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Cambridge Marketing Leadership Academy - Global Launch 2011


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Introducing the world's best marketing development portfolio

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Cambridge Marketing Leadership Academy - Global Launch 2011

  1. 1. the world’s best marketing development portfolio
  2. 2. new insights … inspired people … practical action … faster impact Customised Inspirational Professional Programmes Development Qualifications Issue-driven, action-driving Latest ideas, best practices Optional qualification paths Fully embedded solutions Stretching and practical Individual and team study Delivering business results By marketers for marketers For all levels of marketer
  3. 3. is your team fit and focused to shape the future? Customised ProgrammesIssue-driven, action-driving Fully embedded solutionsDelivering business results
  4. 4. diagnostics, frameworks, roadmaps, customisation Customised Programmes Issue-driven, action-driving Fully embedded solutions Delivering business resultsMarketing Edge 1 : New approaches to Marketing Edge 2 : New approaches to Marketing Edge 3 : New approaches to Marketing Edge 4 : New approaches toMarketing for Maximum Value Marketing for Customer Connectivity Marketing for Brand Impact Marketing for Radical Innovation Economic Profit 3Com Individual Big idea Technologies SkypeShareholder Sony Create Orange New Value Drivers Cadbury Experiences Interactive Brands Activation Disruptions AvantGoValue Virgin Atlantic Intel technologies Metrics Nokia Intelligent Reputation Drivers (Disruption V) Customer Needs Access CarphoneW CVPs Starbucks CreativityCustomer Dell 3M Differentiators Channels Convergence Reuters Propositions Development Nokia Innovation InnovationValue Ryanair Apple Value Capture Partnering Argos Delivery IBM Market Chasms Insights and ideas from Insights and ideas Insights and ideas Insights and ideasInsight Insight Insight Insight Investment analysts From research agencies from the ad agencies From design agencies Dynamic strategy (Hamel V) Loyalty Tesco Content Coca-Cola Development PlaystationStrategic Product Strategic options Tesco Relationships One to one Schwab Comms Media MasterCard Design SephoraIntent development Driving growth Walmart Communities SAP Storytelling BMW Speed (Kawasaki V)Marketing Foundation 1 : Fundamentals of Marketing Foundation 2 : Fundamentals of Marketing Foundation 3 : Fundamentals of Marketing Foundation 4 : Fundamentals ofMarkets, Strategy, Effectiveness Customers, Propositions, Experience Comms, Channels, Relationships Innovation, Products, Brands Market audit Research Advertising Creativity LegoMarkets Competitors (Kotler Video) Customers Segmentation (Kotler Video) Comms Direct Marketing Skoda Innovation Disruption (DeepDiveV) Market positioning Customer Value PR Sponsorship InnovationCase Study Tivo Case study Case Study Vertu Case std Case Study BMW Z3 Case stud Case Study Sunny accelerator Marketdelight Case study Delivering customer and business results Market Strategy CVP Reach DevelopmentStrategy Strategic choices New Balance Propositions Communication Virgin Mobile Distribution Channels Argos Products Entry Amex Customers Experiences Marketing Plans Pricing Partners Portfolios 1 2 3 4 Finding the best market Designing relevant customer Markets and Marketing Metrics StrategyExperience Maps and Products and Leadership and Loyalty Definition opportunities through analysis, experience by working with theEffectiveness Financial ratios Microsoft Customers Experiences Service delivery Brands SAP Services Relationships Personalisation Performance Lands End Brands Development VW insight and segmentation. right channel and sales partners Effectiveness Theatre Best customers Management This session will enable you This session will enable you This session will enable you This session will enable you Market Marketing Propositions Communications Marketing Business as business leaders to as business leaders to as business leaders to as business leaders to Achieving market focus and Attracting and retaining target Immersion Hothouse differentiation by developing customers through integrated Mission control Application 1. Describe the most significant 1. Develop a market strategy 1. Drive the innovation 1. Articulate big ideas in ways compelling propositions. media and relationships. market challenges over the that describes where and of products and services, that are compelling to business short and longer terms how to compete channels and business models. leaders, staff and customers. 