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Dep ed form-18e-gi-giii-by-jonathanparanada

  1. 1. DepEd FORM 18 – E -1 INSTRUCTIONS 1. This form will be made out in duplicate at the close of 9. Under "Remarks" indicated all pupils promoted during REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES the school year by each teacher who is in charge of the the school year to the Grade for which the report is made, by DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION enrollment and attendance records of any class in Grades writing the words "Promoted from Grade-" giving the number DIVISION OF ZAMBALES I, II, or III. The original copy should be retained on file in the of the grade and the date on which the promotion was made. office of the principal of the school and the duplicate sent to the Likewise indicate all pupils promoted to a higher grade from division office for filing. the grade for which the report is made by writing the words "Promoted to Grade", giving the number of the grade and the REPORT ON PROMOTIONS 2. In the first column will be written the names of all pupils date on which the promotion was made. Indicate all Grade I (GRADES I-III INCLUSIVE) who have been enrolled during the year in the register of the pupils who enter the grade for the first time during the school class for which the report is made. List names of boys first. year by writing the words "Entered School -, " giving the date on which the pupil entered. Division: 3. Under "Years in School", write 1. 11/2 2, 21/2, 331/2 10. When the blanks under "Summary of Pupils etc., to indicate the exact length of time the pupil has been in Enrolled" are filled in, the following points should be borne in Municipality: school from the first time he entered any school to the date of mind: accomplishing this form. (1) The March Monthly - enrollment figures given on School: 4. The age of the pupil as reported on this form should be DepEd Form 2 for March. his age as of March 1. To find his age as of April 1, add to his Grade: age as of the beginning of the school year, recorded in DepEd (2) The data for the second line should include all form 1 - School Register. pupils promoted to the next higher grade before the end of the school year. Section: 5. Under "Home Address" should be written the actual (3) The date for the third line may found by adding residence of the pupil, not a temporary residence which he may the figures on the first line to the figures on the second line. Year Ending: have taken up while attending school. 11. Date for the "Summary of Pupils Promoted " may be Date Submitted: 6. A pupil who is promoted during the year will be reported obtained from the face of the form . in each grade in which he is enrolled. 12. The sum of the ages of all pupils concerned should Teacher/s: 7. In the column for "Final Rating" should be indicated the appear where "Total Age of Pupils" is called for. For example: final rating received by the pupil during the months he was Total age in a class of 40 pupils is 380. Average age, 380/40 = Summary of Pupils Enrolled Boys Girls TOTAL enrolled in the grade for which the report is made. For 9.5. April Monthly Enrollment example, if a pupil is enrolled in Grade I in July and is Pupils promoted from grade during year promoted to Grade II in September, he should be reported in 13. Indicating action taken on this form use only the DepEd Form 18-E-1 both for Grade I and Grade II. His final word "promoted" and the word "retained" and abbreviate Corrected Enrollment rating for Grade I will be based upon his work from July to them to Prom. and Ret., respectively. Total age of pupils September. His final rating for Grade II will be based upon his Average age of pupils work from October to March, and not on those months in which he was studying in Grade I. The term "Final Rating" signifies either the average of all the periodic ratings according to REFERENCES During Year in March Summary of Pupils Promoted averaging system of grading or the last periodic cumulative Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls TOTAL rating according to the cumulative system of grading. In the Circulars: Nos. 50, s. 1928; 45, s. 1930; 13, s. 1932; 23, s. Number promoted cumulative system of grading, the periodic rating, after the 1938; Total age of pupils first, is obtained by dividing by three the sum of twice the 48, s. 1940. Average age of pupils tentative rating and the periodic rating immedcately preceding Memorandums: No. 36, s. 1940. and the last periodic rating becomes the final subject rating. General Instructions: No. 13, s. 1925. Service Manual: Secs. 99; 100-101; 112-113. Date: 8. Great care should exrcised to make sure that the total number of days the pupils has attended the grade in both present and past school years is correctly recorded. Respectfully submitted: Principal Approved: Division Superintendent of School
  2. 2. REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES Due the day after the last day DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION prescribed for regular classes. DIVISION OF ZAMBALES DepEd FORM 18 - E - 1 REPORT ON PROMOTIONS (GRADES I - III INCLUSIVE) REGION: SCHOOL YEAR: GRADE: Division: Date: School: Teacher: Total NAME HOME ADDRESS Years in Age number of FINAL ACTION REMARKS School days in RATING TAKEN grade (Surnames first, listed alphabetically) Total age of pupils………