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Quorum Book

  1. 1. bluegreenvacationsB L U E G R E E N VA C AT I O N S A Special Offer from Bluegreen to Quorum Members
  2. 2. vacations of a lifetime for a lifetime
  3. 3. value flexibility what’s inside Bluegreen Vacation Ownership 4-17 choice •How Vacation Ownership Works DVD 16 The Bluegreen Experience 18 Bluegreen Resorts 68 About Bluegreen 164 Resort Map 166 2 3
  4. 4. Discover true vacation value with Bluegreen® Vacation Ownership A recent article in USA Today1 stated people are so passionate about travel that it’s a priority, no matter what the economy does. Rather than give up their vacation altogether, people are trying to cut costs. But even a scaled-back summer getaway can cost a family of four between $4,000 and $6,400. Now, with Bluegreen Vacation Club, you can enjoy a lifetime of vacations for the same price as one ordinary vacation. More than 220,000 vacationers, both families and couples alike, have discovered a better way to vacation–with ownership in Bluegreen® Vacation Club and its collection of resorts, vacation experiences and travel benefits. With Bluegreen, it is now possible to enjoy a lifetime of affordable vacations. You’ll have the choice and flexibility of a nearly endless array of resorts, destinations and vacation experiences. Take vacations that suit your schedule and your interests. Plan romantic trips for two, family reunions, best friend getaways–whatever you like. Vacationing with Bluegreen is flexible, and far more accommodating than the typical hotel stay. Best of all, Bluegreen vacation ownership never has an expiration date. You actually own the right to vacation with Bluegreen. We look forward to welcoming you and all those you care about soon…and for many years to come. 1. De Lollis, Barbara. “American Express survey: Average family to spend $4,000 on summer vacation.” USA Today May 2010. 17 May 2010 < http:/ /travel.usatoday.com/hotels/legacy/2010/05/american-express-survey-average-vacation-4000-for-family-of-four/1 >.4 5
  5. 5. Flexibility —that’s the whole point Unlike traditional timeshare, Bluegreen offers you a simple and extremely flexible way to vacation to different destinations and new resorts, year after year—with Bluegreen Vacation Points—an industry innovation that would prove to be the first of its kind. How Bluegreen Vacation Points work for you As a Bluegreen owner, you’ll receive an allotment of Vacation Points every year in perpetuity, good for use at any of Bluegreen’s 50-plus resorts. Each resort requires its own number of Points depending on the size of your accommodations, the day of the week you arrive and the season in which you travel. Some destinations are more popular during specific seasons, so they require more Points, and vice versa. This gives you the flexibility to vacation somewhere different every year, or multiple times per year. It’s really that simple. Use Points to do more than just vacation The amount of Vacation Points you receive depends on your initial purchase. These Vacation Points renew annually and can be used however you wish—all according to your own flexible budget! • Purchase more Points at any time • Bank Points and save them for next year • Borrow Points from next year to use this year • Rent Points and take the vacation you’ve always dreamed of • Gift Points to friends and family6 7
  6. 6. Here’s a few ways to enjoy the value, flexibility and choice of Bluegreen vacation ownership… Winter Escape to Aruba Vacation in Arizona Golf Getaway to St. Augustine Sweet Retreat to Hershey, PA Head to Las Vegas Winter Getaway Escape winter for seven nights Spend four nights at Bluegreen’s Book a golf getaway to Bluegreen’s Enjoy springtime’s sweet embrace Double down with 11 nights in a to South Carolina to Bluegreen’s La Cabana Beach Cibola Vista Resort and Spa Grande Villas at World Golf Village® with seven nights at The Suites at one-bedroom villa at Bluegreen Reserve your one-bedroom suite & Racquet Club and stay in a and watch the splendor of a and welcome spring with five nights Hershey and fill your two-bedroom Club 36™ and turn up the heat at Lodge Alley Inn for two nights one-bedroom oceanfront villa desert sunset from the balcony. in a one-bedroom villa. villa with all the chocolate this winter. in charming Charleston, SC. 6,000 Points 3,000 Points 3,200 Points 9,000 Points 9,800 Points 3,600 Points Golfer’s Paradise Escape to the Florida Keys Yurt Experience in Virginia Summertime in Missouri America’s favorite vacation At home in Wisconsin Dells Tee it up this spring in Myrtle You can’t go wrong with 10 Visit Virginia’s colorful countryside Bluegreen’s The Falls Village Warm up this winter in Orlando Spend five nights in a three- Beach with an oceanfront one- nights in a studio, the perfect for four nights during the fall in Branson is the place to be for eight nights in a three- bedroom townhome at Christmas bedroom villa for five nights at spring break at Bluegreen’s The and enjoy the unique experience during the summer for three bedroom villa at Bluegreen’s Mountain Village™ and watch Bluegreen’s SeaGlass Tower. Hammocks at Marathon. of a two-bedroom VIP Yurt. nights in a two-bedroom villa. The Fountains. the leaves change. 6,100 Points 9,950 Points 8,320 Points 8,025 Points 15,000 Points 8,700 Points8 9
