==== ====Automated online sales tools you need. Check it outhttp://tinyurl.com/sgpautotools==== ====It would be in your be...
them into paying customers whether they join you or not. This is absolutely critical so you can earnup front commissions e...
2 Easy Ideas to Create Automated, Online Income Streams
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2 Easy Ideas to Create Automated, Online Income Streams


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How do we use online automated marketing tools to increase our traffic and business?

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2 Easy Ideas to Create Automated, Online Income Streams

  1. 1. ==== ====Automated online sales tools you need. Check it outhttp://tinyurl.com/sgpautotools==== ====It would be in your best interest to understand some very important elements so you can build asuccessful online marketing business using the Internet. This will definitely take your networkmarketing business to the next level and earn the income you have always dreamed of.Comprehending this information will revolutionize and give your business the power to earn theincome you deserve.What I am going to share with you is going to help you generate more leads than ever, generateautomatic income streams and sponsor more distributors into your network marketing businessusing the Internet. You must grasp these 5 key elements in order to be successful online. Until youdo, you will continue to struggle with your efforts in building your business.You must first have a Personalized Website and Capture Pages that you can customize, not yourcompanys replicated Website. This is a huge misconception for most people because they thinkthey can take their companys Website and market it. This simply will not give you the success youare looking for. You must have your own personal Website, your own picture, your own story andyour own personal videos so you can start to build relationships and trust with your prospects. Youmust promote YOU and not your companys replicated site if you are going to set yourself apartfrom the others. This can be a huge obstacle for many distributors because they do not know thefirst thing in creating a Website. The good news is that there are incredible marketing systems thatwill walk you through this process step by step to set you apart from the masses. So there is noexcuse not to have your very own personalized Website.Secondly, it is important to Build Your Own List. You need a database of prospects and have away to automatically follow-up and keep in touch with these folks. When I say you need to buildyour own list, I am not talking about manually writing down 100-200 of your friends and familymembers. I mean having a capture page with an opt-in form that contains your prospects name,email and possibly a phone number from those that are really serious. You drive traffic to yourcapture page by offering valuable information that your prospects are looking for and you generateleads. This is how you build your list of highly qualified and interested prospects. As you begin tobuild this database you have a system of follow-up that will automatically keep in touch, follow-upand build trust. You can build relationships with thousands of people, Worldwide, on auto-pilot asyou sleep. This is the power of knowing how to build your own list and then follow-up with that list.It is imperative that you have a Streamlined Sales Funnel to be able to promote additional incomestreams by offering valuable tools, resources and educational products that will help yourprospects achieve their goals and in turn create multiple streams of income for you on auto-pilot.This is called a funded proposal or funded proposal system and the concept is simple. 95% of yourprospects are going to say No to your business opportunity. You need to understand that it isperfectly fine but you need a system that is going to monetize that 95% that said No and turn
  2. 2. them into paying customers whether they join you or not. This is absolutely critical so you can earnup front commissions even if you do not sponsor any new distributors.Youll also want a Training Platform and Duplicatable Marketing System that you can plug yourdistributors into. You need a way to take your new distributors and get them trained in thefundamentals of Internet Marketing, provide support, educational tools and the latest strategies.This is what we call leverage. You need a training platform that you can direct them towards toget them up and running. You want to be able to have them join a webinar or listen to a video sothey can learn how to drive traffic through Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, for example. You want atraining platform and marketing system that will help them earn money within their first 30-60-90days of joining you which will highly increase your retention in your bottom line.And lastly, you need an Automated and Natural Way to get your business opportunity in front ofyour prospects without selling them. You need a training platform and system that will take youstep by step and help you implement these 5 key elements into a streamlined marketing system. Itcan be set-up and ready to go in a few hours or maybe a day or two if you are technologychallenged. This is what the top producers are doing. They are implementing this 5 step processand are building their businesses all day long on auto-pilot.If you want to give your business the power to earn massive amounts of income, I highly suggestyou take some time and gather resources that will educate you on what it really takes to besuccessful when building your network marketing business on the Internet.You can learn more about using online marketing tools [http://staceyarmstrong.com/online-marketing-tools-that-will-explode-your-mlm] by clicking on the following link. This MLM TrainingSite by Stacey Armstrong will provide the secret tools and resources used by top producers thatwill launch your business to the next level using the Internet.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Stacey_A_Armstrong==== ====Automated online sales tools you need. Check it outhttp://tinyurl.com/sgpautotools==== ====