Fundraising For Youth Radio Groups with Roman Mars and Carol Varney


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Slides for a web event with Roman Mars, host and producer of 99% Invisible, and Carol Varney, Director of the Bay Area Video Coalition on helping youth radio groups fundraise with online tools.

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Fundraising For Youth Radio Groups with Roman Mars and Carol Varney

  1. 1. Online Fundraising for Youth Radio Groups Web event with Roman Mars and Carol Varney March 4, 2014
  2. 2. On the call Roman Mars, host & creator of 99% Invisible Carol Varney, Executive Director at the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) Host: Jones Franzel, Former Generation PRX Director Housekeeping - Type questions in the box on your control panel (we’ll answer these at the end) - Choose your audio method on your control panel
  3. 3. Webinar Overview 1. Kickstarter 101(in brief!) 2. Conversation with Roman Mars on the success of the 99 % Invisible campaigns 3. Presentation from Carol Varney of BAVC: Where to go online to find funding and how to build an online fundraising profile 4. Questions from you
  4. 4. Youth Radio Groups & Money • Lots of great ideas and content, many devoted listeners and producers. What most youth radio groups don’t have… is money. • Hope to use this call to build our capacity to develop strategies that work • We’ll look at crowd-funding and grantfunding, but themes carry through both approaches • The ace you all have up your sleeve: You’re storytellers and teachers. Fundraising is about including donors in the compelling story of what you do.
  5. 5. • World’s largest funding platform (yesterday passed $1 Billion in pledges from 5.7 million people) • Exclusively for creative projects (not charities or causes) • Kickstarter is also a *storytelling* platform: video, image, built-in blogging • Mix of commerce and patronage (not donation) • Creators maintain full ownership and complete control of their projects • Success rate of 40% (but 80% of projects that raise more than 20% of goal are successful)
  6. 6. PRX’s Curated Kickstarter Page
  7. 7. Where to go for more • By the numbers: p/stats • How to create a campaign: • PRX and Kickstarter FAQ: • PRX’s curated page on Kickstarter:
  8. 8. 99% Invisible “A tiny radio show about design with Roman Mars”
  9. 9. 99% Invisible Campaigns on Season 3 Season 4 - Weekly
  10. 10. Components of a Kickstarter Campaign
  11. 11. Rewards & Prizes $15 Pledge $45 Pledge $50 pledge
  12. 12. Thank you! • Check in on our blog for updates and a link to the web event video: • Follow: • @romanmars • @bavc • @prx