  7. 7. The choice is yours with Bluegreen.® As a Bluegreen owner, you’ll experience more vacations more of the time because of an almost limitless supply of choices built into Bluegreen vacation ownership. Over 220,000 Bluegreen owners currently enjoy a dozen unique vacation experiences–from relaxing island and beach vacations to getaways to the great outdoors, cities and more–at over 50 Bluegreen resorts in just as many destinations. And there’s more. Just as you can choose your vacation experiences, destinations and resorts, you will also choose from a lively portfolio of accommodations that includes everything from private villas, suites, cabins, yurts and townhomes to penthouse suites–in destinations all over the map. That kind of VIP treatment goes for well over hundreds of dollars a night at most hotels. But at Bluegreen, it’s all part of our concept of vacation enjoyment. There are many logical reasons to vacation with us. But you’ll discover the best reasons of all when you experience Bluegreen yourself…and all the warm hospitality, travel adventures, and flexible choices that make up the vacation memories of a lifetime. This is an opportunity to not only get away, but to achieve the vacation lifestyle you deserve. Best of all, the choices are all yours.
  8. 8. Home away from home THE BLUEGREEN ACCOMMODATION COLLECTION —the Bluegreen way Unlike a typical hotel room, or even a large hotel suite, Bluegreen vacation villas consistently deliver more square footage, more amenities and more opportunities to make any family feel right at home. Among our most popular accommodations are our two-bedroom villas, most likely because they’re the perfect size for most Bluegreen families and include living rooms, full kitchens, balconies and more. PATIO HOME STUDIO CABIN Fully outfitted kitchens save on the cost of restaurants while bringing you together to share a home-cooked meal. Wake up with your favorite coffee and a view of the sea from your balcony. Snuggle beside a wood-burning stone fireplace while the kids make popcorn. It’s comforting to know Bluegreen has created such well thought-out accommodations. Bluegreen has also created a select group of “lifestyle accommodations” that transform dreams into reality. Adirondack-style lodges echo the days when travelers could get back to nature. Exotic Yurts introduce glamour camping to those who love the outdoors without sacrificing luxury. Beachside villas TYPICAL HOTEL ROOM 252 Square Ft. and presidential suites offer true celebrity-glamour. PRESIDENTIAL SUITE YURT From historic inns to grand presidential suites and luxury five-bedroom TYPICAL 2 BEDROOM BLUEGREEN VILLA homes, Bluegreen’s collection of accommodations includes choices that go 1,157 Square Ft. far beyond the typical hotel stay. Whether you’re traveling on a romantic getaway or with a group of family and friends, you’ll find Bluegreen offers vacation accommodations that suit your needs perfectly. This is an opportunity to not only get away, but to achieve the vacation lifestyle you deserve. TOWNHOUSE VILLA RV PAD12 13
  9. 9. Do even more with your Bluegreen ownership From last-minute escapes to luxury cruises, savings on hotel stays to discounts on dining, your Bluegreen Ownership includes access to travel extras that enrich everything you love about traveling. And as a Bluegreen owner, you also have access to thousands of resorts around the world through RCI, the largest vacation resort exchange network. Go To 4,000 More Resorts Around The World. Bluegreen has negotiated an affiliation with RCI, the largest vacation exchange network in the world. You can elect to become part of this network each year and have access to more than 4,000 resorts on five continents and dozens of islands from the Caribbean to the South Pacific. There’s an amazing world of travel. So make it all yours. Bluegreen Owners Enjoy More Ways To Save. Part of the Bluegreen vacation ownership experience is having access to exclusive savings and travel benefits. You can take discounted cruises, rent a camper RV, and take advantage of special car rental rates at members-only pricing. Enjoy special discounts at restaurants, shops, and attractions surrounding our resorts. Or be welcomed like family to Bluegreen preferred hotels, with up to 50 percent off rack rates and the lowest guaranteed rates at 15,000 participating properties worldwide.
