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Expired presentation


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Expired listing presentation

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Expired presentation

  1. 1. If …Getting Your House Sold<br />Means finding the most qualified buyers to buy your house<br />Means hiring an Agent who <br />can get what you want & gets <br />the job done<br />Means getting Top Dollars<br />for your property<br />Then you need to Sell like the Pro’s do …<br />Knowing Insider Secrets<br />As to how Real Estate Agents work will help!<br />EXPIRED<br />1<br />
  2. 2. 2<br />Still Thinking of Selling?<br />A must read … before you take any further action<br />Learn:<br />How to avoid mistakes Sellers make<br />Common Real Estate Myths Clarified<br />Beware of Games Real Estate Agents Play<br />Still Thinking of Selling?<br />We know the Pitfalls<br />Find out why certain Homes did not sell<br />Use our exclusive Salability check-list<br />And more …..<br />SELL LIKE THE PRO’S DO<br />Call for your FREENo Obligation<br />40 Minutes Slide Show!<br />EXPIRED<br />
  3. 3. 3<br />Are you confused, frustrated and lost<br />What Are You Doing Now To Sell Your Property?<br />[1] Still trying to figure out which AGENT to list with?<br />[2] Which PRICE to list and/or SELL for?<br />[3] What COMMISSIONS to pay?<br />[4] What about GUARANTEED SOLD’S and BUY- BACK’S<br />It’s a jungle out there. <br />Most Seller’s – Suffer<br />Seller’s get duped into Listing with an Agent for the wrong reason.<br />Can’t blame the Seller’s – It’s the Real Estate Industry at fault,<br /> for not educating the general public.<br />Get the FACT’S - Let genieSABRE show you what<br />GAMES WE REAL ESTATE AGENTS PLAY<br />EXPIRED<br />
  4. 4. 4<br />Selling Your Home<br />Three important factors to consider – when Listing <br />Location: Home location and setting influence its value. Busy streets, next to railway tracts and/or highway definitely do have a negative effect on the value.<br />Pricing: If IBM stock is selling for between 104 & 108, it does no good to insist on Selling at 90. Likewise, your List Price must be priced within the app.. CMA range. The buyers are more objective and compares the amities of your home to those of other homes in the same price range. <br />Appeal: New home enjoy a marketing edge over resale homes because they are shiny and clean. A house that needs some work can be got cheaper then a house that shows perfect 10+. Call Us we can guide you BEFORE you list.<br />Price Right + Show Good = Fast Sale + High Price<br />EXPIRED Pricing<br />
  5. 5. 5<br />Go ahead & ask me<br />How much can you sell my house for?<br />First let me explain - The 4 different types of pricing!<br />COST: What the SELLER paidfor the house plus any improvements they made.<br />PRICE: This is the price the SELLER wants for his house.<br />VALUE: This is the price the BUYER is willing to pay for the house.<br />MARKET VALUE: This is that price that awilling BUYER and willing SELLERagree to a sale price. Signed Sealed & Delivered!<br />SELLER has to decide what end price – They are willing to take. <br />AGENT’S job is to provide the data – market trend, CMA, etc.<br />There is no such thing as a right or wrong price -- <br />the only true price is -- what the market will bare!<br />However – Agent’s marketing & negotiating power can help !<br />CHECK NEXT SLIDE!<br />5<br />EXPIRED Pricing<br />
  6. 6. 6<br />What should I get for this HOUSE?<br />There is no scientific method to tell you exactly what your house will actually sell for - BUT - a comparative market research & study may give us a fair logical approximation of what the market will bear.<br />An Agent can never be in a position to tell the seller as to exactly what the buyer is willing to pay. BEWARE of Agents who says “ I have a buyer who will pay… these are just gimmicks<br />Agent's duty is to be aware of Market Trends and be able to explain it to the Seller. Make suggestions and give the confidence to the Seller, that they are getting a fair market value. <br />The Agent above all must be a good negotiator and a deal maker. By using his skills a Seller's Agent can get a good deal for his Client. Product Knowledge is key to successful closing.<br />Each House is unique. Each Buyer is unique. Market Trends change.<br />Call : genieSABRE for your FREE – NO OBLIGATION<br />Market Evaluation <br />6<br />EXPIRED Pricing<br />
