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Courageous Leadership


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Peter Fisk's masterclass at the &Now Business and Technology Festival in Istanbul, May 2018 ... Having the courage to lead in an incredible world of change, to drive radical innovation and faster growth ... More info about keynotes, workshops and exec programs at or email

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Courageous Leadership

  1. 1. COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP @geniusworks
  2. 2. Courage Change Leadership
  3. 3. Change
  4. 4. We live in an incredible time
  5. 5. We live in an incredible time More change in the next 10 years Than in the last 250 years
  6. 6. Sophia is the new Saudi
  7. 7. Driverless in Singapore
  8. 8. The world’s biggest sports event
  9. 9. Reliance’s “free” Jio phone in India
  10. 10. 3D printed homes for $4000
  11. 11. Anything is possible
  12. 12. Tesla is now bigger than Ford
  13. 13. Xiaomi, the new AppleHyperloop redefines travel
  14. 14. SpaceX redefines space travel
  15. 15. es 1. 23 & Me 2. Aravind 3. CVS Health 4. Editas 5. Intuitive Surgical 6. Narayana Hosp 7. OneOme 8. Organova 9. PatientsLikeMe 10. Second Sight 1. Amazon 2. Aussie Farmers 3. Casper 4. Etsy 5. Glossier 6. Positive Luxury 7. Rapha 8. Supreme 9. Trader Joe’s 10. Warby Parker 1. Apple 2. Beauty’in 3. DJI 4. Go Pro 5. Lego 6. Method 7. Natura 8. Nike+ 9. Oculus Rift 10. Renova 1. Alibaba 2. ARM 3. Darktrace 4. Google X 5. Huawei 6. Magic Leap 7. Raspberry Pi 8. Reliance Jio 9. Samsung 10. Tencent 1. Aeromobil 2. Air Asia 3. Airbnb 4. Emirates 5. HyperloopOne 6. Kulula 7. Ofo 8. RedBus 9. Uber 10. Zipcars 1. 3DHubs 2. Aerofarms 3. Braskem 4. Corning 5. Dyson 6. Local Motors 7. Space X 8. Syngenta 9. Tata 10. Tesla 1. Ava Winery 2. Brewdog 3. GrameenDanone 4. Graze 5. HelloFresh 6. Juan Valdez 7. LA Organic 8. Moa Beer 9. Nespresso 10. Zespri 1. 1Atelier 2. Agua Bendita 3. Fenty Beauty 4. Jonny Cupcake 5. Patagonia 6. RentTheRunway 7. Shang Xia 8. Stitch Fix 9. Threadless 10. Tom’s 1. Aspiration 2. Comm Bank 3. Fidor 4. First National 5. Moven 6. M-Pesa 7. Square 8. Umpqau 9. Zidisha 10. Zhong An 1. Buzzfeed 2. ByteDance 3. FanDual 4. Dalian Wanda 5. Live Nation 6. Netflix 7. Red Bull 8. Udacity 9. Ushahida 10. ViceMedia futureproduct futurefashion futurefood futurehealth futuretech futuremakersfuturebank futuretravel T h e p N/S American brands European brands African/Arab brands Asia/Pacific brands futuremedia 1. Ashoka 2. IBM Watson 3. IDEO 4. Janicki BioEnergy 5. Kickstarter 6. Li & Fung 7. Planetary Resrcs 8. Scanadu 9. VIPKid 10. WeWork 1. Bitcoin 2. City FC 3. Collectivity 4. e-Estonia 5. ParkRun 6. Patreon 7. PewDiePie 8. Social Capital 9. The Muse 10. You futureservice futurebrands © Peter Fisk 2018 futurestore
  16. 16. audacious Google X 23 and Me Syngenta Tesla Motors
  17. 17. Li and Fung Tencent Alibaba 3DHubs networked
  18. 18. Amazon Fidor Bank Scanadu Intuitive Surgical intelligent
  19. 19. Airbnb Nike+ Lego Threadless collaborative
  20. 20. Disney Moven Juan Valdez Cafe Safaricom Change Why enabling
  21. 21. Anything is possible