  10. 10. Choose the perfect destination Wisconsin Dells for your next vacation Boyne Falls Bluegreen offers more than 50 of the most exciting, or Branson relaxing, vacation destinations you could ever desire, Shenandoah plus an additional 4,000 global locales through RCI. Las Valley Vegas With so many incredible choices, your perfect vacation is Williamsburg Myrtle practically guaranteed. V.101 Pigeon Forge Gatlinburg Ridgedale Beach Bluegreen vacation ownership brings these dream Peoria d. destinations to life in order to accommodate your idea rve vacationownership e res of the perfect vacation. Escape to Aruba, Miami, or (Phoenix) ts Charleston h ig Learn how to experience r the Florida Keys. Experience Missouri’s breathtaking ll .A a lifetime of vacations. c In d, countryside. Explore the great outdoors in Virginia’s ite li m St. Augustine Orlando Daytona Un ns Shenandoah Valley or the mountains of Wisconsin. Golf ac a tio enV in Myrtle Beach or St. Augustine, Florida; go skiing in New ©2010 Blu egre Ormond Beach Hampshire, Michigan and Tennessee; or hit the jackpot in Vegas or Atlantic City–the options are endless, and the Aruba choices are yours. Surfside (Miami Beach) Marathon16
  11. 11. Come home with the experience of a lifetime There’s a reason behind every vacation; we call it the vacation experience, and we offer thousands of them. Sure, you can leave home with one vacation idea in mind. But you’ll return with hundreds of experiences, each as important and memorable as the other. Maybe you’d like to go fishing in Missouri, or camping in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. You could plan a golf getaway in Myrtle Beach and end up on the beach instead. Or, maybe you’ll venture off to Arizona to explore the desert and never make it past the spa. All of this is up to you, and honestly, you don’t need a reason to vacation, just an experience to come home with. So whether you plan a ski vacation in Michigan, an island experience in Aruba, a family vacation to Orlando, or a weekend romp in Vegas, odds are you’ll find yourself the experience of a lifetime. This is vacation in its most natural state, broken down by the experience so you can see the world through your own eyes–only with Bluegreen.18 19
  12. 12. Wish upon a star at night and find it at your feet by day.20 beaches 21
  13. 13. Dig your toes into warm sands, jump into crystal blue seas, and cast your net across seaside places as varied as your dreams. In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 60 miles of wide, soft beaches rub shoulders with innumerable family diversions. The restful mood of Florida’s West Coast couldn’t be further from the sizzling scene of South Beach or the coral reefs of the Florida Keys. Even the beaches of the Caribbean are in the Bluegreen portfolio, with one of the finest resorts in Aruba.22 23
  14. 14. family fun Places where getting away means getting together.24 25
  15. 15. Bluegreen offers resorts from which you can visit America’s best theme parks and family entertainment. In central Florida you’re surrounded by Disney® Universal Studios® , and more than 160 other theme parks and attractions. Zoom down the world’s tallest water slides in the heart of the Wisconsin Dells. Take your seats for 100 shows a week in Branson, Missouri. Or take on the exhilaration of South Carolina’s Grand Strand, where a boardwalk and a seaside amusement park are just beyond your door.26 27
  16. 16. For those who dream of cities that never sleep. cityscapes28 29
