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Ab 1098 support r

  1. 1. September 3, 2012The Honorable Jerry Brown, GovernorState of CaliforniaCapitol Room 1173Sacramento, California 95814Dear Governor Brown:As a Realtor® living and working with homeowners in the affected cities, I am pleased to SUPPORT AB1098 as a way to enhance the quality of life and security in our communities. As passed by the legislature,AB 1098 would reinstate allocations of motor vehicle license fees to recently incorporated cities andcities which annexed inhabited areas, consistent with the allocation formula which those communitiesrelied upon when making the decision to incorporate or annex the affected territory.The current state budget diverted $153 million in vehicle license fees from cities’ general funds into agrant program for local law enforcement. Every city lost money, but the shift hit especially hard at thestate’s newest cities: Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Menifee and Wildomar, all cities within the SouthwestCalifornia region. The state had provided newly incorporated cities with additional vehicle license feemoney for five years to help fund the transition to cityhood, but that financing abruptly vanished this year.SB 89 effectively eliminated VLF revenue to cities.During their incorporation process, these cities were promised, and had relied upon, these moneys to fundtheir transition to cityhood. Given the current economic climate, and facing significant property taxrevenue shortfalls, these cities are faced with extreme hardship due to the broken promises of the State ofCalifornia. For example, the City of Jurupa Valley is faced with two unacceptable alternatives; insolvencycoupled with disincorporation, or a reduction in law enforcement that endangers both law enforcementofficers and the general public. The City of Wildomar lost more than 20% of their anticipated (promised)operating budget."This act is an urgency statute necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, orsafety within the meaning of Article IV of the Constitution and shall go into immediate effect. Thefacts constituting the necessity are:In order to restore critical revenues to recently incorporated cities and cities that annexed inhabitedareas, removed from these communities as a result of the passage of Senate Bill 89 of the 2011–12Regular Session (Chapter 35 of the Statutes of 2011) without providing a reasonable opportunity forinput from the affected agencies and the public, it is necessary that this act take effect immediately."For these reasons, I am pleased to SUPPORT AB 1098 and encourage you to sign this importantmeasure.cc: nancy.mcfadden@gov.ca.gov, gareth.elliott@gov.ca.gov, anna.pozdyn@gov.ca.gov , gavin.newsom@ltgov.ca.gov http://gov.ca.gov/m_contact.php