What is your personal social media strategy?


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Internal presentation at The University College, Howest.

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What is your personal social media strategy?

  1. 1. What is your personal social media strategy? Gene Vangampelaere – Howest @vangampelaere
  2. 2. Why embrace social media? •a low-cost platform to build a personal brand. •allows you to engage rapidly •opportunity to learn
  3. 3. Personal & Private Personal & Public Professional & Private Professional & Public Finding the right presence
  4. 4. Message • I want to keep in touch with you. Tools • Facebook Goals • Brand: show commitment to your relationships • Engage: Strenghten your ties • Learn: keep alert for changes Finding the right presence Persona l& Private
  5. 5. Message • I am passionate about ideas and want to share them with you Tools • Blogs, YouTube, Twitter Goals • Brand: Become known for your ideas • Engage: Find new outlets for your passions • Learn: Leverage others’ ideas and viewpoints Finding the right presence Persona l& Public
  6. 6. Message • I am a team player, and I want to collaborate with you Finding the right presence Tools Profession al & Private • Yammer and other corporate platforms Goals • Brand: Enhance your image at work • Engage: Collaborate; boost productivity • Learn: Leverage your colleagues’ input
  7. 7. Message • I am a competent and growing professionally Tools • LinkedIn, Twitter Goals • Brand: build peer recognition • Engage: Find new opportunities, show commitment • Learn: boost industry knowledge, develop yourself Finding the right presence Profession al & Public
  8. 8. Google yourself • do it regularly and compare with peers Protect your identity • Purchase your domain Create a business profile • LinkedIn Use what you have a work • Reach out for colleagues Post public content • Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweet, upload presentations, … Social media must-do’s
  9. 9. How to manage your social capital? • Build your audience slowly • be selective about your contacts How to manage intellectual capital? • Set some guidelines about what information you can or cannot disclose • be authentic How to manage your progress? • Use Google Alerts / Tweetdeck (free) Risks of an online presence
  10. 10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2364794097359 75/
  11. 11. Yammer.com
  12. 12. • • • • Website: http://www.vangampelaere.be Twitter: @vangampelaere Facebook: http://fb.com/gene.vangampelaere LinkedIn: http://be.linkedin.com/in/genevangampelaere/ Source: Harvard Business Review, Personal Social media strategy by Soumitra Dutta