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Strategic Philanthropy - What Most Needs Doing Dec. 2012 WINK Calgary


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This is a presentation for WINK Calgary given in Dec. 2012. It is updated from previous presentations with similar titles.

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Strategic Philanthropy - What Most Needs Doing Dec. 2012 WINK Calgary

  1. 1. Philanthropy-- what most needs doing? Presented by: Gena Rotstein
  2. 2. My Wisdom Story
  3. 3. Topics for Discussion What is philanthropy? o Allocating your Social Capital What is social change? Measuring social change Making it real o Creating a charitable giving plan o Handouts
  4. 4. Philanthropy Activity Introduce yourself to your neighbour Share your most memorable volunteer experience Share a time with you received a special or significant non-monetary gift Share a time when you gave a special or non- monetary gift
  5. 5. What is Philanthropy?
  6. 6. The New Words of PhilanthropySocial Investing Shared ValueSocial Return on Collective ImpactInvesting Social InnovationSocialEntrepreneurship Social GoodSocial Finance/Social Capital
  7. 7. DefinitionsSocial Good: A good or service that benefits the largest numberof people in the largest possible way. Source: www.globaltrends.comSocial Innovation: A novel solution to a social problem that ismore effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than current existingsolutions, and for which the value created accrues primarily tosociety as a whole rather than private individuals. Source:
  8. 8. DefinitionsSocial Return on Investment (SROI): A framework for measuringand accounting for the social, economic and environmental valuethat results from our activities, using monetary values torepresent them.Source: www.thesroinetwork.orgSocial Investment: The term ‘social investment’ is often used todescribe an investment in social or environmental outcomescombined with financial returns for the investor.
  9. 9. Strategic Philanthropy Is About Social Vision And Aligning That With Effective Social Partners
  10. 10. What most needs doing… How do I know?
  11. 11. Social Capital: Resourcing Social Change Why we do... How we do it... Front-line Charity Personal/Family Social Vision Annual Giving Special Events Private Foundation What we do... Public Foundation Volunteering Time Charitable Trust Donating In-Kind Donor Advised Fund Chequebook Charity Giving Circle Engaged Philanthropy Crowdfunding Micro-Loans Strategic Philanthropy “Groans” Leaving a Legacy Social Impact Investing
  12. 12. The Decision Making Tree Hierarchy of Values The stronger the causal alignment the larger your investment of time, intellectual capital and financial support
  13. 13. Self-Reflection Questions Household Community Global Setting priorities
  14. 14. Leaving a Legacy – How much??? Leave enough for your children that they will do something, but not so much that they won’t do anything. - Warren Buffet “It’s not your pearls, it’s your pearls of wisdom.” - Karen RothWarren Buffett, Melinda & Bill Gates
  15. 15. Creating a Giving Plan 1. Identify areas of giving are most important 2. Audit past giving 3. Create a portfolio of responsible, well managed charities that will deliver impact 4. Establish a disbursement program that balances your donor interests (i.e. tax benefit) with charity need and timeline 5. Ongoing communication with organization  Accountability
  16. 16. What to look for? Leadership o Qualifications o History & Connectedness o Board engagement Corporate Structure o Strategic v. Operational Board o Policies to protect donors and clients o D&O Insurance Program Implementation - Success rates o Capacity to report on long term effectiveness o What is success? Financial Management- Solution to Social Problem o Fundraising o Overhead  Operational Effectiveness Competitive Analysis
  17. 17. Questions to Ask BEFORE Donating 1. How long has the organization been in operations? a. How long has the Executive Director been in the role? b. Are the client testimonials/partner reports to share? c. Is there a “road map” for the organization – business plan for delivering on its mandate? 2. Board Governance a. Same people on the board, or is there a mechanism for succession planning and new idea generation? b. Is the board a strategic board or an operational board?
  18. 18. Questions to Ask BEFORE Donating3. What are the donation management terms? Are they part of the board monitoring activities? a. How will your donation be managed and stewarded? Who will be your “contact”?4. What is the operating budget? What is the program delivery budget?5. Has the organization adopted the code of Ethical Fundraising and the Donor Bill of Rights?
  19. 19. Contact Info & Team Gena Rotstein – Chief Conversationalist, Philanthropic Advisor Margo Purcell – Inter-Generational Conversationalist Karine Aviv – Charity Sector Market Analyst Adam Aptowitzer, LLB – Charity Lawyer 403-860-7572 @DexterityCon or @Place2Give