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7 Reasons Why Cost Conscious Companies are Revisiting Smart Outsourcing


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In this modern world of global competition and modular innovation, leading edge best-of-class companies seek new ways to gain competitive advantage on a budget by adopting the distributed work environment. That is why it is in your best interest to learn how this smarter version of outsourcing is a viable alternative to having a lot of knowledge workers on payroll.

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7 Reasons Why Cost Conscious Companies are Revisiting Smart Outsourcing

  1. 1. Copyright © 2010 Dynamical Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Both Dynamical Software and Code Roller are registered trademarks of Dynamical Software, Inc. 7 Reasons Why Cost Conscious Companies Are Revisiting Smart Outsourcing by Glenn Engstrand
  2. 2. Old School Outsourcing is a Political Blame Game
  3. 3. Team dynamics competency is an important part of workplace literacy.
  4. 4. Consultants are first class participants in the decision making process. In smart outsourcing, all collaboration is captured and managed as intellectual assets of the sponsoring company and grouped with the deliverables and artifacts being collaborated over. In this way, competency is retained by the company no matter how much turn over there is amongst the contributing knowledge workers.
  5. 5. Expertise is More Relevant 1 Knowledge is a real corporate asset. Expertise is on Demand 2
  6. 6. More Agility with a Fresh Perspective 3 Better Expertise from a 4 Larger Talent Pool Payroll is More Expensive 5 Join the discussion on this topic over at
  7. 7. Knowledge Management 6 7 Virtual Enterprise Networks and the Distributed Work Environment
  8. 8. The FAQ on Smart Outsourcing Questions Answers