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Ppc newsletter 2011

  2. 2. PALESTINAN PEACE COALITION GENEVA INITIAVEDear friends,This newsletter includes briefings of ouractivities during the first half of year 2011.The PPC’s activities aim to influencedecision-makers, opinion leaders and thewide audience in Palestine as well as theinternational key stake-holders towardsreaching a comprehensive and a just solutionfor the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Thesolution that we seek is a two-state solution «Stressing the Importance of Media’shere the two nations are guaranteed to liveside by side in peace. Role in the Arab Political Movement ».We are working on achieving this goalthrough the expansion of international The Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC) hosted asupport of reaching a peaceful agreement and political seminar on March 23rd, 2011, in Ramallah.settlement for the conflict – a settlement that During the seminar, the participants emphasizedis in agreement with the UN resolutions. the significance of the media’s role and impact on the uprisings and mass protests taking place in theBased on our belief that the Palestinian Arab World. The participants discussed the rolereconciliation is vital for any further progress of the new media, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, andin the Peace Process, we have created a their widespread usage among youth groups andplatform for debaters from all political movements, and the effect they have on the successparties, civil community bodies, syndicates of such movements.and various social movements in order toachieve Palestinian reconciliation.Thanks to the generous support of ourpartners we will be able to work forachieving our goals of promoting a cultureof peace, dialogue and non-violence withinthe Palestinian society. Sincerely, The Palestinian Peace Coalition Geneva Initiative 2
  3. 3. PALESTINAN PEACE COALITION GENEVA INITIAVE «The Arab World’s Changes and their Effect on the Palestinians»The Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI) hosteda conference in Gaza City, on April 20th, 2011.The subject of the conference dealt with the recentchanges in the Arab world and their potential effecton the Palestinian territory. «The Reconciliation and the Prisoners» The Palestinian Peace Coalition hosted a political seminar in cooperation with Tubas municipality, on May 15th, 2011. The seminar focused on the Palestinian Reconciliation and its impact on Palestinian prisoners. «The Palestinian Youth and Reconciliation»The Palestinian Peace Coalition hosted a conference in Gaza, On May, 23rd, 2011. The conference’s maintopic was the role of youth in making reconciliation possible. The participants called for creating theappropriate environment for ending the division and for establishing reconciliation. 3
  4. 4. PALESTINAN PEACE COALITION GENEVA INITIAVE »The Situation in the Jordan Valley “Al Aghwar”The Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI) organized a political meeting at the local council’s hall in E’inAl-Bayda, Tubas, Northern Valleys. The meeting was held in cooperation with the Palestinian PrisonersClub on the 44th anniversary of 1967 occupation of the Palestinian Territory. The meeting highlighted theimportance of the Jordan Valley for the future of the Palestinian state. « No to split, yes to reconciliation»On March 15th, Palestinian Peace Coalition(PPC-GI) launched the initiative of «No to split,yes to reconciliation» in Ramallah. The initiativecame as part of a campaign by Palestinian youththat called for ending the split. 4
  5. 5. PALESTINAN PEACE COALITION GENEVA INITIAVE «Emphasizing the Role of Youth in the Political Process»The Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI) hosted a seminaron “Emphasizing the Role of Youth in the Political Process”.The activity took place on April 23rd, in Ramallah city. Theseminar discussed the current developments in the Arab Worldand in Palestine. The seminar concluded with the participants’call to unifying the efforts towards achieving unity and endingthe division. They stressed the need for cultivating variousefforts in order to develop youth participation in creating andadvancing change. «Role of New Media in Setting Political Agenda»The Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI) hosted a workshop on May 11th, 2011 in Bethlehem. The workshopwas organized in cooperation with the Palestinian Bible Society in Bethlehem. During the workshop, theparticipants stressed the importance of the media in shaping public opinion and setting political agenda. «Non-violence and Peaceful Resistance»The Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI)convened a workshop titled «Non-violenceand Peaceful Resistance» on March, 13th,2011 in Ramallah. The participants stressedthe importance of having a united body fornon-violent resistance in view of the preferredexamples of Ni’lin and Bil’in that resist theIsraeli occupation through use of peaceful andnon-violent means. 5
