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Neogen press release may2011


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Neogen press release may2011

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEOGEN PARTNERS WITH GENERIC LICENSING Belgian generic developer joins online community to find new clientsNeogen has joined many other leading developers and partnered with tofind new international licensing partners for its generic products.Neogen based in Diegem, Belgium, specialises in injectable and is adding 8 molecules to theindustry leading website. Neogen was founded by a global team of professionals experienced inthe different areas of the generic medicines industry and is now seeking to grow its client base.Neogen also recently announced the expansion of their team with the employment of EstherKranenburg and Tristram Lake as Licensing Managers and Jantina Edens as the supply chainmanager.To see Neogen’s profile go to: Neogen:Email:,Phone: 0032 2 719 02 65Website: Generic (GL) was launched in late 2008 by Asa Cox, a spin out of ICE PharmaGroup and is now part of the new Generic Pharma 2.0 group. It was launched with a handfulof clients and 500 products, it now works with nearly 100 developers and users have access toover 7000 generic dossiers.In 2009, GL launched the Global Generic Product Directory, publishing the complete productdatabase in PDF format and in a bound book (the size of a bible!). For the first time, businessdevelopment teams had an immediate reference guide when planning in-licensing activities.Contacts & connectionsFor more information, contact Michelle Langman, Marketing & Online Engagement generc_pharma & genericpharma20LinkedIn: Generic Licensing Network & Generic Pharma 2.0