  7. 7. 7<br />Market Value / Sale Price!<br />Who determines this Market Value! Certainly NOT THE AGENT !<br />It is the "invisible hand" of the market that ultimately determines the SALE PRICE. <br />Value is determined at that magic moment when …<br />BUYER says he wants to pay $xx and<br />SELLER says “ I accept the offer”<br />Remember:Agent has NO CONTROL over MARKET VALUE<br />Yes, with some wheeling and dealing and with skillful negotiation a good agent can make excellent deals and may even get you some extras! - <br />Select the Agent Based on His Marketing Plan, His Company & Other Criteria Such As Honesty, Integrity, Commitment.<br />Make your choice! Call right now!<br />genieSABRE<br />7<br />EXPIRED Pricing<br />
  8. 8. EXPIRED<br />8<br />Pricing Setting Your Home …<br />PRICING & SHOW-ABILITY - are things under SELLER’s control<br />To get BUYER’S excited & enthusiasm <br />we need.. Right Price & Good Show-ability<br />The Point is…<br />8<br />EXPIRED Pricing<br />
  9. 9. EXPIRED<br />Some Seller’s Approach…<br />We want high price listed. Buyer’s<br />can make an offer and we negotiate!<br />Pop<br />Matter of fact is … Expired listings are the<br /> direct result of over pricing!<br />30% SOLD - within 30 days<br />Reason: RIGHT PRICED<br />Source:TREB<br />20% SOLD – within 60 days <br />Reason: PRICE REDUCTION<br />50% EXPIRED Listing<br />Reason: HIGH PRICED<br />Ever asked “ How long has this house been for sale? <br />Longer the house on the market – Lower the sale price?<br />The Point is…<br />BEAT THE ODD’S genieSABREwith Help!<br />9<br />EXPIRED Pricing<br />
  10. 10. EXPIRED<br />New Listing!<br />When a house first comes on the market<br />There is a flurry of Activity<br />It is important to be priced right during early activity<br />Even if you drop the price… <br />The best market has passed you by<br />The Point is…<br />BEAT THE ODD’S WITH genieSABRE’S HELP!<br />10<br />
  11. 11. EXPIRED<br />11<br />GOAL: To get Top price…<br />OVER PRICING<br />CAN WORK AGAINST YOU<br />Priced High <br />>45 to 75 days <br />OK PRICE<br />After Price Reductions!<br />>75 to 120 days <br />Below Market Value<br />Priced Right <br />sells < 45 days <br />FULL MARKET PRICE<br />OVER PRICING: costs…money, disappointment & missed opportunities. <br />The Point is…<br />BUYERS:may not even look at an otherwise attractive property, if the price is too high!<br />11<br />11<br />FSBO Pricing<br />
  12. 12. 12<br />Searching MLS is only part of my Job!<br />For Seller’s<br />For Buyer’s<br />Daily Checking on MLS<br />Making appointments <br />Dealing with other agents<br />Staging your property<br />Keeping Track of Market Trends<br />Offer Presentation<br />Negotiating to get the best deal<br />Removing conditions<br />Actual closing<br />Secure buyers through<br />Net working with local Buyer’s agents<br />Telemarketing<br />Data base search for buyers<br />Advertising in local media’s<br />Internet Marketing<br />And more<br />1/4<br />1/4<br />Arranging Financing Pre-approval<br />Dealing with Lawyer <br />Dealing with Appraisers<br />Getting Inspections done<br />Home Warranty if necessary<br />1/4<br />Keeping Track of Market Trends<br />Attending Seminars & up-grading<br />1/4<br />genieSABRE SELLER’s <br />Flat Fee – No Commission<br />$3000<br />genieSABRE BUYER’s <br />Commission Cash Rebate<br />Max. 50% <br />12<br />EXPIRED Marketing<br />
  13. 13. 13<br />Target Customer – The Buyer<br />1. By LISTINGyour home on MLS, INTERNET & ADVERTISING in local papers.<br />2. I "TARGET MARKET" Buyers - your location, type & price range from my database & NETWORKING Buyers Agents<br />3. By working with only a FEW SELLERS at a time, I can devote more of my time to work on getting YOUR home SOLD!<br />4. By TELE-MARKETING and locating potential would be Buyers.<br />I will expose your Listing<br />to the greatest number of<br />Potential Buyers<br />On the average Buyers<br />Inspect 6 to 10 Homes<br /><br />Unique marketing system<br />Benefits the SELLER<br />Fast, Efficient and Hassle Free<br />Check out: genieSABRE Listing Packages<br />See the difference between them & us<br />Nobody does it better! That’s a challenge<br />13<br />EXPIRED Marketing<br />
  14. 14. 14<br />Let’s<br />Talk<br />8 Big Mistakes<br />That Cost You Money When Selling Your Home<br />1:Basing offer price on needs or emotion<br />2:Failing to "Showcase" the home<br />3:Over improving the home prior to selling.<br />4:Choosing a Realtor for the wrong reasons.<br />5:Using the "Hard Sell" during showings<br />6:Failing to take the first offer seriously.<br />7:Not knowing your rights and obligations<br />8:Failure to effectively market the property.<br />Beware!Don’t get caught making these mistakes<br />Let genieSABRE explain you<br />14<br />EXPIRED Listing<br />