  6. 6. PALESTINAN PEACE COALITION GENEVA INITIAVE Palestinian Youth calls for an active roleThe Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI) hosted aworkshop of «Youth Debate» in Gaza city on April9th, 2011. The workshop was attended by a largenumber of young men and women. The event washeld in coordination with Olof Palme InternationalInstitute (OPIC) and aimed to empower youth andincrease their political participation. They calledfor more activities, youth initiatives, workshops anddebate sessions among youth groups. «The Role of Youth in Making Change» The Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI) hosted a workshop on «Youth’s Role in Creating Change” in Hebron, on April, 12th, 2011. A group of youth activists attended the workshop. The participants stressed the importance of promoting the role of youth in decision- making within their own societies and communities. «Young Leaders Call for Protecting «The Media and its Role in making the end of split Agreement” change… Recent Changes in theThe Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI), in corporation Arab World and their Reflection onwith Olof Palme International Institute (OPIC), organizeda political seminar in Gaza titled «The Role of Youth the Palestinian Issue»Movements and frameworks after the ReconciliationAgreement». The workshop came as part of the continuous The Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI)effort to promote the youth political participation, as well convened a seminar for a group of media specialistsas empowerment of women. in Bethlehem, on April, 28th, 2011. The seminar focused on the role the media plays in shaping the public opinion and setting political agenda. The participants emphasized the role of new media and social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, in building the bridges of communication and in rapidly spreading information, an issue which can be used in promoting peace. 6
  7. 7. PALESTINAN PEACE COALITION GENEVA INITIAVE «The Palestinian Statehood Bid at the UN»The Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI) convened a workshop on June 9th, 2011 in Gaza. The workshopwas organized in cooperation with the Olof Palme International Institute. The participants discussed theSeptember bid for statehood and the expected difficulties and obstacles ahead. Impact of the Arab Spring on PalestineThe Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI) organized a workshop on the impact of the Arab Spring on Palestine ,onJune 13th, 2011. The workshop took place at theChildren’s House in Hebron. The participantsfocused mainly on the peaceful means used by theArab youth to achieve their objectives of freedom,considering such means as the optimal nowadays,as also proven by Bil’in example of non-violentresistance. Further, the participants discussedthe recent changes in the Arab World specificallyhighlighting the role of youth in actually makingthese changes. During the first half of 2011, more than 140 news articles were published onthe PPC’s activities. Such articles were published onthe newspapers pages, internet media outlets and TV. 7
  8. 8. PALESTINAN PEACE COALITION GENEVA INITIAVE Joint SeminarsJoint Workshop for Russian Speaking Israeli Position-holders and Journalists and their Palestinian CounterpartsOn February 10, the Geneva Initiative hosted a joint Israeli-Palestinianworkshop for Russian speaking Israeli position-holders and journalists andtheir Palestinian counterparts.The Israeli-Palestinian dialogue workshop, entitled «Talking Peace,»was held at the Ambassador Hotel in Jerusalem. The day opened witha discussion on «The Political Context.» After lunch, David Edelmanfacilitated a working group session on «Israel and the Palestinians: DecisionTime. Prospects and Perils of the Peace Process.» Seminar in Rome for Leading Palestinian and Israeli WomenMarch 2-5, 2011 The Geneva Initiative hosted a seminar in Rome for leading Palestinian and Israeli women in cooperation with the Italian Center for Middle East Peace (CIPMO). The event, which brought together leading Palestinian and Israeli woman for four days of discussions, opened with remarks by a representative of the Province of Rome and of the Analysis and Planning Unit of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nidal Foqaha and Gadi Baltiansky, Directors General of the Geneva Initiative in Ramallah and Tel Aviv respectively, also spoke during the opening session which was chaired by Janiki Cingoli, Director of the Italian Center for Peace in the MiddleEast (CIPMO). GI Seminar on Water and Environment at The HagueOn March 1st and 2nd, 2011, the Geneva Initiative hosted a joint Palestinian-Israeli seminar in the Hague to discusswater and environment issues.The meeting was the second of a series of three seminars that the Geneva Initiative was holding this year in TheHague with the support of the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The events are designed to present our work onthe Annexes to the Geneva Accord to – as well as to solicit feedback, if any, from experts in the field (both Dutchand European). The Netherlands Institute of International Relations (the Clingendael Institute) hosted the seminar.On the Israeli side, participants included Prof. Hillel Shuval (expert on water) and Prof. Alon Tal (expert on theenvironment). On the Palestinian side, participants included Dr. Abdelrahman Tamimi (expert on water), and Dr.Mohamed Saeed Humaidi (expert on the environment). 8