  17. 17. Every city has its own story. In Las Vegas that story is told by the bright neon lights along the Strip and in glittering casinos by headline entertainers. Charleston, South Carolina whispers its tales in the gracious cadences of the Old South, while New Orleans welcomes you with the revelry of Bourbon Street and the jazz of Preservation Hall. Miami speaks to you with an international accent, offering everything from eclectic restaurants and up-and-coming fashion designers. And the Atlantic City Boardwalk captures your interest with a fast-paced mix of nightlife and partying. However you define city excitement, Bluegreen makes it possible 24 hours a day.30 31
  18. 18. Step over the threshold into history.32 historical 33
  19. 19. Begin your time travels at the oldest city in the U.S., St. Augustine, circa 1565, where an ancient Spanish fort stands guard over the historic district. The Charleston of the 1600s awaits you with its gas lamps, gated courtyards, and horse-drawn carriages. Hear the fifes and drums of the American Revolution in Colonial Williamsburg. Or, listen to the bugle calls of the Republic at one of the Civil War’s most ferocious battlegrounds. As you meander through the Deep South on your way to the rich Creole legacy of New Orleans, visit plantations straight from the pages of “Gone with the Wind.” Take your time; in these places every moment is historic.34 35
  20. 20. gaming Getaways where luck is always on your side.36 37
  21. 21. If you love casino-style excitement, you’re in luck. Bluegreen offers resorts in top gaming destinations from the Caribbean to Atlantic City and the desert sands of Las Vegas. Or, take a bet on places best known for other pleasures. South Florida has it all, including horse racing, jai alai, and casinos. Just steps from New Orleans’ French Quarter, you can try your hand at slots, roulette, and poker. And Hershey, Pennsylvania is the sweetest spot on earth for blockbuster jackpots and thoroughbred racing. Bluegreen is a sure bet for unforgettable thrills.38 39
  22. 22. great outdoors Follow your inner compass to outdoor adventures.40 41
  23. 23. The great outdoors shares a path with unforgettable adventure.Discover a magical Divi-Divi tree on an arid Caribbean island or the vividblossoms of a pincushion cactus in the American Southwest. Snorkelthe last living coral reefs in the continental U.S. Catch a glimpse ofblack bear along the woodland trails of Appalachia or foraging bisonin the Ozark valley. If you love the great outdoors, Bluegreen offersresorts from which you can visit top national parks like Shenandoah,the Great Smoky Mountains, and the Everglades of South Florida. 43
  24. 24. desert Discover unmatched beauty in unlikely places.44 45
  25. 25. Vast desert sands color the character of some of our mostspectacular resorts. A recent addition to the Bluegreen portfolio,Cibola Vista Resort and Spa blends that romantic spirit of theSouthwest with a kid-friendly vibe. Whether horseback riding orvisiting red Sedona cliffs, this is your own perfect oasis. Also partof the American West, Bluegreen Club 36 combines the neonthrills of the Vegas Strip with the natural drama of the GrandCanyon. And surprisingly, you’ll also find a jewel-like desert set inthe midst of the Caribbean—at our Aruba resort. If you can’timagine a desert beside the sea, come see it for yourself. 47
  26. 26. 48 golf Go where the fairways are designed to be anything but fair. 49
  27. 27. For some, golf is a just a game. For others, it’s a grand obsession. Either way, Bluegreen includes a variety of resorts where golf is a driving passion. Tee up for 27 holes of desert golf in Vegas against a backdrop of dusky rose mountains. Bring the kids to Orlando… and bring your golf clubs too. Or, take up the challenge of mountain golf in four different states including Christmas Mountain in the Midwest. Play top-ranked courses in Branson by day and watch top-name performers by night. And if you can’t decide between beach sand and sand traps, Bluegreen has plenty of resorts that offer both, including locations in Florida and Myrtle Beach. In fact, Myrtle Beach alone has more than 100 courses. So address the ball and swing.50 51
