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Online Marketing Tools for Your Business


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How do we use online automated marketing tools to increase our traffic and business?

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Online Marketing Tools for Your Business

  1. 1. ==== ====Automated online sales tools you need. Check it out ====Well there are two basic themes to increase your online sales, either you get more visitors ontoyour website, or you get those visitors on your website to buy more. So, what can you do for eachof these?Increasing website visitors1) Search engine optimise your websiteMaybe easier said than done, but just a little work on a few low competition keywords could see alot more traffic arriving on your website.2) Article marketingWrite articles about your product and distribute them through article directories. A successfularticle can end up sending you a couple of visitors per day directly to your website, absolutely forfree!3) Guest posting to attract visitorsSimilar to article marketing, but usually requires a unique submission per site that you post to. Butyou simply submit some high quality writing to some high traffic blogs and some of their readersshould hopefully come your way.4) Partake in social media promotionEntice new visitors your way through running Facebook and Twitter and other social media tools.Keep people informed about latest developments and new products and get involved inconversations with customers and potential customers.5) Off line promotionFrom promotional gifts to leaflets and bumper stickers, even just business cards left on carwindows. There are lots of ways to attract more people to your website!Increasing sales to visitors on your website1) Make sure that your website allows the products to be found easilyThis is a big problem with many sites - the navigation is too difficult for potential buyers to findwhat they want. Do they realise that the item they want falls under a certain category? Could youimplement a search feature, or guide visitors more clearly to the products they want? This doesnot mean giving lots of choices, just clear choices.2) Offer alternatives to productsIf the product the visitor is looking at isnt correct, what can they buy instead? Either manually add
  2. 2. alternatives or you can have an automated system that compares what items visitors have lookedat against what they eventually bought.3) Offer add on productsIf someone adds a product to their basket, is there anything else that they might also like? Again,either an automatic allocation or you can manually add products to offer. For example offerbatteries with electronic toys.4) Be clear about your products and pricingThere is nothing worse than getting to a checkout only to discover that there is a huge amount ofpostage and tax to pay that increases the cost. Such tricks can quite often lead to abandonedbaskets so make sure that these are mentioned early on, preferably showing prices with tax onconsumer goods.5) Offer discountsIncrease the amount that people are buying through offering free postage, or an offer for discountson multiple products. Your visitor might only want one, but with 10% off when they buy two, thatmight just convince them.Keith Lunt owns Janric Website Design. If you want to know more about internet marketing, callacross to the internet marketing blog and pick up a copy of our free internet marketing ebook!Article Source: ====Automated online sales tools you need. Check it out ====