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Mobile/Learning Preferences Synthesis


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Mobile/Learning Preferences Synthesis

  1. 1. Mobile/Learning Preferences Synthesis Genalyn Jamilano
  2. 2. At the beginning of the class my scores for the learning preferences surveywere: mildly active (1); moderately sensing (7); mildly verbal (1); andmoderately sequential (5). Before taking this class I was already aware that Iwas a sequential and a sensing learner as I preferred learning things in a linearfashion and dealing with facts through well-established methods. After takingthis class my learning preference has not been altered, however, it made meaware of how to help myself to use my learning preference to its full potentialwhen taking my other classes. For example, for my Biochemistry class, since I’ma sequential, active, and verbal learner it helped me to learn the step-by-stepprocess of the replication, transcription and translation found in botheukaryotes and prokaryotes by discussing and summarizing what I’ve learned toothers.
  3. 3. In the beginning of the class I chose the learning sage pathway with a primarygoal of learning about more technologies without delving into too much detailinto each technology. I was successful in learning the broader knowledge ofmobile technology as it taught me the basics of how to utilize ipods, tablets,and mp3 players to aid in my studies for other classes. As the semester wore on,I’ve noticed that I slowly switched over to the learning warrior pathway as Ifocused on certain technologies such as ipods and tablets to help me with myclasses. I switched my learning pathway because after learning the basics foripods and tablets, I noticed how beneficial each were, which made me want tolearn more. For example for my tablet (Kindle Fire) I was able to utilize apps toquiz myself on subjects such as Biochemistry and I was also able to downloadand listen to the podcasts for my Physical Chemistry class on my ipod.
  4. 4. The specific activity that gives a broader understanding of how to use amobile technology was level 1 quiz because you were able to get the basicsfrom the lecture and the quiz of the technology. The activities that helpedme get a deeper understanding of how to use a mobile technology werethe Level 2 activities that allowed one to predict, use and evaluate the linksor apps provided because it showed me ways to utilize those technologies.For example for my iphone, I learned certain apps such as Groupboard andFlashcards that were very useful in other classes. These activities were alsothe best for understanding how to use the mobile technologies because itgives you a hands-on experience.
  5. 5. The iPods/mp3 players technology quest was the one quest I wasn’t able to fullyexplore; however, with the help of the lecture slide and quiz I was able to learn howiPods can be utilized for learning. I can use it to download podcasts that are verybeneficial in trying to study for a class. My professor for my physical chemistry classuploads all the lecture podcasts on iLearn which allows me to download the podcastson my iPod. This technology accommodated my verbal learning preference as itallowed me listen to explanations repetitively through the podcasts on my iPod on myown time.The iPads/tablets technology quest was the one quest I found absolutely useful formany applications. I bought an Amazon Kindle Fire a few months ago and did notrealize how useful it can be for other classes. There were so many different apps thatI was able to download that aided me in studying for my Biochemistry class. Therewas a Biochemistry app that included flashcards and quizzes which were verybeneficial in trying to study for the test for topics such as metabolism. Since mylearning preference is between a visual and a verbal learner, this technology was ableto aid my visual learning style as it provided structures of the important molecules,enzymes, etc. that I needed to know for that class while giving me simple descriptionsor summarizations of important topics.
  6. 6. The microblogs technology quest was another mobile technology that Ifound useful. I have always used microblogs such as Twitter but I neverknew that it could be used for educational purposes. It was able toaccommodate my verbal learning preferences, because for a microblog sitelike Twitter, I had to be able to summarize in a very limited number ofwords what the articles or links I post or “tweet” about relating toBiochemistry. I also found out about several links on Twitter that you couldfollow that will give you the latest updates on medical science,biochemistry, etc., which were very helpful when I needed references forwriting lab reports.
  7. 7. The mobile technology that interested me the most was the iPads and/or tablets.The fact that my iPhone is very similar to the iPad, I found learning about the iPadvery useful in trying to figure out how to have my iPhone useful for educationalpurposes. All the mobile technologies were very helpful; however, if they wereranked in usefulness, the microblogs would come in last. As much as it providedseveral links, articles, summarization, etc. sometimes you would still have to sortthrough them to find things that are relevant to what you are looking for. Themobile technology that I would want to explore further to improve my learningwould still have to be the iPads/tablets because there are so many possibilitieswith this technology especially when apps are involved.I believe the ipads/tablets was the mobile technology that worked best for mylearning preference because it was able to accommodate so many of my learningpreferences, verbal, sequential, and active. It was able to accommodate mysequential learning preference because there is an app for a whiteboard where Ican draw the sequential steps of translation, transcription, etc (for my Biochemistryclass). I was even able to accommodate both verbal and active learningpreferences through summarization by typing or writing things on my iPad orKindle what I’ve just learned or by doing something active with what I have justlearned such as taking quizzes. I can also record myself in trying to summarize whatI’ve learned to accommodate my verbal learning preference.
  8. 8. The iPads/tablets is the mobile learning strategy that I will continue using afterthis class due to its portability and the fact that it has so many uses. Being ableto access the internet and access to amazing apps for educational purposesmakes the iPads/tablets an ideal technology for me to utilize. This can also beused when I’m learning at a job since there would also probably be an app thatcan help me learn new things for my job. This mobile learning strategy can alsoallow me to access sites such as YouTube that can show me how to do certainthings. For example, if I was to work in an lab and I needed a reminder on howto work a certain machine, I can probably look it up and see an actualdemonstration on YouTube.I would continue to use microblogs and iPods for non-learning purposes. I’vealways used a microblog site such as Twitter, but after taking this class I’venoticed other microblogging sites that I’m more interested in now. I have beenutilizing microblogging sites such as Tumblr, Google+, and Instagram now almoston an everyday basis. There really aren’t any mobile technologies that I will beavoiding after taking this class because I find myself very much interested intrying to learn more about other technologies. I’ve always known thesetechnologies but I never knew how to really utilize them until after taking thisclass.