Principales consejos para migrar su solucion a_saas


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Principales consejos para migrar su solucion a_saas

  1. 1. #GX23 #GX3248 10 tips for migrating your app to SaaS XXIII Encuentro GeneXus 2013 Alison Rabelo,PMP | MySQL Embedded Latin America
  2. 2. #GX23 #GX3248 TEMAS What is SaaS Some SaaS Numbers Tips for Migrating Q & A AGENDA
  3. 3. #GX23 #GX3248 Gartner defines software as a service (SaaS) as software that is owned, delivered and managed remotely by one or more providers. The provider delivers software based on one set of common code and data definitions that is consumed in a one-to-many model by all contracted customers at anytime on a pay-for-use basis or as a subscription based on use metrics. WHAT IS SAAS? Reference:
  4. 4. #GX23 #GX3248 According to this definition. Who is SaaS?
  5. 5. #GX23 #GX3248 About 25% of all new business software purchases will be via SaaS by 2016 CRM will continue to be the largest global market within SaaS, forecast to grow beyond $5B in 2012 to $9B in 2016, achieving a 16.3% CAGR through 2016. The highest growth segments of the SaaS market continue to be office suites (49.1%), followed by digital content creation (34.0%). SOME SAAS NUMBERS Reference: Forecast Overview: Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 2011-2016, 4Q12 Update
  6. 6. #GX23 #GX3248 Reference: Forecast Overview: Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 20 11-2016, 4Q12 Update
  7. 7. #GX23 #GX3248 SaaS in 2016 •Will reach $57.4 billions by 2016 with CAGR of 23%. •Grow almost 5x faster than the SW market as a whole; • Will be the main driver for ISV growth over the next 10 yrs. • 15% of overall software market revenue by 2016. •85% of all net-new software firms will offer their software as SaaS vs. packaged apps.
  8. 8. #GX23 #GX3248 Benefit of SaaS for ISVs • Access to new markets, e.g., • More cost-conscious, less technically savvy customers (SMBs, Education, Healthcare, etc) • New Geographies • Participate in high growth market segment • Lower support costs (one-to-many) • More predictable revenue stream through subscription vs. license sales
  9. 9. #GX23 #GX3248 Benefits of SaaS for End-Users •Minimize costs • Pay only for what you use vs. capacity for peak usage •No large up front costs – pay as you go •SaaS services and costs are effectively shared across users •Focus on core competencies -- not IT •Shift capital expenditures to operational expenditures •Speed time to market •Gain competitive edge using latest SW versions
  10. 10. 10 tips for moving your app to SaaS
  11. 11. #GX23 #GX3248 All decisions you made need to consider if the Technology you will use is SaaS prepared. Prefer ellastic Technology; Use horizontal scalability technologies Use a enterprise support for your technology. Focus on your application issues and ask for help from tech vendors. 1. CHOOSE A SAAS TECHNOLOGY
  12. 12. #GX23 #GX3248 Saas ready development and arch team: High volume, multiple access and high availability strategic thinking Customer features focus. Just develop what customer need. Low your support effort. 2. TEAM TRAINING
  13. 13. #GX23 #GX3248 Buy or Make? Is your company up to to support your customer and SLA needs ? People, Hardware, Internet Connection and SLA? No ? Choose a Cloud Technolgy provider. Remember review your provider agreements. Aware with Small letters. 3. CHOOSE OF INFRASTRUCTU RE
  14. 14. #GX23 #GX3248 Your old applications are not prepared for SaaS. Rethink your solution. Is it SaaS based? Not only the application but: Database , Report solutions, Legacy Unlock your solution. Let your customer move from you to another without problems Prefer Flexible and Open APIs Technology 4. REDESIGN YOUR APPLICATION
  15. 15. #GX23 #GX3248 #1 in customer concern #1 reason for SaaS legal problems Are your application and database considering advanced security features 5. BE AWARE WITH SECURITY Identity Managment Weak Cloud Standards Enterprise Technology Internet connectivity Remote Management Vendor Support
  16. 16. #GX23 #GX3248 Consider using enterprise monitoring/management solutions Be prepared for remote monitoring Your solution, database, infrastructure Use pro-active configured monitoring technology 6. REMOTE MANAGEMENT
  17. 17. #GX23 #GX3248 Just lever the number of servers will not give you HA. Your application need to be developed to it. Design considering a HA/Cluster ready database. Start with Elastic and pay-as-you-go infrastructure vendors 7. DESIGN FOR HIGH AVAILABILITY
  18. 18. #GX23 #GX3248 Actual End-User Concerns About SaaS Clarify all End-User Concerns before agreements. A SaaS is Multi-User… minimize customizations 8. POSITION CUSTOMERS Scalability Availability Ease of UseReliability Security Performance
  19. 19. #GX23 #GX3248 SLA MetricsDefine clear Service Level and Upgrade Agreements with your customer. Acoording to a Gartner research the SLA text in agreements are “extremely open when talking about the service and, specially, the services level”. vagos-sobre-niveis-de-servico-diz-gartner/ 9. SUSTAIN YOUR SLA Application Customer Needs Infrastructure High Availability Strategy
  20. 20. #GX23 #GX3248 45% of the customers move to another provider by the end of the first year term. Just offer what you are able to support. And remember... 10. BE EXCELENT
  21. 21. ... A good SaaS solution can “Rock” in a Day. Be prepared for a thousand customers. Expect Millions!
  22. 22. #GX23 #GX3248 References • sobre-niveis-de-servico-diz-gartner/ •Forecast Overview: Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 2011-2016, 4Q12 Update •MySQL Products and Editions : •“MySQL: An Ideal Choice for the Cloud” white paper: mysql/white-papers/mysql_wp_choice_for_cloud.php •Guide to MySQL for SaaS Applications •Portuguese - saas •Spanish
  23. 23. #GX23 #GX3248 References •Top 10 Reasons to Use MySQL as an Embedded Database •Portuguese para-usar-o-mysql-como-um-banco-de-dados-incorporado/ •Spanish - principales-para-usar-mysql-como-base-de-datos-integrada/ •DBA and Developer Guide to MySQL 5.6 •Portuguese - desenvolvedor-para-o-que-ha-de-novo-no-mysql-5-6/ •Spanish - desarrolladores-y-dba-para-las-novedades-de-mysql-5-6/ •MSQL SaaS Customers :
  24. 24. #GX23 #GX3248 References Keep Saas Secure from the start : performance/security-leaders/2012/jun/enterprise-saas-security-issues-- concerns--threats---risks---hp-.html 5 problems with SaaS Security: security.html Six misconceptions about cloud apps:
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