salesforce 10. Y Combinator 1. Bitcoin 2. Bhutan 3. City FC 4. The Elders 5. FanDuel 6. ParkRun 7. Michelle Phen 8. Planetary Res 9. Udacity 10. You futureservice futurebrands © Peter Fisk 2017 futurestore Disruptive innovators shaking up every market … right now!
  46. 46. Gamechangers Denmark?
  47. 47. What is Education 4.0? Goodwings Lego Boost Momondo Novozymes Pandora Vipp Gamechangers Denmark Bjarke Ingels Group Coloplast Flying Tiger Copenhagen
  48. 48. audacious
  49. 49. intelligent
  50. 50. networked
  51. 51. collaborative
  52. 52. Change Why enabling
  53. 53. +genius Think Tesla
  54. 54. +genius
  55. 55. +genius Think Nespresso
  56. 56. © Peter Fisk 2013
  57. 57. +genius Rocket’s Creative Beer
  58. 58. © Peter Fisk 2013
  59. 59. +genius Lululemon’s Yoga Beer
  60. 60. © Peter Fisk 2013
  61. 61. New Zealand’s Moa Beer
  62. 62. © Peter Fisk 2013
  63. 63. +genius Beer 52 by Subscription
  64. 64. © Peter Fisk 2013 How could you change your game?
  66. 66. Ideas that spread
  67. 67. Networks that multiply
  68. 68. +genius 1. Future back
  69. 69. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius 2021 2016 1. Future back
  70. 70. +genius 2. Customer immersion
  71. 71. © Peter Fisk 2015 More details in the new “Gamechangers” book +genius CustomerBusiness
  72. 72. +genius Nike+ Sports not Sportswear
  73. 73. +genius 3. Disruptive innovation
  74. 74. Donut selling Low priced core than sell extras Ryanair SAP Affiliate selling Helping others to sell products Amazon Pinterest Auction platform Selling other products to highest bid Ebay Elance Barter goods Exchange goods, no money Pay/Tweet Barterbook Cash advance Customer pays before goods made Dell Groupon Cross selling Sell adjacent products to sell more Tchibo Shell Crowd funding Financed by fans as first consumers Pebble Brainpool Crowd sourcing Ideas from customers for reward Threadless P&G Digital Formats Turning physical into digital goods Netflix Dropbox Direct selling Brand sold direct to customer FirstDirect AussieFarm selling Customer buys more than product Harley Dav Red Bull Flat rate pricing Single fee or subscrip. for unlimited use Netflix Sandals Fractional Ownership Customers each own shares Netjets Homebuy Franchise brand Licensing format for a fee and % Spar Lufthansa Freemium payment Free basic then charge for premium Skype Spotify Guarantee avaiiable Availability becomes key promise Netjets Hilti Guarantee replace Builds trust in quality and loyalty Timberland Tumi revenue Alternative sources, eg advertising Google Metro Ingredient branding Branded part other brand proposition Goretex Intel Integrated supply Efficiency through supplychain Zara ExxonMobil Brand Curator Bringing together best brands Fab Pos.Luxury Functional specialist Adding one expert step to others PayPal Trust-e Data Leverage Reselling aggregated customer data Facebook 23andMe License brand License brand or patent IP Ed Hardy ARM Unique Format Lock-in to compatible formats HP iTunes Long tail range Offer huge range to many niches Amazon iTunes Mass Customise Make it personal for each person Dell BMW No Frills Simple and minimal spec at lower cost Southwest Accor Open Source Make IP available to everyone Android Tesla Solution Integrator Connecting all sources and partners Li & Fung Accenture Pay per use Payment metered by use or time Zipcars Azuri Tech Pay what you want Customer choose the price Radiohead Panera Shared use Customers buy same product Airbnb RelayRides Peer to Peer Customers buy from customers Craigslist Zopa Results based Price based on agreed outcomes Rolls Royce Xerox Razor and Blade Low price core, high price refills Gillette Nespresso Rent don’t buy Time based fee for period of use Xerox Regus Revenue sharing Share with others to inc custom base AA/BA App Store Reverse Innovate Sell simple products in mainstream Haier OneLaptop One for One Charge the rich to fund the poor Toms Narayana Self service Customers do more themselves IKEA McDonalds Quality assurance Certification and trusted endorsement ISO Verisign Multilevel marketing Pyramid of customer selling Tupperware Avon Subscribe to it Customer pays regular fee Time DollarShave Bottom of pyramid Tailor offer to less wealthy customers Tata Nano Walmart Trash to cash Turn waster into new products Braskom Ekocycle Dynamic pricing Prices changes by demand Priceline WallSt Bar Co-create Design Customers are co- designers of products Threadless Local Motors White label Make products for another brand Cott McBride Doing good Benefits society or environment Oxfam Ecotricity Experience Advertising © GeniusWorks 2015 GAMECHANGERS: 50 DIFFERENT BUSINESS MODELS
