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Quick guide - Second UNWTO Report on LGBT Travel

In May 2017 the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) published the second edition of the Global Report on LGBT Tourism in collaboration with the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA).

In this presentation you can find out more about the background to the project, find out where to download the free report and learn what you'll find inside.

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Quick guide - Second UNWTO Report on LGBT Travel

  2. 2. @GenCTraveller AUTHOR: Peter Jordan Consultant in: Destination Marketing & Management Consumer Trends & Travel RESEARCH | TRENDS | ADVISORY
  3. 3. LONDON / ATHENS Strategy & Research Marketing & Branding Digital
  4. 4. BACKGROUND: In May 2017 the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) published the second edition of the Global Report on LGBT Tourism, in with the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) Funding for the project was kindly provided by the IGLTA Foundation and the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau
  5. 5. @GenCTraveller About the FIRST Global Report on LGBT Tourism 2012
  6. 6. @GenCTraveller • Beginner’s guide to LGBT tourism • Introduced the concept to a new audience • Presented case studies and insights from established LGBT destinations • A milestone for UNWTO and IGLTA Find it at:
  7. 7. About the SECOND Global Report on LGBT Tourism 2017 @GenCTraveller
  8. 8. • Detailed analysis of LGBT rights and how they impact tourism for LGBT people and their allies • Updated to with recent advances in LGBT rights (eg. same-sex marriage) • Gives extensive recommendations to destinations and travel brands Find it at: @GenCTraveller
  9. 9. • State of LGBT rights around the world • LGBT rights at the UN • The case for LGBT inclusion & diversity in destinations • Impact of same-sex marriage on global tourism • Emerging destinations • Product diversification CHAPTER BY CHAPTER: @GenCTraveller
  10. 10. • Emerging outbound markets • Focus on China • The effect of Millennial traveller attitudes on LGBT travel marketing and product development • Multigenerational LGBT travel • Understanding the transgender traveller • PLUS….. CHAPTER BY CHAPTER: @GenCTraveller
  11. 11. Comprehensive recommendations for… • Mature destinations in times of change asking: ‘Why continue to invest in the LGBT market?’ • Emerging destinations asking: ‘Where do we start?’ • Top tips for brands across the travel spectrum @GenCTraveller
  13. 13. Results from a bespoke online survey: 70+ destinations in 21 countries 7 Major hotel operators @GenCTraveller
  14. 14. Data and insights from: → International organisations → Government policy papers → Market research → Think tanks → Global media @GenCTraveller
  15. 15. Case studies, insights and interviews (UNWTO Affiliate Members, IGLTA Members and selected others) @GenCTraveller
  17. 17. Demonstrates recognition and credibility for the LGBT market at the highest level of tourism policymaking @GenCTraveller
  18. 18. Contains insights that reflect the most contemporary issues in destination marketing & management @GenCTraveller
  19. 19. Represents a powerful asset for the Association and a useful resource for business development and market planning @GenCTraveller
  20. 20. Conveys unequivocal support from UNWTO Secretary-General @GenCTraveller
  21. 21. “I invite all tourism leaders to provide a supportive environment for LGBT tourists, in order to associate our sector with open-minded activities that embrace differences between peoples and cultures” @GenCTraveller
  22. 22. “I trust that this report provides an important contribution to the development of LGBT tourism, and most importantly, to advancing LGBT rights worldwide” @GenCTraveller
  23. 23. Find more insights on the latest travel trends…
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