  28. 28. lakes Make this the one that didn’t get away.52 53
  29. 29. Freshwater lakes lure you to secret fishing holes where trophy bass hide. They summon you to jump off wooden piers and make the loudest splash possible. They dare you to spend the whole day doing nothing. Fed by mountain streams and underground springs, their cool waters invigorate you. Their friendly shores offer a warm welcome. So spread a picnic blanket. Rent some bikes. Grab a fishing pole. And make this lake your own.54 55
  30. 30. Savor culinary journeys around the world.56 food&wine 57
  31. 31. For those with a taste for epicurean adventure, Bluegreen offers an extraordinary menu of dining destinations. Savor the she-crab soup and red rice of the Low Country. Drink in the golden wine country of Virginia, called America’s next Napa Valley. Steak lovers will find true satisfaction with prized local Black Angus beef of central Florida. Sample everything from Spanish tapas to sake-steamed clams in Miami’s dazzling multi-cultural melting pot. Celebrity chefs and eclectic menus find their places on and off the Vegas Strip. Beignets with chicory coffee begin the day in New Orleans.58 59
  32. 32. Set your sights at sea level and discover what’s below.60 islands 61
  33. 33. Legend says once you sleep on an island,you’ll never be the same. In the deep bluePacific, the black sand beaches and wildorchids of Hawaii fill your dreams. Along the Gulfof Mexico, shell-strewn barrier islands leavetheir imprint on your imagination. In the FloridaKeys, playful dolphins will awaken your innerchild. And along the white-sand shores ofAruba, mystical Divi-Divi trees are sculpted bycenturies of soft trade winds. Islands are morethan destinations; they are a new state of mind. 63
  34. 34. winter sports Let your little angels be themselves.64 65
  35. 35. When winter snows fall, it’s time to make snow angels, drink cocoa piled with marshmallows, and toboggan down Christmas Mountain. Lace up your skis and slalom downhill or glide cross-country through fragrant pine trees on the slopes of Boyne Mountain, Michigan. Bluegreen includes ski resorts from the East to the * Midwest. So hop on a chairlift, snowboard, or a snowmobile. Ride a dogsled or a horse-drawn sleigh. Tour the skies in an aerial tram. Dance across ice rinks. Build a snowman with a carrot nose. The colder the weather, the warmer the memories… *Bluegreen is neither owned nor operated by Boyne U.S.A, owner/operator of Boyne Mountain.66 67
  36. 36. Bluegreen resorts are more than just places to stay The difference between a hotel and a resort is evident from the moment you begin your Bluegreen vacation. There’s just something about a Bluegreen resort that transforms an everyday vacation into an unforgettable experience. Imagine coming face to face with sweeping views of the Smoky Mountains from the comfort of your private balcony. Or, charter a fishing boat from our on-site marina in the Florida Keys and have your catch expertly prepared by trained chefs. Relax in a hot tub on a New Orleans rooftop overlooking the French Quarter. Enjoy a slice of outdoor paradise on Bluegreen’s 40-acre Ozark Resort Campus. Take part in outdoor adventures spring, summer, fall and winter in the Dells of Wisconsin. Step out your front door and onto the beach or golf course. These are all things you can do without leaving the resort. It’s obvious that Bluegreen resorts are more than just places to stay–they’re places to play.68 69
