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2010-2011 Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce Strategic Plan


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The Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce this Strategic Plan. Input has been obtained regarding the plan and its components from a broad cross section of community leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. This plan highlights activity critical to the realization of strategies in the community’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), developed with the input of the Regional Chamber and its members in 2009-2010.

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2010-2011 Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce Strategic Plan

  1. 1. 2010-2011 Strategic Plan Collaboration Achieves Results
  2. 2. Mission Statement The Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce facilitates strategic partnerships between public, private and nonprofit entities to maximize economic growth. A Message from the Chairman I am pleased and proud to serve as Chairman of the Operating Board of the Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce. It is our goal to collaborate more to achieve positive economic results for the whole community. Through collaboration and partnership we will achieve greater success. I invite current and new partners throughout the community to participate actively in the critical activities underway at the Regional Chamber— retaining and expanding current employers, gaining new employment and investment; implementing special initiatives; enhancing the employability of our future workforce; and increasing business opportunities for our local firms and entrepreneurs. Together we can optimize the community’s efforts to achieve these objectives. We are proving it can be done, even in these challenging economic times. Through expanded partnerships, we can achieve even greater results. I invite you to join us. Dr. Julianne Princinsky Chairman, Operating Board of Directors President, Baker College Flint To learn more about Regional Chamber programs, visit page 2
  3. 3. 2010-2011 Strategic Plan T he Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce is pleased to introduce this Strategic Plan. Input has been obtained regarding the plan and its components from a broad cross section of community leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. This plan highlights activity critical to the realization of strategies in the community’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), developed with the input of the Regional Chamber and its members in 2009-2010. Results-Oriented Strategies efforts so we can keep producing positive outcomes for our community. And we will accomplish other important projects Building a good home requires a good plan. The same is true for the community as well. We will roll out education initiatives for a community. We have updated our Strategic Plan for and public policy platforms that will help our evolving 2010-2011 so it reflects our current scope of activity and the community move forward. changing realities of our local and national economy. The We will continue to build on our existing partnerships and Regional Chamber’s number one priority is retaining and look for other opportunities to collaborate with the public and creating jobs and we are making steady progress in both areas. private sectors across Genesee County. Strategic planning is at Our success is the outcome of good planning. Our success the core of creating alliances that will build our community and is also the outcome of the hard work accomplished by our our business base. staff and our community partners in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. For example, the attraction projects This Strategic Plan is a living document and allows for completed in 2009 will bring more than $91,000,000 in adaptation to changing forces related to the economy, industry investment and 900 jobs to the community. Last year, our trends, resource availability and other factors. Input may be Procurement Technical Assistance Center helped area submitted and considered for inclusion at any time throughout companies win 566 government contracts worth nearly $78 the course of implementation. The Regional Chamber will million. undertake regular sessions with diverse groups of investors and community stakeholders to gain input on planning as well as In 2010-2011 we look to increase retention and attraction the implementation of strategies, progress, and results. A Message from the CEO W e look forward to the challenges of completing our two-year plan and we ask for your continued support. We also seek your input on the Strategic Plan that is on the following pages. This plan is designed to be adaptable to new conditions, circumstances and community input. Please review the document and join with us as we do the work of strengthening our economy. Tim Herman CEO Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce page 3
  4. 4. Objectives The Regional Chamber has the following objectives: • Diversify the local economy • Promote member business opportunities • Increase investment and job creation • Support local municipalities to enhance economic • Elevate business and workforce competitiveness development processes • Enhance K-16 development of future workforce capabilities • Achieve diverse participation in planning and implementation • Celebrate and promote economic development successes • Increase partnership and collaboration • Enhance awareness of local assets and strengths Strategies & Targets The Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce has developed a multi-faceted economic development strategy with many supporting components. First is a focus on retention activities to support the diversification and competitiveness of local firms. Second, an expanded outreach and marketing program will be conducted outside the area to attract new investment and businesses into the community. Both efforts will focus on the diversification of the local economic base with outreach directed at firms who represent the potential for sales outside the region and job creation. These factors result in the flow of capital into the local economy. Although not exclusively, firms are likely to be in one the following target sectors: • Transportation, distribution, and • Homeland security/defense • Advanced manufacturing logistics • High-tech services • Health science/bio-medicine • Alternative energy/Alternative fuel • Corporate offices • Water infrastructure-related businesses Measurable Results With a disciplined focus on job creation and economic diversification, the Regional Chamber has established annual target goals for each of the work plan activities. Progress toward these goals will be monitored on a monthly basis and a report card issued regularly. The Regional Chamber will review with its Operating Board of Directors progress being made toward goals. Stakeholders will be briefed on a regular basis regarding activity and results. Each year, an Annual Meeting will be held which will include a complete report to the community. page 4