  75. 75. Amazon buttons
  76. 76. +genius 4. Brand storytelling
  77. 77. +genius Realtime, relevant, shared content
  78. 78. +genius 5. Enabling experiences
  79. 79. Products Addedvalue Added relevance Enabling people to do more Services Experience Purchase Experience Usage experience Enabling Experience
  80. 80. +genius 6. Social influencers
  81. 81. Movement Collaborative Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Brand- enabled community Co-enable Co-design Co-create Co-sellCo-support Co-consume Collaborative communities
  82. 82. +genius 7. Exponential impact
  83. 83. +genius Accelerating ideas and networks
  84. 84. What will you do?
  85. 85. Acting with speed and agility Connecting ideas and people Passion to make life better Having an audacious attitude Shaping your own vision Making sense of change Persisting to make it happen © Peter Fisk 2014
  86. 86. +genius Are you ready to change your game?
  87. 87. +genius
  88. 88. Creative Disruption: Smarter innovation and faster growth ß ß ß ß ß Growth hacking Market mapping Innovative strategy Customer solutions Making it happen ß ß ß ß ß Design thinking Market disruptors Concept fusions Business models Accelerating action Page 16 Vision3 Vision2 Vision1 Deliverables3 Deliverables2 Deliverables1 Results3 Results2 Results1 Horizon 1 delivers excellence and quick wins Horizon 2 delivers new concepts and extensions Horizon 3 delivers breakthroughs and a new core What products and services do we bring together for our customers? Customers Communication PartnersOfferings Channels Relationships Processes Revenue streams Pricing models Coststreams Investments Who are our target segments of customers and users? Which types of distribution channels will we use to reach customers? What kind of relationship do customers seek with us, and each other? Who are the external partners to help us create and deliver the offerings? What distinctive assets do we have to use in existing or new ways? What benefits do we enable our customers to achieve? What are the main internal activities to create and deliver the offerings? What are the main sources of revenue, and which could be largest? How, when and how often will we charge customers? What are the most significant ongoing costs to create and deliver the offerings? How much do we need to spend before we start earning? Proposition Resources What are the main internal resources to create and deliver the offerings? Assets Products & Services What brand do we use? What are the key messages, and how do we engage customers? Customer BrandJobs Gains Pains What benefits does the customer expect or desire, both rational and emotional? What are the negatives in their current experience, both Rational and emotional? What is the customer trying to do – the job they want to do, or new goal to achieve? Gain creators How do the products and services create customer gain, for example savings that make them happy, or deliver outcomes beyond expectations? Pain relievers Products and services How do the products and services remove the negatives, eg save time and effort, make them fee better, remove negative impacts, or fears? What are all the product and service components that enable the customer to achieve their job? 2021 Where are the relevant high growth markets? 2018 2016 Who are the relevant high growth customers? What are the relevant high growth categories? What are the relevant high growth products/services? 2021 2016 Idea Create Improve Pivot © GeniusWorks 2016 CATALYSTS PARALLELS ASSETS PARADOX
  89. 89. +genius
  90. 90. Time to be an exponential leader
  91. 91. Be bold Be brave Be brilliant