2. Make sense of existing 2. Articulate the essence of a 2. Apply more creative and 2. Measure the impact of Solutions Leadership and emerging markets, and brand and how it relates to disruptive approaches to your market actions on business Developing innovative customers Influencing and inspiring customers in them customers and internally markets and propositions. results and shareholder value. and product solutions to meet colleagues and people 3. Explore the best opportunities 3. Construct compelling value 3. Redesign your customer 3. Define the role of business current and future needs. to make it happen for strategic growth and how propositions which articulate experience, bringing it to life leaders in driving markets, to exploit them. the offer to target audiences. through the brand and theatre. brands and innovation. Insights and outcomes include Insights and outcomes include Insights and outcomes include Insights and outcomes include Ross Walker on the economy* Richard Reed and Innocent* IDEO go deep diving* Reinvention of M&S Shell’s future scenarios Virgin’s brand strategy Toyota and lean thinking The real value of Gillette Apple’s market revolution McDonalds’s repositioning* The Jones Soda experience Martin Glenn on leadership* Ladbrokes market challenges Ladbrokes value discipline Ladbrokes market disruptions Ladbrokes pyramid thinking Ladbrokes market map Ladbrokes brand wheel Ladbrokes and Betfair Ladbrokes market leaders Ladbrokes growth engine Ladbrokes value propositions Ladbrokes experience Ladbrokes and your next steps Teamwork “marketing game” every day Individuals work on projects sponsored by their own companies every day *video/DVD
  5. 5. Inspirational stretching and practical development workshops DevelopmentLatest ideas, best practices Stretching and practical MarketingBy marketers for marketers Edges new ideas and insights, emerging practice from around the world for Marketing marketing leaders Slingshots fast, fresh, and focused updates on the hot topics and critical disciplines of today’s marketers Marketing Spingboards essential training in marketing, communications, PR, digital and research for future marketers
  6. 6. Inspirational stretching and defining, practical and applying DevelopmentLatest ideas, best practices Marketing Business leaders Creative Lab Exploring the new Brand Lab Stretching and practical Labs ideas and Digital LabBy marketers for marketers emerging global Strategy Lab practices 2-day workshops Leadership Lab Smart Strategy Smart Insights Marketing Lead practitioners Refreshing Smart Brands Slingshots knowledge Smart Communication With the latest Smart PR techniques Smart Digital 1-day workshops Smart Products & Services Smart Experiences Smart Relationships Marketing Future leaders Accelerated study Smart Finance Spingboards ands support programmes Customer Essentials 3 to 12 months Brand Essentials Can lead to Marketing Essentials professional Innovation Essentials qualifications Business Essentials
  7. 7. Inspirational new insights, new attitudes, new skills, new action Development Latest ideas, best practices Stretching and practical By marketers for marketersEvaluating the best markets Seizing discontinuities Deciding where to focus Co-creating innovation Being different Launching new solutions Building strong brands Reshaping the market
  8. 8. Inspirational what works, what’s hot, what’s best, what’s next DevelopmentLatest ideas, best practices Stretching and practicalBy marketers for marketers
  9. 9. Inspirational thinking, innovating, delivering, engaging, performing Development Latest ideas, best practices Stretching and practical By marketers for marketersFocusing on best customers Engaging audiences Understanding people Personalising experiences Discovering new insights Building advocacy Articulating propositions Delivering profitable growth
  10. 10. fast and integrated routes to accreditation Professional QualificationsOptional qualification pathsIndividual and team study Chartered For all levels of marketer Marketer recognising your leading marketers though continuous professional development Professional Accreditation Bringing together all the professional qualifications from CIM, CIPR, CAM etc Cambridge Certificates Designed exclusively for your business, establishing internal excellence
  11. 11. bringing together all the qualifications Professional Qualifications CIM Postgraduate Diploma in MarketingOptional qualification pathsIndividual and team study CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing For all levels of marketer Specialising in B2B Marketing Specialising in Arts Marketing Specialising in Pharmaceuticals Marketing Specialising in Professional Services Specialising in Sports Marketing CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing Specialising (as above) Specialising in Agri/Rural Marketing Specialising in Charities Marketing CIM Introductory Certificate CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialising in Digital Campaign Planning Specialising in Digital Media and Planning Specialising in Mobile Marketing CIPR Diploma in Public Relations CIPR Advanced Certificate in PR CIPR Foundation Award in PR
  12. 12. local, residential and online study support Professional QualificationsOptional qualification pathsIndividual and team study For all levels of marketerCambridge Marketing Collegeis Europe’s leading professionalmarketing college1200 Postgraduate Delegates inUK and over 100 countiesaround the world.Widest Range of MarketingQualification, accredited by allmajor Marketing BodiesOver 60 Tutors . PracticingProfessional Marketers10 Study centres in UK andothers worldwide
  13. 13. designed and delivered by marketers for marketers
  14. 14. … enabling you to develop the leading marketers and teamsUnderstand Explore Prioritise Customise business marketing development learning drivers ambitions needs pathways Develop Manage Schedule Launch and content and logistics and workshops engage programme admin and tutors marketers Deliver Support Enable CPD Embed to inspirational study towards to chartered sustain and workshops qualifications marketers perform
  15. 15.