  5. 5. Work Plan Summary T he Regional Chamber is organized in three action groups: Economic Development, Employer Education & Training Connection and Member Services. These groups are supported by subject matter experts in Public Policy, Communications and Marketing and General Management. This structure allows the organization to focus resources and execute programs around the critical operations of the organization. Action Groups Economic Development Employer Education Member Services • Retain and Expand Local Firms & Training Connection • Attract New Members • Attract New Jobs and • Conduct Workforce, Education, • Retain Current Members Investment and Training Initiatives by • Enhance Event Revenue and • Undertake Special Initiatives convening and connecting Member Value education and training • Strengthen Partnerships resources with business • Integrate and Leverage Programs and Resources to Serve Business Needs Subject Matter Experts Public Policy Communications & Marketing General Management • Increase State and Federal • Enhance Community Image • Undertake Human Resources Funding to Genesee County • Provide Regional Chamber Staff Support • Take Positions on Issues Deemed Marketing Support • Provide Technology Support “High Impact” for Business • Enhance Regional Chamber • Optimize Management and • Support Efficiency and Brand Financial Systems Effectiveness of Local Government • Build Strategic Relationships and Planning Capacity page 5
  6. 6. Action Steps that Lead to Success In order to accomplish the established goals of the Strategic Plan the Regional Chamber has defined critical activities for 2010-2011. These activities will be accomplished by collaboration with our many community partners. Economic Development Retain and Expand Local Firms • Conduct outreach to professional – Use of innovative technology to site consultants drive economic growth • Conduct retention outreach – Gain referrals from staff, clients, • Update marketing materials and – Government contracting and stakeholders expand communications – Business process improvement – Enhance content, print materials, and diversification • Deliver retention/expansion services – Michigan Manufacturing web site • Continue to grow professional team Technology Center: Undertake Special Initiatives Market diversification and Strengthen Partnerships competitiveness • Enhance local economic • Establish shared vision with local – Procurement Technical Assistance development infrastructure government, service providers, etc. Center: New government contracts – Implement intermodal and – Conduct workshops for input and corridor strategies consultation Attract New Jobs and Investment – Support planning and initiatives that – Undertake project reviews for • Motivate investors to locate in bring resources to the community continuous improvement Genesee County • Promote Regional Chamber services – Conduct outreach to investment – Financial packaging programs, prospects including Economic Development – Provide advisement and project Corporations management support – Site and incentives consultation Public Policy General Management Increase State and Federal Funding Support Efficiency and Effectiveness of Undertake Human Resources Staff to Genesee County Local Government Support • Seek and obtain new funding for economic • Ensure collaboration on major projects Provide Technology Support development, community infrastructure, • Aid municipalities in supporting business and other needs growth Optimize Management and Take Positions on Issues Deemed • Support municipal efforts to achieve Financial Systems “High Impact” for Business greater efficiency and effectiveness in Build Strategic Relationships and • Identify county-wide and regional issues economic development processes Planning Capacity and legislation • Identify possible solutions and undertake action on issues • Inform and engage businesses and community stakeholders page 6
  7. 7. Employer Education & Training Connection Member Services Conduct Workforce, Education, Integrate and Leverage Attract New Members and Training Initiatives by Convening Programs and Resources to Serve • Conduct outreach to potential new and Connecting Education and Business Needs members Training Resources With Business • Document education/training/ Retain Current Members • Work with education/training/ workforce development programs • Improve member services workforce development to available for business – Enhance affinity and cost saving represent business perspective – Optimize programs offered by programs • Optimize K-16 program partner organizations – Conduct workshops management and participation • Consult on workforce-related – Promote member capabilities – Conduct career preparation and issues for employers – Support cost savings, • Enhance communication to members after-school programs at the K-12 level market diversification, and Enhance Event Revenue competitiveness and Member Value • Conduct workshops and events to • Plan and conduct events enhance business knowledge and – Conduct regular education and utilization of resources networking sessions – Optimize seminars offered by – Plan and undertake major events Regional Chamber departments • Engage members in special groups – Business committees Communications & Marketing Enhance Community Image Provide Regional Chamber Enhance Regional Chamber Brand • Promote community strengths to Marketing Support • Manage and evolve the brand of the local and regional media • Develop marketing strategies and Regional Chamber – Expand “Partners for Progress” associated materials – Manage look/feel of various – Maintain steady flow of – Consult with departments and marketing materials communications to target audiences advise regarding product shaping, – Expand the functionality of the – Enhance the use of social media strategy, tactics web site to provide services to – Undertake regional/national members/users • Collect and disseminate important campaign for economic – Optimize and re-structure the data and stories development targets design of the web site to enhance – Develop and execute affinity program the search experience marketing/advertising campaigns • Promote Regional Chamber products and services to various target audiences page 7
  8. 8. Operating Board Officers: At-Large: Chairman Willie Artis–Secretary Dr. Julianne Princinsky President President Genesee Packaging, Inc. Baker College of Flint Stuart Forsyth Chair-elect Community President John Matonich Citizens Bank, representative President & CEO for Cathleen H. Nash, President & CEO Rowe Professional Services Co. Robert Fuller CFO Hubbard Supply Don Kooy President McLaren Regional Medical Center Steve Landaal President Landaal Packaging Systems Phil Peters–Treasurer Vice President Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Joe Serra President Serra Automotive Group Robert L. Rummel Senior Vice President Chase Dayne Walling Mayor City of Flint Patricia Lockwood Commissioner 6th District Genesee County Board of Commissioners-representative for Jamie Curtis, County Board Chair 519 S. Saginaw St. | Suite 200 Flint, MI 48502 ph: 810.600.1404 f: 810.600.1461