DNA Genealogy


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http://www.genealogydna.com/dna-genealogy-testing.html - DNA genealogy is not only used for solving crimes and finding diseases. With DNA genealogy it can also be use to trace your family roots or ancestral history. Discover tracing your ancestral roots with the use of DNA genealogy.

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DNA Genealogy

  1. 1. Genealogy DNA Testing
  2. 2. DNA Genealogy is basically another term for DNA testing.
  3. 3. Usually DNA testing is done for catching criminals and solving other kidnapping cases.
  4. 4. But, Genealogy DNA is used to find out what the possible relationship is of one person with another or for finding the ancestors.
  5. 5. The first Genealogy study was conducted in 1980s at the University of California, Berkeley.
  6. 6. The scientists involved in this discovery are Rebecca L. Cann, Mark Stoneking and Allan C. Wilson.
  7. 7. They discovered a new type of DNA named mitochondrial DNA which is present in the cell.
  8. 8. It is passed on from mother to her child.
  9. 9. The other DNA, Y chromosome, is DNA Genealogy Testing present in the nucleus of the cell is passed on from father to son.
  10. 10. It also tells about the tribes and the place of origin of our maternal and paternal lines.
  11. 11. Scientists have studied a lot about evolution and have now concluded that we all came from one common ancestor called Adam and Eve.
  12. 12. No doubt, there were other men and women also but it was only Adam and Eve who survived.
  13. 13. DNA Genealogy has helped a lot in solving different things.
  14. 14. It is an interesting topic for scientists.
  15. 15. They do new researches like finding out the people related to the famous personalities like George Washington, Julius Caesar or Genghis Khan.
  16. 16. Scientists have produced human archeological record.
  17. 17. Doctors have found DNA Genealogy useful for finding hereditary diseases and cure.
  18. 18. DNA testing has a strong ability to reunite the families as it is 100% accurate and without any duplication.
  19. 19. The best part is that it is helping in reduction of criminals in the society by solving maximum criminal cases.
  20. 20. To cut the long story short, I just want to say that DNA Genealogy which is related to DNA testing is the biggest discovery ever made in the field of medical science.
  21. 21. Genealogy DNA Testing