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Telling a good story


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"Telling A Good Story: Getting from Idea, to Pitch, to Public," was presented by Generation PRX Director Jones Franzel at the 2012 NYC Digital Waves Youth Media Festival. Learn more at htttp://

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Telling a good story

  1. 1. Telling A Good Story:Getting from Idea, to Pitch, to Public 2012 NYC Digital Waves Youth Media Festival
  2. 2. Why Telling Stories Matters“Your job is to say: Here I am.”-- JadAbumrad• The capacity to tell stories is a way of leaving your mark the world• Transformation through listening
  3. 3. How to Make a Story Idea Planning & Pitching Production Created piece (psst… still not done!)
  4. 4. Amplify, connect & support new voices
  5. 5. Generation PRX• Place to share work, questions and ideas• Connect with other youth producers• Find teaching resources• The GPRX Youth Editorial Board• Build a portfolio• Connections to PRX and beyond
  6. 6. • Motorola Mobility Grant & CT Public Radio• Asked youth radio groups for pitches• Mentoring, equipment, webinars, training• Lots of coverage: 32 stations broadcast, coverage on (!) and Huffington Post
  7. 7. Find the C.A.T.s• Character• Action• Tension• Try them in a FOCUS SENTENCE:___(Character) ___does __(Action)__ but __(Tension)__
  8. 8. Checkmate• From Tele’jon Quinn of Bay Area Video Coalition. Listen for:• Character• Action• Tension• Specific details• Universal elements• Bonus: The focus sentence
  9. 9. Getting InspiredWhere do ideas come from? • Something crazy you heard? • A topic you’ve always wanted to know more about? • Something that happened to you?
  10. 10. Using Structure to Find Your Story• First thought, best thought!• Jot down a quick idea (just a word or two) for something you’d like to do in each of these formats: – Portrait – Personal – Gossip – News – Documentary
  11. 11. Why pitch your story?• Distill the gem at the center• Learn how to see / plan your way through a story• And eventually… have the tools to both break into and break media.
  12. 12. Warm Up Your Pitch• Keep it short and sweet• Focus sentence• Specific details• Universal themes• What questions will it raise?• What will we see/hear?• Why should we care?
  13. 13. Sample pitchIn the Anchorage School District our teachers use the Aggressors, Victims,Bystanders (AVB) lessons to teach youth about bullying. We also do a uniton bullying in our Health classes. My question is whether these AVBlessons are actually making a difference in the Anchorage Community. Inother words; is it a solution? If it isnt, why? And in which places shouldthe class be refined so it could be changed?The story will be 4-6 minutes long and will include interviews withteachers, students and possibly the Disciplinary Principle. I will ask themwhat they think of the solutions we use in the Anchorage School District. Iwill ask the students if their parents views on bullying are the same as thepeople who advocate AVB. I will ask them if they have encounteredbullying face to face or online, or have witnessed bullying and ask if theysee that bullying is common in their school.
  14. 14. You may have produced your story but… YOU ARE NOT DONE! • Who will see/hear it? • Where will people find it? • How will you get the word out?
  15. 15. Get the Word Out• PRX• Blogs• Email• Throw a party / showcase event• Create a digital portfolio• Send me links when you’re done!
  16. 16. Jones (Johanna) Franzel