  9. 9. PALESTINAN PEACE COALITION GENEVA INITIAVE Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI) Hosts Meretz USA in Ramallah. Wednesday, March 30, 2011The Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI) organized a one day visit toRamallah for a delegation of Meretz USA board members and activists. Thedelegation met with PLO Executive Committee Secretary General, YasserAbed Rabbo at the Palestinian Media Center. Mr. Abed Rabbo briefed thedelegation on the current status regarding the Israeli Palestinian conflict.Additionally, the visit included meetings General Director of PalestinianDemocracy Forum, Sam’an Khoury, Fatah Central Committee MemberNabil Sha’at and GI Director-General, Nidal Fuqaha. Geneva Initiative Addresses the Role of the International Community on the nd Road to SeptemberSunday, May 22 , Geneva Initiative’s Palestinian andIsraeli co-heads addressed a conference hosted by theGlobal Strategy Forum in London. The conference, heldat the House of Lords in London, addressed the topic,«Looking to September: What Role Can the InternationalCommunity play in the Middle East Peace Process?»The Geneva Initiative held a presentation entitled «GettingYes to an Agreement: Next Steps.» Speakers includedNidal Foqaha, Director-General, The Palestinian PeaceCoalition – The Geneva Initiative (Ramallah); Gadi Baltiansky, Director-General, HL Education for Peace – TheGeneva Initiative (Tel Aviv); Israela Oron, Retired Brigadier General in the IDF and former Deputy National SecurityAdvisor, and member of the Geneva Initiative; and Nazmi Jubeh, an expert in Jerusalem affairs. Geneva Initiative Meets with Hungarian Foreign Ministry Official in Budapest July 27, 2011Geneva Initiative representatives –Palestinian and Israeli - met in Budapestwith a senior Hungarian Foreign Ministry official who expressed support forthe initiative and its activities: «We believe that this is not just important as apolitical initiative, but also as a mechanism for continuing to create dialoguebetween Israelis and Palestinians. We appreciate the initiative and strengthen its hands in promoting messages ofpeace on both sides.» Former ministers, former senior military officers, and academics participated in the meeting.Senior Geneva Initiative figures presented the Foreign Ministry officials with the appendices to the Geneva Accord.Additionally, the initiative’s work has been presented both locally and internationally.Leading Palestinian and Israeli JournalistsMeet in Istanbul On August 12 to 14, the Palestinian Peace Coalition-GenevaInitiative, hosted a joint seminar of 15 leading Palestinian andIsraeli journalists in Istanbul.. Among the attendants wererepresentatives from, Al Hayat Al Jadida, Al Ayyam, Ma’an News,AP on the Palestinian side and Channel 10, Channel 2, YediotAharonot, Ha’aretz, Walla News and Israel Hayom on the Israeliside. For three days, participants debated media coverage of the conflict on both sides, as well as their thoughts onreporting from the United Nations General Assembly in September. 9
  10. 10. PALESTINAN PEACE COALITION GENEVA INITIAVE Geneva Initiative-ACPP Joint ProjectRaising the Palestinian and Israeli Populations’ Awareness on the Environmental Costof the Absence of Peace, and Promoting a Sustainable Solution in the Framework of theArab Peace InitiativeSeptember 2010-June 2011 Project Launching Joint Seminar, Bethlehem, October 7-8, 2010The Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI) hosted a joint Palestinian-Israeli Experts seminar in Bethlehemwhere more than 30 participants attended the meeting from both sides. Additionally, representatives of theinternational communities from Spain, Switzerland and Norway attended the event as well. During thetwo-day seminar, the participants discussed the water and environmental situation in the region and waysto safeguard and protect these two sectors.Joint Seminar, Jericho, June 13th, 2011 The Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI) organized a joint seminar to discuss Water and Environmentissues. The seminar was held in Jericho and had 22 participants to talk about the current situation onwater and environment at the regional and international level. The participants reviewed the progress andthe activities of the program during the last several months and discussed the two sectoral action plansdocument on water and environment developed by the project. Municipal Training programs:The Palestinian Peace Coalition (PPC-GI) in cooperation with (ACPP), organized a series of trainingprograms and seminars for municipalities and localcouncils in the West Bank. The program includedsix seminars which where attended by participantsfrom different cities and villages in the West Bank.Water and Environment experts gave lecturesand presentations on local government, water andenvironment as well as several municipal issuestook place in the training program.The beneficiaries of this program counted morethan 180 municipalities personal from the city ofJericho, the Jordan valley and the upper JordanValley areas, the city of Nablus, Tubas, Qalqilia,Ramallah, Bethlehem, Beit Jala, Hebron and thesurrounding areas. 10