  22. 22. Digital footprint erasers Asteroid mining Human head transplants Conversation interfaces Space solar power 100 disruptive technologiesSmart nappies Deep ocean wind farms Vertical agriculture Wireless energy transfer Cryptocurrencies Concentrated solar power Predictive policing Micro-scale ambient energy harvesting Robotic care companions Smart control of appliances Cultured meat Delivery robots and passenger drones Distributed ledgers Precision agriculture Autonomous vehicles Intention decoding algorithms Balloon-powered internet Powered exoskeletons Computerised shoes and clothing Airborne wind turbines (high altitude) Avatar companions Metallic hydrogen energy storage Autonomous ships and submarines Resource gamification Water harvesting from air Drone freight delivery Autonomous passenger aircraft 3D-printing of food and pharmaceuticals Medical tricorders Smart flooring and carpets Diagnostic toilets Smart energy grids Algal bio-fuels Human organ printing Artificial human blood substitute Mega-scale desalination Self-writing software Public mood monitoring machines Programmable bacteria Peer-to-peer energy trading and transmission Lifelong personal avatar assistants Smart dust Predictive gene-based healthcare Automated knowledge discovery Autonomous robotic surgery Emotionally aware machines Humanoid sex-robots Human bio hacking Internet of DNA Vacuum-tube transport Scram jets Smart glasses and contact lenses Pollution-eating buildings Broadcasting of electricity Bio-plastics Swarm robotics 4-dimenional materials (and printing) New (Nano) materials Fusion power Low-cost space travel Colonisation of another planet Thought control machine interfaces Dream reading and recording Planetary-scale spectroscopy Implantable phones e-tagging of new-borns Male pregnancy and artificial wombs DNA data storage Genomic vaccines Quantum safe cryptography Cognitive prosthetics Data uploading to the brain Conversational machine interfaces Life-expectancy algorithms Stratospheric aerosols Battlefield robots AI advisors and decision-making machines AI board members and politicians Invisibility shields Factory photosynthesis Trans human technologies Digital footprint eraser Personal digital shields Human head transplants Human cloning and de-extinction Distributed autonomous corporations Space solar power Space elevators Fully immersive VR Artificial consciousness Telepathy Reactionless drive Whole Earth virtualisation Shape shifting matter
  23. 23. Exponential growth
  24. 24. Fingernail Notebook Hand House Earth 3 folds Thickness of folder paper 7 folds 10 folds 17 folds 30 folds Exponential growth
  25. 25. Exponential growth
  26. 26. The Moonshot Factory
  27. 27. Why be 10% better? When you could be 10x better?
  28. 28. Change Leadership
  29. 29. What is great leadership?
  30. 30. Jeff Bezos on leadership Jeff Bezos on leadership
  31. 31. Command Control Connect Catalyse Communicate Coach What makes a leader?
  32. 32. 2C Conventional leaders “top of the pyramid” Innovative leaders “hub of the network” 4C From 2C to 4C …
  33. 33. Command Control
  34. 34. Connect Catalyse Communicate Coach
  35. 35. Jack Ma on leadership Jack Ma on leadership
  36. 36. Do you have a winning mindset?
  37. 37. Fixed mindset is sustaining … it doesn’t like change. It seeks perfection, focused and reactive, tactical and analytical, process and efficiency-focused, detailed and deliberate, fear mistakes, seek perfection and to optimise performance within the status quo.
  38. 38. Growth mindset is disruptive … it loves change. It seeks opportunities, visionary and proactive, strategic and intuitive, market and consumer-focused, fast and agile, collaborative and empowering, see failure as an adventure, and innovation as a route to future growth.
