Social Media Planning Framework


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A couple of slides illustrating our social media planning framework for this blog post:

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Social Media Planning Framework

  1. 1. Social Media Planning Framework Goals ROI Objectives Social Media Plan Measurement Strategies Metrics Tactics Copyright © Red Cube Marketing 2010 |
  2. 2. Explanation This is the bit The measurement phase you measure A handful of goals eg raise brand allows you to check if you’re you need to awareness achieving your goals. If not, change your tactics and achieve for your strategies to ensure you do business ROI: another measurement The objectives metric, but the with timing/targets eg establish xxx as a won projects, revenue only one that that will help you thought leader in xxx measures £s. to achieve the industry by Dec 2010 Deserves it’s own goals box Social Media Plan subscribers, comments, The metrics that website traffic, links, allow you to The strategies mentions, pr requests, measure if the that will help you eg launch a blog coverage, speaking to meet your objectives are requests, phone calls, objectives emails, new business achieved A range of tactics (or actions) that eg design wordpress blog, segment help you to target audience, research audience hot achieve the topics, mind map blog content, build strategies editorial calendar, send internal email requesting blogging volunteers ... Copyright © Red Cube Marketing 2010 |