  37. 37. ••• THE FOUNTAINS Orlando, Florida70 71
  38. 38. 72 73
  39. 39. 74 75
  40. 40. “ When you leave to go on vacation, it feels like it’s part of your home. You own something and they treat you that way. They call you an owner. That’s the nice part about it. You never feel that you’re just staying somewhere that’s not yours or where you belong. MADDOCK FAMILY BLUEGREEN OWNERS ”76 77
  41. 41. Bluegreen® & Bass Pro Shops® A Perfectly Natural Relationship. Bluegreen teamed up with Bass Pro Shops® a decade ago with a shared goal—to provide their loyal customers with vacation experiences at unique resorts built especially for those with an appreciation for the great outdoors. Since 2000, Bluegreen and Bass Pro have been able to accomplish this goal three times over. It all started with the construction of a rustic, luxurious, wilderness- themed resort. Bluegreen Wilderness Club at Big Cedar® was built to complement the Bass Pro-owned Big Cedar® Lodge on Table Rock Lake in Ridgedale, Missouri. They didn’t stop there. Next, a resort community was constructed just down the road. The Cliffs at Long Creek now offers two-story, 3,500-square-foot vacation homes overlooking the same breathtaking Table Rock Lake that serves as a backdrop to Bluegreen’s Wilderness Club. And there’s more. Bluegreen recently finished an all-new, ultra-luxurious resort building on the Wilderness Club property. This time around, Bluegreen and Bass Pro delivered custom- built Concierge and Presidential suites for those who love being surrounded by the great outdoors while living in the lap of luxury.78 79
  42. 42. ••• BLUEGREEN WILDERNESS CLUB AT BIG CEDAR® Ridgedale, Missouri78 79
  43. 43. ••• THE CLIFFS AT LONG CREEK Ridgedale, Missouri84 85
  44. 44. 86 87
  45. 45. ••• GRANDE VILLAS AT WORLD GOLF VILLAGE® St. Augustine, Florida88 89
  46. 46. “We started small with a small number of Points and quickly realized that with so many vacation options across the country and so many great ways to utilize your Points, that the value is incomparable. J. & D. BARNES BLUEGREEN OWNERS ”90 91
  47. 47. ••• THE HAMMOCKS AT MARATHON Marathon, Florida92 93
  48. 48. “ We would not travel as often if we weren’t with Bluegreen. It makes you take time to relax and take a vacation. It makes you stop and say, D. & A. WOOD BLUEGREEN OWNERS ” ‘let’s enjoy life a little bit.’94 95
  49. 49. ••• MOUNTAINLOFT Gatlinburg, Tennessee96 97
  50. 50. 98 99
  51. 51. ••• BLUEGREEN PATRICK HENRY SQUARE Williamsburg, Virginia100 101
  52. 52. ••• THE LODGE ALLEY INN Charleston, South Carolina102 103
  53. 53. “ First it was for the family, and once our children became older then it was a time for my husband and I to get away and enjoy each other’s company. R. & C. BRANCH BLUEGREEN OWNERS ”104 105
  54. 54. ••• BLUEGREEN CLUB LA PENSION New Orleans, Louisiana106 107
  55. 55. 108 109
  56. 56. ••• CHRISTMAS MOUNTAIN VILLAGE Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin110 111
  57. 57. “ The fact that we can be exposed to so many different activities that we just can’t do where we’re from, that makes it important to us and our children. M. & B. SHARE BLUEGREEN OWNERS ”112 113
  58. 58. ••• THE SUITES AT HERSHEY Hershey, Pennsylvania114 115
  59. 59. ••• SEAGLASS TOWERMyrtle Beach, South Carolina
  60. 60. 118 119
  61. 61. ••• LA CABANA BEACH & RACQUET CLUB Oranjestad, Aruba120 121
  62. 62. ••• CHRISTMAS MOUNTAIN VILLAGE Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin122 123
  63. 63. 124 125
  64. 64. ••• SHENANDOAH CROSSING Gordonsville, Virginia126 127
  65. 65. 128 129
  66. 66. “We had the privilege of staying in one of the yurts and it’s luxury living outdoors. Very impressive. M. & M. ANDERSEN BLUEGREEN OWNERS ”130 131