  39. 39. Elon Musk on leadership
  40. 40. Courage Change Leadership
  41. 41. “Courage is the quality of mind that enables a person to face difficulty, danger or pain, without fear”
  42. 42. Draw your life … a line from birth to death
  43. 43. Be your best self everyday
  44. 44. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience … but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”
  45. 45. Be your best self everyday
  47. 47. Be your best self everyday KEEP POSITIVE Im proving Maintaining PRESERVE
  48. 48. Be your best self everyday KEEP NEGATIVE MakingPeace Delaying ACCEPT
  49. 49. Be your best self everyday CHANGE Eradicating Reducing NEGATIVE ELIMINATE
  50. 50. Be your best self everyday CHANGE Adding Inventing POSITIVE CREATE
  51. 51. Be your best self everyday CHANGE KEEP Adding Inventing Eradicating Reducing POSITIVE NEGATIVE Im proving Maintaining MakingPeace Delaying CREATE ACCEPT ELIMINATE PRESERVE
  52. 52. What will you do?
  53. 53. Be your best self everyday
  54. 54. “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it”
  55. 55. Be your best self everyday
  56. 56. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backward … So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future”
  57. 57. Acting with speed and agility Connecting ideas and people Passion to make life better Having an audacious attitude Shaping your own vision Making sense of change Persisting to make it happen © Peter Fisk 2014
  58. 58. What is the one brave thing you will do tomorrow?
  60. 60. Be bold
  61. 61. Be bold Be brave
  62. 62. Be bold Be brave Be brilliant
  63. 63. Peter Fisk helps business leaders make sense of a fast-changing world, to find the best new opportunities for growth, to embrace the best new ideas through insight and creativity, to rethink their entire vision and strategy, business model and customer experience. Being 10% better is just enough to compete in today’s world, to stand still. The real question is how to be 10 times better, to get ahead, to stand out, to be the leader who helps the business create and deliver future success. Peter works across the world, helping business leaders to develop innovative strategies for business and brands. He is a thinker, advisor and practical entrepreneur. He is Professor of Strategy, Innovation and Marketing at IE Business School, one of the world’s top ranked business schools, whilst also founder and CEO of GeniusWorks, a boutique consulting firm, helping clients across every sector to make sense of fast-changing markets, and find new ways to think, compete and win. Having trained as a nuclear physicist, Peter moved to managing brands like Concorde at British Airways, helping Microsoft to adopt a value-based marketing model, and Virgin to launch into new markets. As a highly experienced consultant he has worked in every sector and region of the world. As CEO of the world’s largest marketing organisation, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, he became a global authority on what’s best and next in business and markets. Finding his own space, he founded GeniusWorks, with offices in London and Istanbul. He works with companies big and small, food to fashion, skincare to stock exchanges, high tech to human – and organisations as diverse as Aeroflot and Banyan Tree, Cartier to Coty, Coca Cola and Club Med, Cooperative and Courvoisier, Davidoff and DSM, Eczacibasi and Fat Face, Fosters and GSK, Hershey’s and Mars, M&S and Nestle, Microsoft and O2, Phillips and Philosophy, Red Bull and Savola, Santander and Skanska, Shell and Tata, Telia and Turkcell, Unilever and UAE Government , Virgin and Visa, Vodafone and Yapi Kredi – to think bigger and smarter, develop innovative strategies, bolder brands, and accelerate growth. Peter’s new book “Gamechangers: Are you ready to change the world?” explores the next generation of business and brands, shaking up markets, innovating and winning in new ways. Based on 100 global case studies, it explores the challenges of new markets, changing customers, brand building, new business models, real-time marketing, harnessing social media, inspiring leadership and positive impact. It has been nominated for Management Book of the Year. His other books include “Marketing Genius” explores the left and right-brain challenges of success, and is translated into 35 languages. It was followed by five others – “Business Genius” on leadership and strategy, “Customer Genius” on building a customer-centric business, “People Planet Profit” on sustainable innovation, and “Creative Genius”, the innovation handbook for business leaders, defining what it takes to be Leonardo da Vinci in the 21st Century. Peter features in the Guru Radar of Thinkers50, and was described by Business Strategy Journal as “one of the best new business thinkers”. His advice is sought after by business leaders around the world, he adds specialist expertise to key projects, combining new ideas with practical action, inspiration and impact. Helping you to find your own space, to be leaders of change – to be bold, brave and brilliant. Email: PeterFisk Inspiring new ideas Facilitating innovation Developing leaders
  64. 64. @geniusworks