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Business Mobile Apps


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Why you should have a mobile app for your business.

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Business Mobile Apps

  1. 1. ==== ====For tips on mobile apps check this out. Why you should have a mobile app for your business ====According to BBC 2s Virtual Revolution Programme - broadcast on 3rd March 2011 -- youngerpeople are developing Fox like attributes -- gathering and sharing small snippets of information togain knowledge).This fundamental change in how we gather knowledge explains why social websites like Twitterand Facebook are so popular. And it also explains the growth in iPhone apps.So how can you use this change in consumer habits to promote your business?Instead of sending long, content-rich brochures and letters to your customers and prospects youcan feed snippets about your products or service to your target market. And using a mobile app todeliver those tit-bits makes it easier for your customers to connect and engage with you.Do Business Apps Really Work?When I first looked into the idea of a business mobile app I must admit I wasnt sure that it wouldhave any real business marketing value, after all the majority of apps seemed to be games. And Idid wonder if apps are just a fad that would soon lose their appeal.Got that wrong, didnt I?Because I read about the success a limousine hire company in London was having with theirbespoke iPhone App. The company reported receiving 1.4m worth of bookings through their appduring May 2011 and the trend looks set to continue.You can put your app into Apples iTunes App Store and / or on the Android Market Store --making it easier for people to find and download it. If it is to be used as a marketing tool then Idrecommend putting it up as a free app and encourage your customers to tell their friends about it.How Can You Make Your Business Mobile App Popular?If you are planning to make your iPhone app available through the iTunes App Store, you have tomeet Apples terms of business. And Apple are not keen on pure marketing apps. The app has tohave some functionality the user enjoys or finds useful so the app is opened and used frequently.If the app also uses an iPhone feature, such as the camera or the GPS function, then Apple aremore inclined to approve your app for the App Store.So what should you include in your mobile business app? How can you find out what would appealto your customers?
  2. 2. The simple answer? Ask them.You could ask your existing customers to complete a quick survey in which you list the featuresyou could include in an app. Ask them to choose, in order of preference, the feature that appealsto them.Heres a list of features you could potentially offer:Your Events diaryInstant GPS directions from their current location to your premises.Picture Gallery -- let your customers see themselves enjoying your event or display your products.Product or service list with prices -- e.g. a restaurant or bar could include their menus and prices,make it easier for customers to plan a night out.Reservation request -- ideal for restaurants or hotels, one-touch booking from inside your app.Special Offer VouchersQuick Response Vouchers (these are scannable vouchers - one of the latest technologicaladvances on mobile phones).Your NewsletterCustomer Feedback -- let your customers tell you what they think.Instant access to your YouTube videos.Instant access to your Facebook page.Instant access to your Tweets.Tell-a-friend -- an easy way for your customers to share their experiences with friends.An in app calculator -- e.g. a tip calculator for a restaurant, a mortgage calculator for a mortgagebroker or estate agent (real estate), a VAT or tax calculator for an accountant).Tips -- How to guides that help your customers.Ask a question -- let your customers send a question by email from inside your app.Email photo -- encourage your customers to take a photo and send it to you, perhaps a photo ofthem using your product.In app 1-touch calling -- a single tap to automatically dial your phone number.Instant messages with breaking news or offers.The list goes on.Once you know what your customers would like in an app all you have to do is get your appdeveloped.You could engage an app developer to create the app for you (make sure you choose someonewho is experienced and reliable) and then open an Apple Developer Account and submit your appto the iTunes App Store for approval. But taking that route could cost thousands to develop yourbespoke app.Actually I would recommend finding a service that offers an easier solution. Preferably one thathelps you to create your own app without you needing any programming knowledge and then iswilling to take care of all the submission and approval process for you.
  3. 3. Not Just iPhone Apps...When you decide to create a mobile app for your business dont just focus on the iPhone. A vastnumber of people have SmartPhones that use the Android platform. Creating an app for bothplatforms expands the audience you can reach and, potentially, increases business for you.So -- provide value, up to date information and aim to incorporate the functionality of the mobilephone and your business mobile app could be a winner.©2011 Original Work by CarolAnn BentleyCarolAnn Bentley is co-founder of Apps4SME, supplying a budget friendly, easy to use mobilebusiness app development service for small to medium size businesses. More details at a tailored mobile app for your business without any programming knowledge - simplychoose from over 21 features, type your content, click and save. Includes video, QR coupons,push messaging, Twitter and Facebook integration and more.See the features you can include in your mobile business app at iPhone and Android platform supported.Article Source: ====For tips on mobile apps check this out. Why you should have a mobile app for your business ====