  67. 67. ••• BLUEGREEN CLUB 36 Las Vegas, Nevada132 133
  68. 68. 134 135
  69. 69. “ To be able to leave home and go to an environment where you’re around nice things, nice people and you can visit nice places, it helps your stress levels and it helps you live longer. R. & C. BRANCH BLUEGREEN OWNERS ”136 137
  70. 70. 138 139
  71. 71. ••• SHORE CREST VACATION VILLAS Myrtle Beach, South Carolina140 141
  72. 72. 142 143
  73. 73. ••• BLUEGREEN AT ATLANTIC PALACE Atlantic City, New Jersey144 145
  74. 74. ••• ORLANDO’S SUNSHINE RESORT Orlando, Florida146 147
  75. 75. 148 149
  76. 76. ••• SOLARA SURFSIDE Surfside, Florida150 151
  77. 77. 152 153
  78. 78. ••• DAYTONA SEABREEZE Daytona Beach Shores, Florida154 155
  79. 79. “ This is a great experience to give to your family, kids and friends that you might not have had growing up. It’s a way to give everyone a lifetime of memories. B. & T. BRYANT BLUEGREEN OWNERS ”156 157
  80. 80. ••• CIBOLA VISTA RESORT AND SPA Peoria, Arizona158 159
  81. 81. 160 161
  82. 82. 162 163
  83. 83. ABOUT BLUEGREEN Founded in 1966, Bluegreen is headquartered in one of America’s most popular vacation destinations, Florida. But we’re not taking it easy; our employees are passionate about delivering the best vacation experiences on the planet. To date, we own or manage more than 50 resorts in the continental U.S., Hawaii and the Caribbean. We also offer access to more than 4,000 resorts around the world. We’re continuously adding new travel benefits such as discounts on car rentals, flights, cruises, and entertainment—and introducing new vacation experiences, such as “glamour camping.” And our owners and their guests have amenities not typically found in a hotel—like full kitchens and real fireplaces—as well as fabulous pools, riding stables, and golf courses. Bluegreen came up with our concept of “owning a lifetime of vacations” in 1996. Since then, more than 200,000 owners have invested in this idea. The number of Bluegreen owners is exploding exponentially as referrals spread among family, friends, neighbors, colleagues...anyone who likes vacationing…which seems to be everyone. “What you spend on a hotel room for a week, you can pay and own with Bluegreen and it becomes not only yours, but you getto give it to your kids as they get older...instead NYSE: BXG of throwing money away on hotels.” J. & L. ALVARADA Bluegreen OWNERS
  84. 84. CLUB RESORTS CLUB ASSOCIATE RESORTS ARIZONA ALABAMA 1 Cibola Vista Resort and Spa* • Peoria 1 Paradise Isle Resort • Gulf Shores 2 Shoreline Towers • Gulf Shores ARUBA 2 La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club • Aruba BAHAMAS 3 Blue Water Resort at Cable Beach* • Nassau FLORIDA BRITISH 3 Via Roma Beach Resort • Bradenton Beach FLORIDA COLUMBIA 4 Daytona SeaBreeze • Daytona Beach Shores 4 Dolphin Beach Club • Daytona Beach Shores 5 Fantasy Island Resort II • Daytona Beach Shores 5 Mariner’s Boathouse & Beach Resort • Fort Myers C A N A D A 6 Resort Sixty-Six • Holmes Beach 6 Tropical Sands Resort • Fort Myers 7 The Hammocks at Marathon • Marathon 7 Windward Passage Resort • Fort Myers 8 The Fountains • Orlando 8 Gulfstream Manor • Gulfstream ONTARIO QUEBEC 9 Orlando’s Sunshine Resort I & II • Orlando 9 Landmark Holiday Beach Resort • Panama City Beach 10 Casa Del Mar Beach Resort • Ormond Beach 10 Ocean Towers Beach Club • Panama City Beach BLUEGREEN 11 Outrigger Beach Club • Ormond Beach 11 Panama City Resort & Club • Panama City Beach 18 17 12 Grande Villas at World Golf Village® • St. Augustine 12 Surfrider Beach Club • Sanibel Island 13 Solara Surfside • Surfside 16 15 RESORT Louisiana GEORGIA 13 Petit Crest Villas at Big Canoe • Big Canoe 34 33 16 COLLECTION 14 Bluegreen Club La Pension • New Orleans 14 Golf Club Villas at Big Canoe • Marble Hill Massachusetts HAWAII 15 The Soundings Seaside Resort* • Dennis Port 15 Pono Kai Resort • Kauai 22 Our Bluegreen resort portfolio is divided MICHIGAN Massachusetts 21 into two categories—Club Resorts and 16 Mountain Run at Boyne • Boyne Falls 16 The Breakers Resort • Dennis Port Club Associate Resorts. Club Resorts are MISSOURI MONTANA 30 32 17 The Falls Village • Branson 17 Lake Condominiums at Big Sky • Big Sky 31 typically developed and/or managed by 18 Bluegreen Wilderness Club at Big Cedar® • Ridgedale 20 the Bluegreen family of companies. Club NEW HAMPSHIRE 19 The Cliffs at Long Creek • Ridgedale 17 18 South Mountain Resort* • Lincoln 18 19 29 28 21 Associate Resorts were not originally 20 NEVADA 19 developed by Bluegreen, but are included NORTH CAROLINA 20 Bluegreen Club 36 • Las Vegas 1 19 Foxrun Townhouses • Lake Lure 13 27 in the resort portfolio to expand the 14 NEw jersey 20 Sandcastle Village II • New Bern 26 25 24 choices available to Bluegreen Owners. 21 Bluegreen at Atlantic Palace • Atlantic City 21 Waterwood Townhouses • New Bern 23 22 PENNSYLVANIA SOUTH CAROLINA 22 The Suites at Hershey • Hershey 22 Players Club • Hilton Head Island 12 SOUTH CAROLINA 1 9 11 2 10 11 23 The Lodge Alley Inn • Charleston 14 10 24 Carolina Grande • Myrtle Beach 4 5 25 Harbour Lights • Myrtle Beach 9 4 8 26 SeaGlass Tower • Myrtle Beach 15 27 Shore Crest Vacation Villas I & II • North Myrtle Beach 6 TENNESSEE 3 12 28 MountainLoft • Gatlinburg M E X I C O 7 5 8 29 Laurel Crest • Pigeon Forge 3 6 13 Bahamas VIRGINIA 2 30 Shenandoah Crossing • Gordonsville 31 Bluegreen Patrick Henry Square • Williamsburg 7 32 Parkside Williamsburg Resort* • Williamsburg *These resorts are not yet available for sale, use, or resort stays. Proposed amenities and planned availability are based on current WISCONSIN business plans and subject to change without notice. Regulatory 33 Bluegreen Odyssey Dells • Wisconsin Dells approval has not yet been obtained for all proposed resort 34 Christmas Mountain Village • Wisconsin Dells destinations. Inventory and resort locations subject to availability.166 167
  85. 85. Experience a lifetime of vacations with the value, flexibility and choice offered exclusively through Bluegreen vacation ownership. This is not an offer in any jurisdiction which requires prior registration and in which the time-share plan is not registered of the legal requirements to solicit time-share have not been met. An offer may be made only by means of a Public Offering Statement, which is available from the offeror. The complete offering terms of the time-share are in a public offering statement and purchase agreement available upon request from the offeror. ALL PHOTOS ARE FOR REPRESENTATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. APPOINTMENTS AND AMENITIES VARY BY RESORT, ROOM AND ROOM TYPE. THIS ADVERTISING MATERIAL IS BEING USED FOR THE PURPOSE OF SOLICITING SALES OF A VACATION OWNERSHIP PLAN. THIS ADVERTISING MATERIAL IS BEING USED FOR THE PURPOSE OF SOLICITING THE SALE OFVacations Unlimited, Inc. All rights reserved. INTEREST IN TIME-SHARE PROPERTY. ©2010 Bluegreen TIME-SHARE PROPERTY OR Bluegreen Resorts and its respective subsidiaries and affiliates, and each of their respective employees, officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates and agents are not responsible for any print or typographical errors contained herein. ©2010 Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. Bluegreen and the Bluegreen logo are registered trademarks of Bluegreen Corporation and are used under license. All other service marks/trademarks remain the property of their respective owners. 168 MKT.11.102.33 02/11