  92. 92. Peter Fisk helps business leaders make sense of a fast-changing world, to find the best new opportunities for growth, to embrace the best new ideas through insight and creativity, to rethink their entire vision and strategy, business model and customer experience. Being 10% better is just enough to compete in today’s world, to stand still. The real question is how to be 10 times better, to get ahead, to stand out, to be the leader who helps the business create and deliver future success. Peter works across the world, helping business leaders to develop innovative strategies for business and brands. He is a thinker, advisor and practical entrepreneur. He is Professor of Strategy, Innovation and Marketing at IE Business School, one of the world’s top ranked business schools, whilst also founder and CEO of GeniusWorks, a boutique consulting firm, helping clients across every sector to make sense of fast-changing markets, and find new ways to think, compete and win. Having trained as a nuclear physicist, Peter moved to managing brands like Concorde at British Airways, helping Microsoft to adopt a value-based marketing model, and Virgin to launch into new markets. As a highly experienced consultant he has worked in every sector and region of the world. As CEO of the world’s largest marketing organisation, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, he became a global authority on what’s best and next in business and markets. Finding his own space, he founded GeniusWorks, with offices in London and Istanbul. He works with companies big and small, food to fashion, skincare to stock exchanges, high tech to human – and brands as diverse as Aeroflot and Banyan Tree, Coca Cola and Club Med, Cooperative and Courvoisier, Davidoff and DSM, Eczacibasi and Fat Face, Fosters and GSK, Hershey’s and Mars, M&S and Nestle, Microsoft and O2, Phillips and Philosophy, Red Bull and Sabre, Santander and Skanska, Shell and Tata, Telia and Turkcell, Unilever and VB Beer, Virgin and Visa, Vodafone and Yapi Kredi – to think bigger and smarter, develop innovative strategies, bolder brands, and accelerate growth. Peter’s new book “Gamechangers: Are you ready to change the world?” explores the next generation of business and brands, shaking up markets, innovating and winning in new ways. Based on 100 global case studies, it explores the challenges of new markets, changing customers, brand building, new business models, real-time marketing, harnessing social media, inspiring leadership and positive impact. It has been nominated for Management Book of the Year 2015. His other books include “Marketing Genius” explores the left and right-brain challenges of success, and is translated into 35 languages. It was followed by five others – “Business Genius” on leadership and strategy, “Customer Genius” on building a customer-centric business, “People Planet Profit” on sustainable innovation, and “Creative Genius”, the innovation handbook for business leaders, defining what it takes to be Leonardo da Vinci in the 21st Century. Growing up in rural Northumberland, in the north of England, Peter has a love of running that has taken him from a youthful mile champion to still running every day, 35 years later. He now lives in Teddington, to the west of London, surrounded by the Royal Parks of King Henry VI and his hunting deer. He is married with two teenage daughters, who keep him real and in touch with the Snapchat, Netflix lifestyles of Gen Z. Inspired by his first job in the airline world, he loves to travel far and wide, indulge in Asian food, together with a well chilled Sauvignon Blanc. His favourite brands range from Ashmei running gear to Rapha cycle club, Paul Smith’s fashion design and House Café in Istanbul, New York’s MOMA to New Zealand’s great Moa Beer. Peter features in the Guru Radar of Thinkers50, and was described by Business Strategy Journal as “one of the best new business thinkers”. His advice is sought after by business leaders around the world, he adds specialist expertise to key projects, combining new ideas with practical action, inspiration and impact. Helping you to find your own space, to be leaders of change – to be bold, brave and brilliant. Email: Phone: +44 7834483830 Twitter: @geniusworks Website: 77 Peter Fisk
  93. 93.