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  • Johannes Kiderlen, owner of the firm "Südtiroler Wein- und Traubensaftimport" built up the company chain "Weinkauff-Getränkemarkt GmbH" in Baden-Wuerttemberg with 25 shops specialized in wine and beverages. His father already used to have good relationships especially to the Italian wine producers on which he strengthened his import business. After his training as a cooper with subsequent studies of beverage technologies at the University of Applied Science in Geisenheim, Germany, Johannes Kiderlen took over his father's import business to further develop his shops with a focus on wines and spirits.
  • As he recognized the signs of the time, Johannes Kiderlen started 1994 with offering wines, spirits and oils from the cask, so that he was able to react on his clients requests for bottling those in attractive bottles or jars. He realized a strong customer interest but also noticed that his offer of beverages from the cask did not fit into the assortment of a usual beverage shop. He figured out very clearly that a shop keeper has to sell such products personally to fulfill the high quality standards of products from the cask. The first VOM FASS shop opened on 23 March 1994 in Regensburg, Germany, one week later the second shop followed in Aalen, Germany. Soon in October, two more shops were established, one in Landshut and the other in Nürnberg, both in Germany. Today, VOM FASS AG counts more than 200 partners with shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Japan, New Zealand and the US. 
  • They have an offer of the week which shows some of the interesting liquor they have for sales.
  • Those alcohol in glass bottles are alcohol, those that we usually use in cocktail or those that u can use on urdessers. These are some of the interesting liquor they have, taking a closer look,
  • This is Rum Truffle Cream, something which is seldom found in supermarkets. Here, we have with us elderflower, according to the sales representative, this is an alcohol that cannot be found in supermarkets. It has a nice scent to it, and the taste of alcohol, is an after taste.
  • Located at the other side of the shop, is all these wooden barrels, which holds the hard liquor, taking a closer look,
  • It holds liquor like X.O, 40% instead of the 17% alcohol volume. These are also more pricey
  • Last, but not least, the products they hold, in these clay barrels, they have the vinegar and oil.
  • This is one of the oil they sell. Which is healthier.
  • Here are some of the bottles u can choose from to hold the liquor, other thn that u can package it to become a gift
  • This is how your gifts can look like
  • However, if you cannot decide on what to get for your friends or loved ones, there are some pre-packed gifts for u to choose on
  • Before we end this off, let us give the shop some recommendations.  The reason why we chose VomFass is because it is a one of a kind store, whereby you get to personalize a bottle of liquor, starting with their exquisite bottle, and then the unique flavored liquor, vinegar or oil. We think that VomFass can improve better if they can advertise more, because I believe that majority of you whom are sitting here right now in this class have not even heard about this store or even knew its existence. Similarly for us, we too also only know about it when we visited ION Orchard. Even though they may have a present on the internet around the world, and even though they do have a website, but many still do not know about them in Singapore. So we suggest that maybe Vomass could have a main homepage, vomfass Singapore? So people in Singapore can get to know about their products, pricing and gift ideas which are sold in their Singapore store, they could also increase their presence through the use of facebook. We recommend to those who loves to drink, especially those who are very open to new flavors and for those whose taste buds craves for extraordinary tastes. This surely will satisfy your cravings for unique gifts, for him and for her.
  • Retail ica1

    1. 1. Ion Orchard<br />
    2. 2. Ion Orchard<br /><ul><li>663,000 square feet (61,600 m2) of retail space
    3. 3. Located along the prime shopping district of Singapore, Orchard Road
    4. 4. architectural marvel with an dazzling multimedia wall.
    5. 5. offers visitors a unique and enjoyable shopping experience</li></li></ul><li>Ion Orchard<br /><ul><li>eight floors of retail heaven covering a range of fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and F&B.
    6. 6. Segmented to 2 parts
    7. 7. levels 1 - 4 are home to premium international brands for e.g. Gucci
    8. 8. Venture further to levels B1 - 4, it also offer shoppers a more affordable selection of high-fashion labels and lifestyle shops</li></li></ul><li>Ion Orchard<br /><ul><li>Ion Orchard is easily accessible
    9. 9. Strategically located above Orchard MRT
    10. 10. Effectively placed on all major bus routes through town
    11. 11. Unique valet service and dedicated "family lots" which are larger than your average parking space.</li></li></ul><li>VomFass<br />History of VomFass<br />There’s a history behind every product<br />Johannes Kiderlen, owner of the firm<br />
    12. 12. VomFass<br />History of VomFass<br />25 shops specialized in wine and beverages<br />After his training as a cooper<br />took over his father's import business<br />Johannes Kiderlen started 1994 with offering wines, spirits and oils from the cask<br />first VOM FASS shop opened on 23 March 1994 in Regensburg, Germany<br />
    13. 13. Environmental consideration<br />Vom-fass is healthy and also enviromental-friendly<br />Eg( refill using your own bottles, vegetable oil is cholesterol free, and some products are even from organic cultivation)<br />
    14. 14. VomFass- Ion Orchard<br />1st Southeast asia country to have Vom Fass as part of her liquor industry<br />Located at Ion Orchard<br />Even though Vom Fass is located at the top of ION Orchard, prices are affordable<br />
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    24. 24. Gift ideas- for her<br />-Name: Pink vodka with gold<br />-% Vol alcohol: 39%<br />- Taste: A bright pink colour. A buffalo grass smell. Powerful taste with a smooth exit.<br />-Name: Lady Shoe Collection<br />-stylish, elegant, fun, unique and delicious<br />-Flavors: Blood Orange with Vodka, Tiramisu, Vineyard Peach Liquor and Limoncino<br />
    25. 25. Gift ideas- for him<br />-Name: Esprit Collection<br />- Flavours: Armagnac X.O., Cognac X.O., Scotch Single Malt Speyside “Dufftown”11Y.O, or Calvados V.S.O.P” Old Reserve”13Y.O<br />-Name: Gold Cuvee<br />-Has real edible gold flakes and really bubbly<br />-%Vol Alcohol: 12.5<br />
    26. 26. Miniature gifts<br />Eight bottles of 40ml fruity cocktails and liquors include:<br />Curaçao bleu<br />Caipirinha<br />Absinthe "Emmanuelle"<br />Apricot liquor<br />Limoncino<br />Red cherry Brandy<br />Orangino<br />Orange sanguine et vodka<br />Eight bottles of 40ml virgin oils and vinegars include:<br />Pistachio oil<br />Hazelnut oil<br />Extra virgin olive oil with truffle<br />Extra virgin olive oil with lemon<br />Raspberry balsam vinegar<br />Mango balsam vinegar<br />Apple balsam vinegar<br />Calamansi balsam vinegar<br />
    27. 27.
    28. 28. Summary- Recommendation<br />For VomFass<br />advertise more<br />main homepage, vomfass Singapore<br />facebook<br />
    29. 29. Thank You<br />Done by: <br />Selene Chan<br />ChooYun Dan<br />Terrill Teo<br />Genevie Kwok<br />Benjamin Lee<br />