  15. 15. 15<br />Cost to Sell?<br />1:Real Estate Commission -Usually 5% on MLS listings & 4% on exclusive listings. Based on the Sale Price of the property. Paid by the Seller.<br />2: Legal Fees -Count on between $500 to $1000 Call us re Lawyer referral<br />3: Disbursements –Done by the lawyer and include things as pre-paid taxes, etc.<br />4:Mortgage Penalties -Ask the financing company if any discharge penalties<br />5:Home Inspection –Sometimes advisable to do BEFORE listing cost - $250-$350.<br />6:Home Warranty -Sometimes advisable to do BEFORE listing cost - $250-$350.<br />7: HST – you know the government – always is wanting its share.<br />Note: Commissions are the biggest expense in the sale of homes.<br />Before you list your property with any Agent check out<br />genieSABRE<br />EXPIRED Listing<br />
  16. 16. 16<br />Two Ways To Sell Your Home<br />Hire<br />Get an Agent<br />List your home<br />Puts it on MLS<br />Keep waiting for offer<br />Super Agent too Busy<br />Listing more properties<br />Your Home, one too many<br />Keep waiting for offer<br />Super Duper demands<br />Price reduction<br />Wait for buyers<br />Keep waiting for offers<br />Still waiting to SELL?<br />More Price reduction <br />Expired Listing<br />Hannif Highclass<br />Working full-time and devoting all his efforts towards fulfilling YOUR wants and needs – <br />Hannif will see that his dealings with you will be a pleasant and problem free!<br />&<br />Start Packing<br />TWO<br />0NE<br />16<br />EXPIRED Genie<br />
  17. 17. 17<br />No other Agent will do<br />what SABRE does for you!<br />It takes a pro-active and<br />an aggressive negotiator<br />NOT<br />a passive, hopeful wishful thinking person to get <br />Your House<br />SOLD<br />Sabrina & Hannif<br />will go the <br />DISTANCE<br />It is more critical to be exposed to all Marketing Avenues in order to get the BEST.<br />Tele-Marketing + Networking + Ad’s + Web + Email Newsletter & More<br />Commitment makes all the difference<br />Note: “ Sabrina “ is a Marathon Runner”<br />EXPIRED Genie<br />
  18. 18. 18<br />We are Full-Time Professional Agents<br />You won’t find ANYONE<br />who works HARDER<br />more PROFFESSIONAL<br />to get the MOST MONEY<br />And with the FEWEST PROBLEMS <br />It is more critical then ever to be exposed to all Marketing Avenues in order to get the BEST.<br />Tele-Marketing + Networking + Ad’s + Web + Email Newsletter & More<br />Inquire about our genieSABRE exclusive<br />Technology Based Marketing Tools<br />EXPIRED Genie<br />
  19. 19. 19<br />Make Your First Choice The Right Choice<br />Second <br />It's all up to you at this Point…<br />Just Say <br />What<br />Are<br />You<br />Waiting<br />For?<br />genieSABRE You’re Hired!<br />Remember: <br />Our goal is to help you achieve your goal<br />We do Real Estate a little differently<br />Yesterday’s Old Fashion Service – Tomorrow’s Technology – Today’s Realtor<br />Integrity, Accountability, Total Honesty & Dedication to our Clients.<br />Commitment Makes All The Difference<br />Make The Right Decision And Choose<br />genieSABRE<br />19<br />EXPIREDS Genie<br />
  20. 20. Mission Statement<br />1. Be HONEST<br />about every aspect of the home selling process. This will allow you to make difficult decisions with confidence and piece of mind.<br />2. Be AGGRESSIVE<br />In our SEARCH for potential BUYERS.Our pro-active marketing techniques have helped families to move fast<br />3. To COMMUNIATE<br />Weekly by phone or mail, all events relating to your home. You will never have to say “We never heard from our Agent” .<br />4. Use EXPERIENCE<br />and TRACK RECORDof Highclass. To get the job done and your Success is Guaranteed! <br />5. Give TOP NOTCH SERVICE <br />Care for YOUR NEEDS and EARN the right to become your Agent for Life<br />Commitment Makes All The Difference<br />Make The Right Decision And Choose<br />genieSABRE<br />20<br />EXPIRED Genie<br />
  21. 21. 21<br />Preparing Your Home For Presentation<br />Ask for.. YOUR FREE COPY.. No obligation <br />“69 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Sell Faster”<br />The first impression counts -- Make it a good one<br />It’s a promise! You will not only sell your home faster but also you may be able to get an additional few thousand dollars extra from potential buyer!<br />A must read: A Butterfly’s Lesson … 12 slide Presentation<br />Inspirational thoughts, that could as well summon-up<br />genieSABRE Philosophy<br />Phone for your FREE COPY!<br />21<br />EXPIRED Genie<br />
  22. 22. 22<br />Last but not the least:<br />This Presentation!<br />Definitely intended to solicit business, but not those already working with a Realtor.<br />Together we can do better. Why not call us<br /> 416.900.8787<br />Points to Know!<br /><ul><li>Full service flat fee brokerage
  23. 23. Pay -NO COMMISSION – FSBO & MLS
  24. 24. No Upfront fees /payment of any kind
  25. 25. Sleep Ease Guarantee.
  26. 26. 50% Cash Back Rebate on Purchase
  27. 27. Plus help with Financing, Mortgage</li></ul>genieSABRE SELLER’s <br />Flat Fee – No Commission<br />FSBO & MLS<br />genieSABRE BUYER’s <br />Commission Cash Rebate<br />Max. 50% <br />22<br />EXPIRED Genie<br />